Greetings dear hearts! Greetings! I AM Mi-ka-el, I AM Archangel of Love and peace, I AM your brother and family, I AM your protector and ally, I AM your guide and teacher. Refer to me any way you want to, but remember to call on me anytime, I am always available and eager to assist thee in any way possible…mostly with lots of humor and smiles. And so, please remember that you are not to walk this path, this journey on your own, for there is really nothing left of you to prove or to strengthen alone.




We have planned this journey of completion and of ascension for the entire human collective. We have designed it as a collective work, as a community undertaking whereby everyone contributes in their own unique way. All of you here listening to or reading this message have special talents and unique ways to contribute to the whole and these traits are quite visible to everyone out there. You might not yet be aware of this, you might still be caught in wanting to do and be something that you admire in another one, and this is not to say that you are not complete or sufficient, this is just saying that you can get distracted from your particular mission.




On a side note, you are very capable to be and do everything, to use your multifaceted talents, yes, in your current multidimensional bodies; you can dance, write novels or love poems, you can paint and sculpt, you can bring heaven’s music and geometry into your current reality, you can do this and more. But at this time you have chosen to contribute in a way that only you can. It is as if you are specializing and you have a great expertise in a certain area that is meant to assist the Nova Earth Community that is in dire need of your assistance. There is no one with this type of offering and when you withhold it, for whatever reason, you are literally stalling the entire project, not only yours but that of your group, of your soul family and ultimately the Mother’s project.




You might say to me: “Michael, I don’t really know what this mission is, or what special offering I have to bring forth. Michael, I really don’t know if I am on my purpose and following the right path.” I am saying to you that this doesn’t have to be so difficult or to be written down on your birth certificate so that you can follow it. And yes, with a smile I would have to say to thee that you are magnificent and very complex beings of light, and so there are varied levels and nuances of your missions and purpose, there is always more of you to offer to the world.




So, you are constantly evolving and re-discovering yourselves. You are constantly removing old boundaries and stretching into areas that are novel and exciting, but the main theme and flavor of who you are, the mainstream of the light that you are remains constant and unchanged. It is your signature, and it is how everyone knows and recognizes who you are, whether they can see you or hear your voice, or come in contact with your creations or work directly with you, it really matters not, because at the soul and heart level they just have that feeling of you.




Your work, dear hearts, is to remain true to yourselves and to your purpose and to let go of the distractions of your human mind. Let go of fears and doubts in yourselves, let go of all the churning of the mind that needs to make sense of what is and then tries to plan ahead with that limited view and perspective.




Set those daily intentions to be the light and the joy of your selves, to be the best of you that you can be in every moment, and you will flow effortlessly aligned with your purpose into your divine plan, and into the one of the Mother. Endeavor to become aware of every sign and clue given to thee from your loved ones, and then heed the messages given to thee without much delay.




Whenever you become confused or unsure of which way to go, ask me to come and bring that solid and substantial peace into your heart so that you can then regain the clarity and the trust in your dear selves and in the wisdom that you have. Trust that you are always and in all ways guided and directed towards the path of love, grace and ease, the one that benefits everyone connected and in relationship with you in the highest and greatest way possible.




It is that simple dear hearts! It is as straight and narrow as the love and the light layered and focused on thee from my heart. I AM with you. You are loved and cherished beyond your imagination.








大天使麦克 20180516 每个人在自己独特的方式中做出贡献

通灵:Genoveva Coyle

翻译:Nick Chan




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