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this with Antarctica but once a lot of geologists started talking about this they suddenly put a kibosh on especially the American government because they do not want people to understand that the magnetics are shifting etc the tectonic plates are acting very unusual that's why we had another big earthquake in New Zealand the whole process is this massive shift the plates have to lock and expand that means that the magnetics on this planet have to shift that is happening and it's such a massive change it's gotten so badly that scientists who studied the borealis in the North aurora borealis are starting to see that the reason why they were about aurora borealis acts is not because of some outside force some cosmic energy heading in but that it's something inside the planet and of course when they started saying this the traditionalist that any conference started making them look like they were crazy but they aren't crazy they have caught on to what's really happening these the inner Sun is getting brighter which means that it is allowing the aurora borealis and there are Australis in the south to shift and they're heading farther south and farther north and that is indeed the truth but it means that the magnetic fields of this planet are changing it also means that their concept of what the earth is is starting to change people are starting to accept more and more in geology the so-called Hollow Earth theory



we have to remember that the whole concept of tectonic plates began as a bunch of people saying they're nuts and then after 60 years of constant use in the classroom of explaining this they got enough scientists they shifted it now everybody knows about plate tectonics the same thing is happening right now in geology with the whole concept of Inner Earth but that took 60 years to get the other one started we don't have 60 years we have to do it very quickly so most geologists traditionally trained see the whole process as crazy they don't fully understand what is happening



the people who understand advanced quantum mechanics when they talk to the average physicist who is doing research on subatomic particles they don't fully understand that there are quantum levels in each shell of this atom and that's how the atom itself relates to what they call dark matter dark matter is not really dark it is extremely bright but we can't see it because at a higher frequency than our eyes and our mind can can actually be able to image it so to us it's dark dark holes as physics has proven is simply energy coming in from above it's dark energy coming in from below is white so we see dark energy flowing through these dark holes and people get scared yes it does attract matter because it's reversing it the dark that we can see is actually replacing the energy that we can see so the entire reality of giant galaxies that make up the universe are shifting and of course geology and above all cosmology cannot take that process and add it to their science they're fighting it that's why there's atom end Estrela lucien going on in science and it has led to the death of a lot of people



Ayeah that's for sure and you know I was just thinking that one of the core problems when we have these kinds of discussions is that many of us that are you know have our connection we have the truth but everyone sees it in a different way and the me the main issue always seems to be where are we where is our new home and when we talk about things like you know when you're saying we're going to go to Inner Earth people are literally seeing us like you know inside this little outer shelled you know dilapidated earth as we know it now and I remember Anna Hayes many moons ago wrote about how the Inner Earth was actually at about 1/2 of a level higher in dimensionality than we actually are right that was at that time so it's really hard for people to wrap their brains around it because when you go when you're saying it or earth you're not literally talking about going inside the the actual Inner Earth of this particular reality right well this reality you know what I mean I yeah how do we explain this you know

A当我们进行这样的讨论时,一个核心问题是,我们有真相,但是每个人以不同的方式看待它。主要问题似乎总是我们在哪里,我们的新家在哪里,当我们讨论事情,如你所说我们会进入到地心世界时,人们认为在这个小外壳、荒废的地球的内部。我记得Anna Hayes几个月前写文章有关内心世界实际上大约比我们现在所在的维度高半个维度,这确实很难让人理解。因为当你这么说的时候,你不是在说进入实际的地心世界。如何解释这些?


Sit's hard it's hard because the garson's are actually fully conscious beings they live at a higher frequency level than we could imagine they have the ability when they want to go into the surface world to lower their frequency so they are able to appear like being regular quote unquote humans but the whole process is we have to understand what this is if you were to look at Agartha you would actually see it's bigger than the outer part of our planet that's why the planet has to expand to include everything it's going to be a much bigger planet the process of how this expands and this locking of the tectonic plates the changing of our atmosphere and everything to most people this sounds like a crazy science fiction novel but it's not it's the reality and if we could understand that the dark matter and the so-called vacuum of space was not real vacuum the problem is this we have a fear and as long as you have a massive fear and you don't have the ability to conquer it when you go into outer space you see it as a deadly vacuum that if I do anything out died and so you will experience bodily functions if something like that happens that are equivalent to what everybody says the way a vacuum should act and this is one of the problems and of



​course NASA when they did the moon missions made sure that any picture of the Sun of the Sun the earth and the moon together was always set up they never showed what the real picture from Earth from the moon was they always put a black space around it so it looked like the moon was surrounded by space and this is one of the problems is that we have governments right now that are following what science says and our are attempting to maintain the myth and this is one of the problems that's going to happen on this planet is when the all the myths about space and all the myths about consciousness go away all the stuff that we've had the fears are going to be faced and they're going to be conquered but the fears are so great that people can't imagine a post no fear world and this is one of the major major problems that our planet is going through and now in other words the people on this planet is they



one of the things that has caused the rise of old religions becoming so important in the in our country and the world is that people are searching because they realize a lot of the stuff that they are said to use Trump's thing is false news and definitely and this is something that is hard because the religious groups want to maintain their myths to prove the other myths and so this is why we need to change the entire planet and that's why the it's the more you go over it you can see the massiveness of what all these changes in floor what they apply what they imply to each and every one of us I had the privilege of growing up another ships and so I realize that their world is so different than ours and that all these fears are ridiculous and of course when astronauts finally get a chance to really say what happened they will be able to do this



for instance Apollo 13 that's one of the that's one of the fundamental myths of NASA yeah total myth if people knew that they were carrying plutonium to the moon for not nice things and that they were being followed and watched by ships they didn't know what to do so they had to invent something up I mean that's the greatest that is the greatest myth story I've ever seen



Awell think about it they spend the majority of their time creating this to cover themselves they have to yeah yeah they have to in order to keep the play going and I think the other thing that's really crucial for people understand too is like when you're talking about change and you're saying wow look at that out there well look at the Sun the crow vote you know the Sammy's going off or look at them in the fact that it's in a different position every single night now and looking like that people are seeing two suns at the same time in the same picture and look at you know all of these things were looking at but all of this stuff all of these changes are what's also going on within us all right are a macrocosm of those changes and the sooner we understand that reality for example you're talking about species dying off you know that's merely that particular species going hey guess what I'm out of this vibrational zone I'm moving on to the next one all right right now you know what I mean so it so it's an easier way for something this is we're kind of at the bottom of the heap here we're seeing some of the nastiest stuff going on



Sright right of course of course the biologists who study animals and ecology are watching all of this stuff and they are seeing thousands of species supposedly going extinct every week and they are they are talking to one another on their secret computer networks and asking themselves what is going on here and they are also hearing from those that have the alternative who are explaining that consciousness on this planet is expanding certain creatures are going away because they are no longer meant to be a part of this reality and they see that how our reality is shrinking and of course those who have spent their entire life working all the way through PhDs and postdocs and being mentored by important scientists quote unquote of their of their field now look out they're starting to quote unquote make it and they do not wish to change it because they like it now it's then they say hey we went through hell you've got to go through hell too and we're going to we're not going to let you change that's what they're doing



Ait's so true you know I just came up with some information the other day it was pretty mind-blowing and I thought I would run it by you sure and it's about the North Pole and as you know you know they're constantly blocking the photography of the North Pole they even they even prevent us from flying over the North Pole as well and it turns out that there have been some stories surfacing from the 1800s apparently a gentleman in particular who was imprisoned a couple of times and he swears this is the true information and it has to do with the fact that and you know this is just one of many stories but it has to the fact that when he came into the field into the range of North Pole he saw four different continents and there's like maps and they're stories all about it and how it was like fresh water and it was drinkable and some of the continents actually housed Giants I was just curious if you've run you know looked into that or if you've received any information on that



S: I haven't but I know Giants were real they're probably still Giants and in Earth's as well

S: 我没有,但是我知道巨人是真实的。他们也许仍然是巨人,在地心世界也是这样。


Agood I was wondering now what is your what's your take on them sorry what is your take on the connection with the very beginning of this so-called reality matrix where do you think it all started do you think it started in Ireland like many people say



SI don't know if it started in Ireland but it started actually toward the end of Atlantis when people had to leave because it was going away and the reality was that the Annunaki came just completely manipulated everything and created what we believe what we don't believe and that's what we have here today and it's not just going to work the way they always thought is it is shifting I mean its massive and ship massive shifting going on right now



Ait is in the mid it's like you can't even keep up with the changes especially within your own body and the realizations that you wake up with every day I mean there are some days I'm sure you can relate to this you know you're just you're having such a hard time even waking up because you're still up on the ship I know you probably very bad a lot but now going back to a Garza okay you know a couple questions for you there so I know that there has been a tremendous amount of conflict in Inner Earth and I mean like the real Inner Earth the 3d this reality in earth not the one you're talking about I you know what is your take on that because there has been a phenomenally massive force of you know the white military as I call them going in and clearing out a lot of it's a Verne's etc so where you feel we're sitting in that arena right now



Sokay what has happened as you know the Federation established a base and in Earth and they're working with you Garth ins and the problem of the caverns exist there that part of that 400 mile group of what we call it shell or write up the outer shell the outer shell of the earth extends through the crust as the geologists like to call it and it goes beyond the melodic discontinuity that they know and there's not a mantle there there's the final end of that shell and then there's the Inner Earth and of course gravity shifts when it gets to inert so the people there are in normal gravity and they they look at it and once again geology does not fully understand what's happening and they don't fully understand the fully conscious part of a car that they they are so busily involved in the whole process of trying to create this myth or maintaining the myth that anything that contradicts it they will not accept and so when scientists talk about these discontinuities with the mass of gravity on our planet they talk of out these massive things that are happening so so they don't understand what gravity is uh I mean Einstein did not really explain the whole thing he gave a lot of error which I agree more with Tesla's concept and uh he gave some mythology's mm-hmm because his mathematics was based upon the truth of what Newton said yeah really that true exactly

S: 银河联邦在地心世界建立了一个基地,他们与阿加森人一同工作着。问题是,洞穴存在着,400英里的地壳或者外层地壳,地球外层地壳在外壳上扩展,它超越了板块的不连续,没有地幔,有地壳的末端,然后就是地心世界。当然,进入地心世界一个重力转变了,所以哪里的人们在正常的重力状态下。他们看着它,再次,地质学不完全理解发生着什么,他们不完全理解阿加森的全意识部分,他们忙于参与到制造神秘或维持神秘的工作中,任何与之相悖的事情,他们都不接受。所以,当科学家谈论这些我们星球的质量不连续,他们谈论这些大规模发生着的事情,所以他们不理解重力是什么。我意思是说,爱因斯坦没有真的解释整个事情,他给出了许多错误,我更加特斯拉的概念。他给出了一些方法论。因为他的数学是建立在牛顿所说的事实上。


but the whole process is that we really have to start seeing that the universe is a series of spiritual consciousness levels and as you understand how this how these levels understand and operate it changes the whole concept of how you view the universe I know ever since I started actually my call to post high school part of my reality when I wasn't going up to the ships every day like I did before because I had my basic accepted the myth of science which was I see now today in my life that was stupid but that's all it limited conscious humanity can do is fumble around and come up with concepts so so I discovered that that whole fumbling around thing and everything I did afterwards was not real and that a lot of what is happening on this planet at that time was just the attempts by the Anunnaki and their minions to create a reality that is now about to go away and as you realize that you then see that what what you we we had actually what I had and



I've talked with people that have not only been here but have been to the ships to others other star systems it shows you that the whole reality that we have here is magnificently different than anything we could imagine and then it's really more beautiful I mean when you see the Earth from space and you get to really see it and see all the colorations in the atmosphere and everything it is most gorgeous it's like a gorgeous dynamic a piece of art it's amazing this



Awill let Sheldon this thing is which earth are you seeing you know what I mean because I really I truly truly believe and know in my heart that this reality this earth reality as we know it is coming to an end it's only coming dude this is a distorted destroyed destructed unfortunately a earth plane and I would almost want venture to describe us as you know like you've seen a computer tower you know a tower with a like several different racks mm-hmm several different circuit boards it's almost like you know we're at the bottom of that tower on that rack you know and there's other realities and different racks you know it's kind of right I kind of see it that way and I mean I'm trying to explain to people so they get it it's very difficult for a lot of people to understand now my other feeling is this and I just I really wanted to address this with you and that is what is your philosophy and your feeling about the actual ascending to higher frequencies and dimensions other than just the fifth dimension



Sit goes all the way up I mean if people would understand the amount of non-physical beings that exist in the higher levels they would and one of the amazing things that I saw a couple decades ago was there were non-physical beings that were actually lowering the vibrational patterns so they could come closer to earth so they could help us through this process it's not just physical beings that are doing this for us or angels it's in between it's the massive amount of non-physical oars I like to call them non corporal beings though is they don't really have a physical body everything has been totally changed into spiritual energies



AI can't agree with you if people only had just it's just a small inkling of how many different beans and species have come forth yet this job done it would blow them away and what it would it would it's like you literally want to fall to your knees and go oh my god I'm so grateful thank you alright cuz we really needed the help to be efficient out of this in prison you know mine matrix we really needed help we need to help yeah absolutely so now back Antartica you brought that up and I'm sure you've listened to some of David Wilcock information about the Giants that have been discovered in the military there's awful lot of secrecy going on down there what is your perception on them



Swell a lot of that is not they're trying to make it into more than it is yeah okay and so I see a lot of exaggeration in it and so I don't believe a lot of it



Aso tell me what you believe I want to hear what I've been wanting to ask you about this for a while see we're going to call you to ask you



Sthe important part that we have to deeply understand is that life exists on many universal levels of consciousness and that there are places where these things tie themselves together and actually help one another now with Antarctica you garson's realize that there are energy fields from from Earth's the surface area that have that are in need of help and there are a lot of non corporal beings that are assisting the problem with the American military or any military is that it sees everything is enemy threat versus friendly they don't have and in between everything that exists there is in an in-between so they can't fully understand it interesting



so yes the world is shifting for instance I was explaining to you we're changing from a bipolar or dipole or whatever you want to call it and a monocle a reality that shifts everything on the surface of this planet from how it looks and it changes the energies on how it looks because basically we are a magnetic species the planet and the living planet and the living energies that create stars and everything else our gravitational because Einstein did not fully explain what gravity is when we get things like the Hutchinson effect in physics where they think he's crazy because he can actually make things float is that when you understand mass versus gravity you understand the relationship of mass to the gravity is not physical it's a dimensional electric effect and that switches into gravity and they don't understand what it is the Galactic's understand it and that's why they have beam ships because they know ultimately when you reach the highest pure level of gravity it becomes light when it becomes light it is capable of doing things that according to our physics are impossible to them it's not impossible it's considered as normal as seeing the green light and walking across the street they don't see the problem physics is so much wanting to create a difficult situation so they can write their advanced stupid mathematical equations yeah that is the problem with with physics it has to be able to say what it wants and to talk it out like a novel because ultimately science should be this wonderful magnificent novel that leads to this magnificent set of art



Athat's beautifully fed and and I I want to add on to that and the in the interaction that you have with Galactic's and guidance from the extraterrestrial community you'll notice that they are very much into simplicity mm-hmm and and ease you know it's an ease and grace and simplicity it does not have to be difficult it not have to go on and on for you to get than done which is you know and that and that's like leftovers from the reality that we've been in prison been where everything has to be such drudgery right right so true



SI mean their science is based upon simplicity they people have come the closest to seeing this or people are working on radionics and they don't know the concept of radionics properly because they think it has to be more difficult it doesn't now energy fields operate that is you increase the energy to certain critical frequencies things happen and if you understand the nature of how that's happening you can create devices that take advantage of it and create all kinds of miracle stuff and what happened is Clarke the scientist and science fiction writer said it's very simply as you get higher and higher in the levels of technology or just consciousness to the people below more primitive everything seems like magic and we have to realize that ultimately physics and its finest flows for but to an average person on this planet seem like magic no they had they use optical illusions for this but in real magic it happens things disappear and reappear things change shape they get bigger or smaller things that you want like water flowing upward is considered normal it's not tough and when you understand that there are no rules as you know them you get that some scientists have understood that and invented a concept to try to get around it they simply call it a pre physics the things operate differently than what we know because they're operating in a prefix-free physics I say to that baloney and when when they understand that pre physics is everything and that their physics is a very messed up mutated mangle the concept of what we're talking about then it flows easily we have to remember people have learned with using energy the key to using energy is if you doing it properly everything flows that's the natural state of reality it flows that is something that Washington taught me when I was a young kid you use your consciousness to create a flow around you if the flow exists properly and it maintains its right yes everything in this universe is meant to be as simple and is flowing as possible and there are in this first the first rule is there are no rules the second one is if you think there should be rules you're wrong 11 the third part is if you deeply believe that somehow there's something happening that will lead to a disaster you're totally wrong



Athat's exact it's just stuff how they speak to you isn't it it's luta and you made a very interesting comment um I was I was basically given very specific information that in this huge massive amount of sectors and this reality that we've been in they talked to me a great deal about how the magnetism was what really sets us apart from other realities outside this contained space hmm that they were electric rather than electro magnetic right and that that was what really caused a lot of the issues to begin with



Sright as a matter of fact there is a whole group of science out of the national physics that simply calls this the electro holographic universe and they look at everything and you can see how this is an electric universe exactly I mean that's one of the things that I've been talking about for a while and I when I discovered that this was happening I was very happy when I went to England about 20 years ago I met two physicists from Cambridge we're basically talking about how the basis of the universe should be looked upon as electric and why is it that this space energy which we can't see because it's a higher frequency axé initially as a pair electricity other words it acts just like electricity but guess what when you properly touch it it doesn't cause a shock mm-hmm and if you look at all of that you start to see that the world that we came up with or at least our elders came up with and that we have swallowed as reality and thus we believe in a certain way is wrong mm-hmm and when you begin to understand how this para electric world operates and how it leads to the electric holographic universe you begin to see that there's a whole opposite theory of how this world operates and you begin to see deeply inside that ninety-eight percent of all the stuff that you have spent hours doing homework on and learning about was irrelevant



Ayes and that's like so prominent now just about everything we've read everything that we've really locked our keys into it still ultimately has a lot of distortion exactly distorted reality definitely I was going to ask you what is your take on I just remember a blog post going up on galactic connection regarding a major river had reverse direction meaning did you see that that's just why



SI didn't I didn't see that but I've heard of stuff like that for a long time



A: and how would you describe that like how would you explain why that's happening



Sthat's happening because the magnetics in this world is adjusting itself more to the natural law of magnetics than what we came up with other words the collective can no longer that's based on the old ways can no longer maintain its control over all of this and that's just another sign of many things that are happening as you begin to if you just spent a day just collecting the anomalies you would get stuff though probably overwhelmed the full capacity of any computer because the stuff that happens all the time is proof that this reality does not operate the way everybody says it does it never really has it's just people who come up with certain things that look great and they don't understand it cut it oh that's rich I mean



when I was like when I was a kid actually when I was a young man one of the things that I did was I got I got a pliers and I was going to cut this electrical line it was really thick and everybody said you're going to ultra-cute yourself oh I did it guess what you didn't know like big enough feel I didn't electrocute myself matter of fact I told them it it felt like this wonderful energy going through me because I didn't have anything else if you have no fear and you don't believe or else you're ignorant of everything you'll do you'll believe this so much that the effect that they the fear came up with will happen if you don't it won't happen



Athat is a really good point too because you know the more aware we become and the more informed we become the potentiality of a danger zone if you lock into that information and you own it to be your own



Sright if you completely believe in something down to your core the effect of that it's the opposite of what everybody else believes you'll get what you want it not what they all said was supposed to happen to you yeah and I told it to another person who was an electrician he just looked at me startled and and chopped that I'd wasn't dead



Ayes and you know I want to honor the fact that I know we're only supposed to be talking for an hour today we're coming up to the top of the hour but I wanted to end this with a question on how to use the where this all began as far as the quantum entanglement of the dark with the light like you know where where do you see the artificial intelligence started and the entanglement of those those that were illumined fell into this darkness



Sthere has been a group that was sent out originally by heaven which was a dark group in the case of our galaxy and the galaxy was first beginning there was a intelligence and I was I learned that this was called the the in Chara continuum and that this group created all the darkness in our galaxy and that this group was now shifting and indeed the majority now of the entire continuum has shifted from dark to light we are now about to have I fully light went with earth shifts at fully light galaxy existing on endless amounts of levels of I call it I really don't call it dimension so much I call it consciousness and that this consciousness plane is going to shift everything and that is what is happening right now that's why everything on this planet seems strange and odd to those who have been studying the all the stuff that they had to go through in order to get all these fancy degrees that they have and so they have learned certain concepts they have had it ingrained in them through tests and people who had to do tests to get degrees they have had these orals and so they haven't come completely and vivified with the fact that this is a reality and so what they want more than for anybody to know and for anybody to understand is that indeed everything is is shifting and this is something that is the basis of what all the Galactic's are about

S: 一直有一个团体,最初是由天堂发送出的,在我们银河系的案例中,是一个黑暗团体,银河系最初从哪里开始,是一个智能,我了解到,这被称为安查拉连续体。这个团体创建了我们银河系中的所有黑暗,就是这个团体现在正在转变,并且,的确整个连续体的大多数已经从黑暗转向光。我们现在就要拥有一个完全的光与地球的转变一块,完全的光的银河系存在于无尽数量层次的维度上,我不把它成为维度,我称之为意识,这意识层面将要转变每件事情,这就是现在所发生的事情。这是为什么在这个星球上的每件事情对那些一直研究所有这些东西的人们来说很奇怪也很古怪,他们需要经历这些以便获得学位,所以他们学习了某些概念,他们通过测试吸纳了这些概念,他们有这些口试,所以他们并没有验证那些试试。这就是一个现实,所以他们比任何其他人更像知道,更想理解确实一切都在转变中,这是所有关于银河人的基础。


this is what I've been talking about since I began doing this in the 90s is is allowing people to understand this are the amazingness of this and that's why since I'm finally going to get to write my book on consciousness I'm finally getting able to explain a lot of this stuff more at length and allow people to read it and see it envision it and and go on from there and that's what I want it's basically one of the things when I get to finally go to the next step is to that's what I want to work on is open up the whole concept of what consciousness is and have people understand it and learn to accept what this higher consciousness level doesn't the massive amount of how it shall we call it intelligence that you will then encounter



Ayeah yeah and and another quickie you know how many times have you heard somebody say well isn't it true that you know the the light apparently if you're over on the other side you know you just get so bored out of your mind that you decide you want to jump into this this you know game and I say absolutely not and I like what you thought on that

A: 有许多次,听一些人说,如果你在另一边(比如死去),明显的光,那么你会变得非常无聊,然后你会决定想要进入这个游戏。你有什么看法?


Sright and people but I've always talked about full consciousness people have always said that must be the most boring place and it's not its most exciting price special and you have a lot to do you have a pill and you don't have the resistance right Austin battle of get done right they're all they're all into being groups that work together to support each other it's a whole different reality understand the connection of one aspect of life to the other and their job is to work toward creating this all that's what fluid mechanics was all about



Ahmm I love it and what about the other statement you can't have light without the darkness



Snow that is a falsity



Ayes it is I'd like you to say something about that before I let you go



Slight is most importantly a singularity that includes everything it's that that's why we talk about when we get into our conscience we talk about the one Great Creator the one Great Creator is the great light and when you get into the Sirians you understand this whole thing about heaven they call heaven jat ta which means simply the beginning the aspect to all of it that is john what is that what is John is joy no basically everything is about joy now how being in a world full of joy be boring

S最重要的是,光是一个单极性的,包括一切,这是为什么当我们谈论意识时,我们谈到一个大造物主,大造物主是伟大的光,当你逐渐了解天狼星人,你理解有关天堂的这整个事情,他们把天堂称为“jat ta”jia的意思是开始,所有这一切的开始的方面,ta是喜悦,基本上每件事都是有关喜悦,在一个充满喜悦的世界怎么能无聊呢,不会的。


Ano there's no way well I gotta tell you Sheldon I keep here and there up there having a great time at the oxygen bars I see I see pictures of Ashtar you know what he shouldn't care like sticking out of the bad is this some funny but well thank you so much I know we're over the one hour mark so thank you again for coming on and all that you do I know it's been a long road for you and I'm finally able to really see it's not just about a bright horizon we're really beginning to feel it starting to really take place within our bodies and our and our lives right you know I tell people if you're having a ton of drama and a ton of stuff just falling apart it's probably one of the biggest purifications that you're going through exactly you absolutely right it's all in preparation so it is now what did you want to say anything about your next talk or seminar or conference before I let you go






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