It is well understood that both measurement and logic are areas of concept that doesn’t always apply directly to Spirit or to God. That is mainly because the core part of your ordinary, mundane life situates largely on the physical, the material, what can be actually measured with precise results. As a result doubts can often rise in regards to the existence of God and of actual matters that pertain to the world of Spirit. Of course these kinds of doubts and uncertainty are easily explained away and they are natural to encounter once in a while. What can cause a block in your quest to seek God is in your demand to be absolutely certain that God does exist. If you persist trying to find proof of God being present in your life as a pre-requisite to you believing in who and what God stands for and for believing in the Omnipresence of God, then my dear ones, you path is blocked before it even begins.




The contrast or opposite of doubt is faith and faith is based on what you feel intuitively to be right. These means moving past factual information and trusting what you feel to be true in matters of the Divine and Spirit world. Doubt stems from the egoic mind, where faith is produced by your loving heart which has the ability to exceed what is going on within the mind.




Being firm with your beliefs, yet making room for possible changes as you grow and change along with prayer and meditation bridges the rift between faith and doubt. There is a positive side to doubt and that it opens you up to the many possibilities and opportunities to explore what is not known of God and of the Spiritual World. Doubt takes you along a path where thoughts and ideas of the sacredness of God and of the Divine could possibly be true…it helps open up inside of you a whole new world of belief. Once you have belief dear ones, you are then able to construct an emotional map or way that will represent what you think of the Divine, of the Spirit World and of God. The more open your mind becomes to the possibility of God’s existence, the more you become inclined and encouraged to engage yourself with more inner work, to discover and cultivate yourself on areas of faith that helps you approach deeper and more profound connections with your intuitive side in order to broaden your perception. If you approach what is considered to be sacred and divine with any amount of doubt, you will not able to see or feel it’s truth. When you approach the sacred and divine with belief, you are able to believe it to be real and true. When you pray and meditate you are able to see and feel the truth, and when you add faith into the equation you are able to share this truth by what you know is true to your heart.




Even those dear souls that are able to put aside their doubts of God and attempt to become engaged upon their spiritual path with zest and vigor, doubt will eventually creep back in. When doubt resurfaces its ugly head, you need to counter its egoic pull with courageous conviction that you are seeking from your heart, from a place of unconditional love that this path to know God and to become One with God is something you want with all your heart and soul. The more spiritually developed you become, the greater uncertainty will be from time to time. It is paramount to always counter your doubt, fear and second-guessing with love and gratitude. Even when you are hit with sudden waves of doubt as you gain more knowledge and intuitive knowing of God and the Spirit World, you will encounter many instances where paradox is evident. As your physical body remains rooted, you become more knowing of the Divine and of all its sacred possibilities.




Remember dear ones, doubt will come in all sizes, shapes and disguises; from wondering if a certain practice is being done correctly or right for you, to the extreme…if God or another essential deity exists. Wisdom comes to you from many places, even from places where doubt once occupied. Doubt offers you something to consider. Yet what we often see, the dear souls that are unsure about God’s existence still continue to pray and meditate, believing with Hope that there is a higher power. There is no real materialistic certainty that God or other deities exist—this requires a knowing, developing your intuitive powers that raise in strength as your faith deepens.




Doubt can also rise within areas of feeling inadequate, where you may feel limited due to emotional concerns on where your current path is taking you. Definitely doubts such as these may be forged by real perceptions and they might even encourage you to make positive changes, but there is still no way to measure your range of potential. To think of yourself as being unlimited, you need to reform how you think of yourself through the powers of faith. The more you actively persist with prayer and meditation and with an increase on inner work, you will create for yourself a station of fulfillment that permits your soul to infiltrate different levels of spiritual work and service.




Empowering Faith is your doorway, your passage to changing or widening your perception to the lifeline that extends from you to God…a magical, silvery cord that connects you to the Divine and Spiritual World. Faith, dear ones is your developing and growing, yet sometimes dimly lit light of awareness that there is someone to whom you pray or meditate to…a someone that receives your prayers. Even if doubt arises during moments of sacred, meditative moments, you can move beyond its intrusion by responding with love and gratitude, reminding yourself that when you pray or meditate you are tightening the connection between you and God or to a Higher Power.




Prayer and meditation invokes greater faith and lessens the tension between faith and doubt. Your awareness in all things will help you undo any harm that doubt had the ability to create. You have before you the ability and capacity to supersede any uncertainty and become wiser for the experience. Let your faith not only be your companion on your spiritual quests, but allow Faith to lead you to what your precious heart has been wanting you to see, experience and to know.




And so it is…




I AM Ascended Master, El Morya


我是扬升大师El Morya


通灵:Julie Miller

翻译:Nick Chan



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