Your Eyes and the Sun



RJ: One of the things that we humans do is sunbathe.



B:  Yes.



Q:  My  understanding is that there are certain times during the day, or certain areas on the planet where the ozone layer allows certain radiation to come through that, let us say, is a type of radiation that is hard to transform.



B:  Sometimes, yes.  Here and there, there will be fluctuations, yes. 

 But this is a very random thing.



Q:  From your perspective what about sunbathing, i.e., spending a lot of time just radiating with the sun?



B:  Again, it will depend upon the individual’s frequency.  And if they are in touch with themselves vibrationally, they will know when enough is enough and it really doesn’t take all that much.  And at this time in certain areas of your planet, it perhaps would be wiser not to do too much.  But it will not necessarily hurt many individuals, if they are of a certain frequency where they are in touch with their intuition and simply feel the timing of the event and how much they should spend in that particular area.



Q:  Thank you.  Again, specifically, I wanted to ask about the idea of transforming from a carbon to a more silicone base. 



B:  This is what you are doing.



Q:  But using the sun as way to accelerate the process.



B:  All right.



Q:  One of the ideas is looking directly into the sun, it seems to have a particular spin to it.  When you look directly into it, it pulsates with a   

Yin, and then a Yang vibration—back and forth.



B:  There are individuals who may perceive what we have already described as, quote/unquote, lines of force, lines of dimensional warpage and shifting and things liked that, of that nature.  I would not, however, recommend looking directly into the sun.  At least not in your physical dimension.



Q:  Why not?



B:  Not if you want to maintain your eyes.



Q:  How about when the sun is on the horizon, during sunrise and sunset?



B:  There are times when you can look at it more directly, in that sense.  But understand that you can use those times in contemplation and that is the best way to use the energy.  When it is, in your sense, noon, high in the sky, these are times for other kinds of utilization of that energy.  But in contemplation, either at dawn or dusk, are the best times for utilization of the sun’s energy and the sun’s light in transmutative format.  For it sends you inward even as you are seeing a reflection outward of that light, and that is what causes the strongest transmutation to take place within you.  Especially with regard to the way you use light, yes.  And this is directly connected to the idea of the transmutation of your system from carbon to silicone.  But this will not happen rapidly, it will only be in minute amounts and that is all that is necessary for you.  You understand?

B: 从那个意义上说,有时候你可以更直接地看太阳。但是要明白,你可以用这些时间来冥想,这是利用这些能量的最好方法。当太阳在,在你感觉起来,正午,在天空中最高的时候,这是其他类型的利用能量的时间。但在冥想中,无论是在黎明还是黄昏,都是利用太阳能量和太阳光线来引起范式转变的最佳时间。因为正当你看到外在太阳光的反射的时候,这便使你进入了内在,这就是引起你内在发生最强烈的蜕变的原因。特别是就你使用光的方法而言,是的。而且这直接关联到你的系统从碳基到硅基的转变。但这不会很快发生,它只会微量地发生,这就是你所需要的一切了。你明白吗?


Q:  Yes, thank you.






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