This form that we have got to know so well meaning our arms,legs,torso,head etc.is a result of genetic experimentation and research comprised about 900 million years.Most of the animal life forms on this planet have been brought forth as a side effect of this research.Life exists in many forms much of it we would not recognize.There are carbon-based life forms,silicone-based life forms and even lithium based lifeforms.All life begins in the simplest of states.It sounds crazy but even hydrogen has a level of awareness.The Pleiadians figured out they could take the consciousness of a hydrogen atom or a heavier metallic element and mutate the atomic structure thus creating varying forms of life.


这种我们已经非常熟悉的形态意味着我们的手臂、腿、躯干、头部等等,是大约 9 亿年的基因实验和研究的结果。这个星球上的大多数动物生命形式都是作为这项研究的副作用而产生的。生命以许多形式存在,其中许多我们不认识。有碳基生命形式,硅基生命形式,甚至锂基生命形式。所有的生命都是从最简单的状态开始的。这听起来很疯狂,但即使是氢也有一定程度的意识。昴宿星人发现他们可以利用氢原子或较重的金属元素的意识来改变原子结构,从而创造出不同形式的生命。


All lifeforms have a tendency to become more organized and sophisticated growing in awareness over time.Our scientists have no idea how to explain the mutations and alterations in living organisms.




As life began evolving from 1st density up thru the mineral and plant stage became a level of sophistication and awareness meaning the animal stage...making it possible for the higher density souls to incarnate into flesh and blood vessels.Hence,the human species territorial and predator traits thru that animal consciousness.But the pinnacle form is our humanoid form.


当生命开始从第一密度向上进化,通过矿物和植物阶段成为一个复杂和意识的水平,意味着动物阶段 ... 使得更高密度的灵魂有可能化身为肉体和血管。因此,通过动物意识,人类物种具有领土和捕食者的特征。但是尖顶形态是我们人类的形态。


This humanoid form that we find ourselves in was originally designed to experience 7 different dimensions simultaneously and had the capability to sit,stand,walk,leap,fly and teleport itself from one place to another.This body we inhabited at that time had the capability to become translucent and fluid or it could be as solid as we experience it now.We were quasi-physical beings.


我们发现自己所处的这个类人形体最初是为了同时体验 7 个不同的维度而设计的,它具有坐、站、走、跳、飞行和从一个地方传送到另一个地方的能力。我们当时居住的这个身体有能力变成半透明和液体,或者它可以像我们现在经历的一样是固体。我们是准物质存在。


This body was specifically designed to work with the gravitational fields and electromagnetic fields of evolving planets.We could shift our density at will from 1st thru 7th level.Oh,how we've been messed with.During the 900 million years of experimentation there were many strange and exotic life forms walking this planet.The dinosaurs was one of these lifeforms that was a byproduct of this research.


这个天体是专门设计来处理不断演化的行星的引力场和电磁场的。我们可以随意地从第一到第七转移我们的密度。哦,我们是怎么被耍的。在 9 亿年的实验中,有许多奇异的生命形式行走在这个星球上。恐龙就是这些生命形式之一,这是这项研究的副产品。


We've all heard the land of Pan,Pangaea and there was lots of experimentation going on at that time.We've all heard of the life form Pegasus.This experimentation resulted in the cross between a man and horse,man and angels.There were many strange and bizarre life forms roaming the Earth due to this rogue genetic experimentation and inter-species breeding.




So,basically we have two processes unfolding here...the first is the process of evolution from a tiny spark of light that began as an inanimate object of first density slowly evolving to a more sophisticated levels of genetic configurations.Eventually making our way back to Source,God...this is the Ascension process,evolving back towards light,that beginning spark we started as.Then we got the process of devolution...Meaning starting out as that little grain of sand evolving towards a higher vibrational luminescent being of light.Now you know what the saying means going full circle.


所以,基本上我们有两个过程展开在这里 ... 第一个是进化的过程,从一个微小的火花,开始作为一个无生命的物体的第一密度缓慢进化到一个更复杂的水平的遗传配置。最终让我们回到源头,上帝 ... 这是扬升的过程,向着光进化,我们开始时的火花。然后我们得到了进化的过程 ... 意思是从那一小粒沙子开始,向着更高的振动发光的光的存在进化。现在你知道这句话的意思了吧。






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