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Alexandra: hey everyone I've got SheldonNidel on the line and we thought we would do just a quick chat over what'sgoing on out there and beyond I should say what's going on out there like outout there on Sheldon


Sheldan: yeah


Alexandra: so good morning thank you forcoming on the line with me it's good to talk to you


Sheldan: it's been way too long way toolong as I was saying a second or two ago what if it was yeah


A: yeah so how are you feeling how areyou and colleague feeling


S: well we're getting another step oldpossibly to be in San Diego by before the summers out with fingers crossed righton well Anna and if that happens you need to look me up so we can have a goodnice hot cup of tea


Aitwould be nice to see you in person and you've probably never seen me in personeither so it'll be a wonderful experience for both of us I guess


S: yeah it would yeah I missed you whenwe came back down for me study god that was good god no it was a couple of yearsago already



Ayeah well so I just wanted to hear your perspective it's been along time and I've you know I follow your newsletters of coursemm-hmmone of the old staples that goes out to the special community ona religious basis and


Auhcan you give us an update of what you're feeling right now it is going on withthe old USA corporation



Sfrom what I know it's approaching its last legs monies that aresupposed to have come long ago those people in charge of the whole process of deliveryhave finally reached a point where they feel secure and safe enough that theycan actually complete this and we're nearing the point where the completionwill actually start so we're close to delivery

S: 据我所知,美国(政府)公司快要完了。金钱应该很早之前就到来了。那些负责整个交付过程的人们已经最终达到了他们感觉足够安全的程度,他们可以完成这些事情,我们非常接近实现(交付)可以实际开始的程度了,我们非常接近交付了。


the other thing that is happening oncedelivery happens it means that the US and the Treasury note the actual new goldback money will replace the old USD and that means that the Fed goes down whenthe Fed goes down it destroys the financial system based on fiat money and itshould lead to the collapse of USA Inc and so I'm expecting that to happenpretty soon and as a result of all of that I expect that the nasarah Republicwill will not have to wait till after the summer to happen so I'm expecting itto happen sometime before the end of the summer I can't pick a week or a monthor a date but I'll just say to me this summer should be it as far as what Iknow

S: 另外一件事就是,一旦交付发生了,这意味着美国以及美国财政部美元(实际上黄金支撑的新金钱)将会取代旧美元,这意味着美联储垮台。当美联储垮台时,它会毁掉建立在法定纸币上的金融系统。它会通向美国公司的垮台,所以,我期待这会很快发生。作为这一切的结果,我期待NESARA共和国不会一直等到夏天结束才能发生,所以我正期待在夏末之前的某个时间会发生,我无法给出某一周或某个月或某个日期,但是据我所知应该就是这个夏天了。


Ainteresting I'm sure you follow Benjamin Fulford reports and they have very meaty as of latewhat do you feel about all the commotion going on with North Korea how doesthis fit into the whole financial system going down etc



Swhat is happening now is Trump has to realize that as do I'msure the neocons who are part of the Illuminati realized they're not going to geta war out of Korea they've tried very hard they've done everything possible toget a war started not just Korea even going to the Ukraine we can go into Syriawe can go all kinds of things the Russians and of course Trump have finallyreached some agreements the Russians are even willing to install no-fly zonesin Syria if that is what is essential to get peace they want to establish noconflict zones they are trying to start the process of moving toward aconference to finally end this whole mess in Syria which leaves of course KoreaKim jong-un is a nut yeah he's some kind of psychopath I have not ever seen acountry as out of touch with the world and so insane it's almost like Hitler grewup and turned into a Korean these crazy he's totally crazy yeah and and



that's that's deliberately positioned thatway because we're at the final stage performance of the money grab exactly fromeverything I'm seeing any faction that wants power and greed you know that thatpresents themselves to be greedy and wants the power to rule the planet isgoing after North Korea at this point in time well that is the focal point youcan bet your booties on that one they totally want to use North Korea to starta war now the



the Federation has already explainedseveral times to them that nuclear conflict is no longer an option on thisplanet I agree Russians know that the Chinese knowthat so the Chinese are cooperating amazingly with Trump to try to get a planto survive them because they all realize that this republic in this new worldis happening and so the old concept to try to stop this by bringing in a war isno longer possible the banking process that is creating the money deliverysystem isn't gone beyond the point where even a war cannot stop it the darkknows that so they are hoping that somehow they can get a big bang out of thisand and cause a massive distress point which of course is not going to happen



I think that Korea sometime the nextmonth or 2 or 3 is going to be forced to reverse itself because the Chinese aredetermined to do everything except military to basically bring North Korea toits knees I think the Korean the same part of them their foreign ministry itsetc knows deeply that that's what's happening of course they can explain it tothe upper edge line because they are in another reality so what we have torealize is that there are large parts of the Korean government North Koreangovernment that understands this whole process and of course that's why Trumpfelt safe to suddenly attack South Korea's trade agreements because he knowsthis thing isn't going to start another Korean war so he's trying to get hisprogram through course his agenda will end when we get the Republicans thenhe'll be gone because that's the first part of the nasara' all the presidentmembers of USA Inc have to resign and leave



Amakessense makes total sense and what is your feeling and what are the messagesyou're getting because I've definitely received messages that Putin Trump andding ding are meeting far more regularly behind the scenes than people know



S: right the the whole process of creatingthis new world is happening because the Russians as the major part of BRICS that is doing anything right now andChina which is also BRICS but also represents the new financial system comingout of China understand deeply that the system has to be able just to go intothe new part smoothly so they do not want to have any undue conflict here that'swhat's taken so long they have designed after a lot of missed trials the systemthat will be allowed to go forth like I said it's already become conflict proofand the dark already realizes that this isn't inevitable as Saturday isfollowed by Sunday they understand that

S: 是的。这整个创建这新世界的过程正在发生,因为俄罗斯作为金砖国家联盟的主要部分现在正在做着任何所需的事情。中国,也是金砖国家联盟成员,代表着新金融体系将从中国实行,中国深深理解这个系统一定要能够顺利的进入新部分,所以他们不想要有任何不适当的冲突。这是为什么花了这么长时间。在许多错失的尝试之后,他们已经设计了这个系统,这系统会被允许出发。就像我说的,这个系统已经变得不受冲突影响的,黑暗已经意识到这是难以避免的,就像星期六过完星期日到来一样。他们明白。


Ayou know it's funny as I'm listening to you I just have this veryvery deep absolute knowingness that we have been victorious and that it's an inholdingand that there is a force so far beyond or comprehension that is not going toallow this to happen exactly and what I wanted to know from you especiallysince I'm sure you can vez as many emails as I do is what do you feel is themain reason why so many in the spiritual community don't see or feel thisknowingness what is it ultimately that you feel is causing this angst andanxiety this fear fearfulness regarding like another potential Armageddon



Sthere is a fear among the spiritual community about the shift Imean when I first started it seems like forever 20-some years ago I discoveredthis angst between the galactic community and the spiritual community thespiritual community on this planet doesn't want to acknowledge that the angelicgroups that are part of the spiritual community are really abstracts of thegalactic community because the Galactic's are actually galactic humans whichmeans they're physical angels this is something that amazed me when I first happenedto me and there seems to be this this interpretation is very deep I mean itgoes way way back and all the way back to both ASCII and beyond that to go backto the rise of the spiritual community in this country for instance and so tosuddenly realize that this process is no longer applicable for them is almostlike taking a doll away from a young kid they don't want to change and that Ithink is what is causing all of this so they're making up all this stuff aboutArmageddon some massive invasion or something like that to kind of prove tothemselves and to their fellows that the whole process is indeed following asthey said not as what they're hearing and you know the the Galactic communitywith heaven's help has been not talking about peace for as long as I have beendoing this and so what they want is a way to get through to that and so I understandthat this is this is part of the process of riah culture aiding them so theyhave to go through their fears they know that and so they're letting them gothrough their fears and they are doing it



AI got but anyway it is it's crazy Sheldon just when I read someof these articles for example Nibiru you know I'd like to put that to rest andof course have you comment on that as well but you know from everything that Iknow indirectly communicating with creator not only has that been nipped in thebud but it is not going to happen again wrecker period we need to put thatthing to bed right I mean it's like it's like something on the net that keepscircling around and every so often some group comes together and presses that button and it shows up again on theInternet it's and it's very weird I know in fact I have received directinformation that yes there was a ship on its way but no it is no longer goingto cause havoc you're not going to cause death and destruction it has beenactually moved off of its original course it is no longer a threat people Ijust want everyone to know that because I still get emails about Nibiru




Syeah we laugh here Colleen in myself about every time we sitslike every three to six months sometimes a year before another warning aboutNibiru shows up with accompanying pictures and all kinds of stuff that ofcourse was taken long ago yet people have to realize yes the Anunnaki once hadit as their capital B the processes it's part of the Federation now and seeit's not going to do anything that can totally disrupt the inner solar systemso don't worry about it anymore I've been told I've been told that seems likeforever yeah and they people have to realize that of course once against thiswhole thing there's this community in in this section that wants so desperatelyto have something happen that proves the negative aspect of this becausesuddenly to say that it's all positive and peace oriented changes the wholeconcept it seems that they have about how does this whole thing operate and andso they've told me again and again don't worry about it yes there'll be allkinds of panic out there just oh they'll get over it the process is for us tojust keep moving forward and knowing that very shortly there will bedistribution of funds there will be new governments and this whole process ofbeing away from that slavery and being totally involved in the whole process ofcreating the new you is what this is all about and this is something that eventhose that have fought the whole process the most need now to totally get offit and



realize this is what is happening andsit down go through their changes because we are going through a lot ofascension symptoms that is part of the whole process and so all people aregoing to are in different levels of this so some people are getting the earlierparts of it now because they are beginning to accept things those that havebeen there from the beginning are reaching the higher levels where they'regetting closer and closer to being finished at that level and then when thementors come they can totally finish the process off and move toward beingfully conscious which of course is the ultimate goal that heaven has statedhere the process is about getting us back to what we were before the Atlanteanscreated these two groups the fully conscious group and Inner Earth andourselves which are a limited conscious group and so we were open to all kindsof massive manipulations which as God knows this was part of the process it isnow over we are heading back into being fully conscious and being a part of theGalactic community and this is hard for a lot of people to easily accept it's aprocess that has as I said many levels and so those of us who have been doingthis for a longer period of time understand the full extent of it and thosethat are first getting aboard are just learning that all their massive fearsare really of nothing but it's just like what fear stands for and so theserealities are appearing real they're false and so we just have to understandthat process and not being fear just be in the process of going through themassive shifts require trust become fully conscious again


Aright I agree and I'm just a couple comments to what you saidnumber one as a collective the worry within our own fields individually doesnot support increasing our vibratory level that's number one right number twoif you are still stuck in symptoms and I mean stuck like you've been just havingthem go on and on and on for months and months and months on end and you're notkind of getting any kind of like break from that then there is something to besaid about there's an immense amount of resistance within your field or thechange that Sheldon is talking about so you need to take a look at that andnumber three however long you've been awakened and aware I mean like Sheldon'sahead of the game here there's more clearing and purification and programs thatyou have to contend with and I just said to somebody the other day I receivedvery strong direction and guidance shel - I'm releasing two brand new linesjust for getting this ready because we're getting some love and they both are designedto I don't care how enlightened you are they're both designed to help us releaseas much programming as we can it's not just the matrix programming there are somany programs you know other we thought about that right now they've had 13million eaten v'l can trap iran ders exactly that's not true so now talk alittle bit about you know one of the realizations that I'm coming to is as I goout and you know which is not very often but what I do and I have to go doerrand I'm saying less and less people on the road and I'm seeing less and lesspeople in the stores and I had I went and asked some questions and I had arealization that you know we truly are raising our frequencies to such a leveluh what do you feel about that number one and number two when you're talkingabout nosara and you know the new the new system which you know may not necessarilybe like a financial system like we think it is right when you talk about allthis isn't it true that we're already shifting some of us aren't going on tothat same timeline some of us are going to be going you know to a lateral timelinewhat is your perception on that



Smy perception is that like I've been saying people are indifferent levels what they're going to do with the intervention is straightenall that out because there's a it's it's almost like you would look at acountry and you would see some people that were educated that are much moreadvanced than those who knew nothing so what the landings are all about isstraightening it all out the mentors job as I've beentold is simply to go into everybody's realities and start bringing everythingtogether and that is really required because if we're going to create a newsociety we need to all be on roughly the same page and right now we're on whatwe call it seven billion pages right now you know they have to straighten thatout that's what the landings are really all about they



when I first started this was they callit the welcoming home mission what it's been changed to slightly is adjustingthis reality so that everything can be shifted properly and that's what isreally required right now so they are working very hard every day to settingthis up that's why they are overseeing all what's going on diplomatically andfinancially etc and working hard to keep the amount of wards to a minimumbecause some of these are just happening because their religious conflicts etcthere are part of a process that will end with the new government so theyunderstand that if we keep everything to a minimum we can prevent anything frommassively housing a major congregation so that's what they're working on rightnow is keeping it to a minimum because as long as we are limited consciousbeings living on this planet there will be some limited degree of conflictsit's just the way we have been set up in the way they we were manipulated forso long that that's the process that those as they we used to call the powersthat be made an effort always to main use that to maintain their theirauthority their wealth etc



mm-hmm so so what is happening this has toshift so that's what they've been doing and as these new financials and governmentalsystems come in it will then be another shot in the arm so to speak to bringthis all to a close and as the Masters know the process is to get it to acertain level and then their supervision will be allowed to be more open andthen they can safely with the mentors work to bring this whole differentialtaught to an end we have to all get on the same version of the page that ispart of their of our own where with as of how we operate and to change theprocess so that we can talk to one another without causing arguments oranything that's why we have to get on the same page



A: so Sheldon question you talked a lotabout the ships landing that the information that I've gotten resoundingly overthe course of the last year in particular is not couple is they will not belanding they will actually people will be going to the ships and I kept askingwhy that was and I was told over and over again that no matter how high thefrequency this is such a such a distorted reality and it still so dense comparedto those that are on the ship that they really according to what I've been toldthe technologies it said are just not necessary for they to land here but forus to go there I want to know what what you're hearing



SI'm still hearing about the landing so okay and I mean what tellme the reason for that you know what are they telling you why they would needto come here the planet needs to the whole planet at the surface area theplanet needs to completely shift so they need us to go inside the earth whilethey shift the entire outside we have to understand the need and of course our geologistsour physicists don't really understand what's going on they see strange thingshappening with the weather they see strange things happening with the entireprocess of how these tectonic plates are acting they are predicting all kindsof strange and crazy things because they don't understand the process which isnatural I mean if you saw all the stuff going on and you were a geologist insidethe planet as they call it because they don't understand that the earth is reallyHollow they're just looking at the outer shell which is pretty wide it's 400miles that's pretty wide and they see everything going on and they're worriedabout a the ten major super volcanoes on the planet suddenly erupting at sometime they're afraid of the fact that the faults in California are activethey're afraid of the factthat no major earthquake has happened inAlaska's and and Washington State and British Columbia yes since the 60s and70s and the early 80s so they are all worried about and that everything isacting too long without a major thing happening and so they are predicting allkinds of stuff that if you were to listen to it could probably give you about amonth of bad nightmares every night sir sir but what we have to understand iswhat it is is just the planet shifting we're changing from a bipolar very lowdensity reality to a mono polar high density high consciousness reality thatshift means that the at the core is staying where it's supposed to be the theInner Earth world is not being a adjusted the outer world is adjusted and[Music] therefore they have to take people off planet either in earth or out oroff it's the only way you can save humanity in the long run



there are people who don't fullyunderstand these changes that are predicting because of what is happening withthe ecology on this planet predicting that the earth maybe hasn't only anotherhundreds of 200 years to live this is once again the science that the carstarted a few hundred years ago that only talks about physical reality and doesnot talk about multi dimensional realities most of which are spiritual andnon-physical and they cannot understand that luckily there are whole groups ofscientists they're working hard to get a paradigm shift some have gone so deepinto this new paradigm shift that they are relating it to people and they areunderstanding and trying to give other scientists talks about advanced quantummechanics and what all this means and this is what when I see the reality ishappening and I get messages I understand scientifically the amount of advancechaos that is going on in science right now



mmm-hmm they don't fully understand what'sgoing on because the reality is so crazy if you're a biologist and your specialtyis ecology you are seeing the largest die-off of species since the late permianyou're seeing it you're also writing articles at the basis of life on thisplanet which is its diversity is coming close to ending and therefore you'restarting to look at this planet via the surface because they're geology saysthe Earth's interior is solid which it isn't they come up to the conclusiontherefore that this planet is reaching a turning point and every science that Iwas talking about these turning points but there are traditional concepts oflooking at these turning points is a de cardian one which would indicate amassive die-off of all species the end of diversity on this planet which thenmeans that this planet's a life system is heading toward extinction yeah and



so if you talk to biologists are expertsin weather etc they are seeing a massive shift in everything there is indeed aclimate change going on but that is related to the Ascension process and theydon't fully understand it so anyone who who spends their whole day reading theice cores they take from from deep inside the various parts of the earth mainlyfrom Antarctica and the Arctic totally understand there is a massive change goingon there's also people who look and study the magnetic field of this planet andthey see this shift occurring the northern Pole is heading southward the SouthPole is heading inward they started talking about











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