As a large part of humanity – those who are aware that they are on a spiritual path leading to their awakening – waits expectantly for the awakening to happen, much is occurring worldwide that is very unsettling for nearly everyone, and very painful for those who are living in war zones or in areas in which the planet herself or the weather is causing damage and disruption on a large scale. This is all in preparation for the awakening, because much negativity – resentment, hatred, bitterness, anger, and negative judgment – that humanity has been clinging to, has to be seen, acknowledged, and released in order for you to awaken.


随着很大一部分的人类 --- 那些知道自己处于一条朝向觉醒的精神道路之人 --- 充满期望地等待着觉醒的发生,世界各地很多事情发生令几乎每个人感到不安,对那些生活在战区或天气 / 地球本身造成大规模破坏之地的人来说是非常痛苦的。这都是在为觉醒做准备,因为大量负面的东西 --- 怨恨、仇恨、苦涩、愤怒和负面评判 --- 人类一直紧抓的,必须被看到、认识到和释放,以便让你们觉醒


Those strongly held feelings and opinions most definitely affect not only those who live in areas where they are endemic, intensifying them, but also people all across the world, and the planet herself. Therefore it is essential that you all open your hearts, even more fully than you already have done, to allow Love to flow through you far more freely to those who are living in fear and thereby shutting It out of their lives. Your intent to share and extend your Love to all on Earth, regardless of the apparent differences between you – whether of race, color, or ethnicity, of religious or political beliefs, or any other differences – is the most effective thing you can do to assist in the awakening process.


这些被强力保持的感受和观念不仅影响着那些生活在它们所在区域的人,还在不断加强,还影响着世界各地的人以及地球自身。因此很重要去敞开你们的心,比起往常更加充分,让爱更加自由地通过你流向那些生活于恐惧从而向爱关闭了的人。你将爱分享和扩张给所有人 --- 无论你们表面上有什么差异,种族、肤色、宗教、政治信念等等 --- 的意图,是你可以做的来协助觉醒进程的最有效的事情


Your awakening is inevitable, because it is God’s Will. And, because it is God’s Will, it is also your will, because You and He are One, always, eternally, in an infinite state of joy! You have never left that state, but the vast majority of humans focus their attention on the myriad distractions with which it seems that the illusion, the dream/nightmare state is continuously presenting you. It is a very noisy and disturbing environment, and while you focus your attention there it is practically impossible for you to be aware of or access the field of Love in which your eternal existence is forever playing out in supreme happiness. Some of you have had moments when you very briefly experienced that Love, when you actually felt It, and It mightily changed your perception of life permanently. Fear then fell away, leaving you in a state of peace and acceptance, knowing that you are indeed beautiful sentient immortal beings, infinitely and eternally loved by God.


你们的觉醒是不可避免的,因为这是神的意志。因为这是神的意志,这也是你的意志,因为你与他是一,总是,永恒,在无限的喜悦状态中!你从未离开这个状态,但绝大多数的人专注于无数的分心(看似幻象、梦境 / 噩梦状态不断提供给你的)。这是一个非常嘈杂和扰人的环境,当你专注于这个环境,你是不可能意识到或访问你永恒存在在至高喜悦中玩耍的爱之场域的。你们一些人体验过非常短暂的那个爱的时刻,当你真正感到它,它会永远、强力地改变你对生命的看法。恐惧就会消散,你会处于一个平和与接纳的状态,知晓你确实是美丽的不朽的有情众生,被神无限永恒地爱着


You are all, every sentient being on Earth, Love incarnate in form. Love is the infinite and eternal flow of energy that is the life force within those forms. That is, You are the Love that expresses Itself through each and every form. While in form your memory of your divine nature is forgotten, and the life paths that you have each individually established for yourselves, and which you are following in every moment, were specifically designed for you, before you incarnated, to lead you back to remembrance of who you truly are, namely One with Source, Mother/Father/God, LOVE. And, of course, there is nothing other than This!


你们所有人,地球上的有情众生,都是爱的化身。是能量无限、永恒的流动,是形态众生的生命力。也就是,你就是通过每个形态表达自身的爱。当处于形态中,你对自己神圣本质的记忆被忘记,你为自己建立的生命道路,你时时刻刻所跟随的,是你化身前特定为自己制订的,来引领你忆起自己的真正所是,也就是与源头、父亲 / 母亲 / / 爱的合一。当然,除了合一没有别的东西


To awaken is to know who You are, and in knowing who You are great joy arises because You are then instantly aware that you are eternally alive in this wondrous state that no words and no poet can ever express. It is a state that has to be experienced by each of you individually, and as it arises in your awareness You instantly know that You are One, that there is no separation, that there is only Love, God, Source without end, limitation, or boundaries of any kind whatever.




Life as a human is rather like living in a maze or a labyrinth from which there appears to be no exit except through death! And this is very disturbing, exasperating, frightening, and depressing, so people seek distraction through a variety of hobbies, sporting activities, and easily accessed non-activities such as watching movies, or aimlessly scanning social media posts in the hope of finding an exciting drama in which to engage. Anything to avoid being alone with themselves, because most people have a deeply ingrained sense of unworthiness, of not being good enough, or not as good as . . . a family member, a friend, or someone of public note. Being alone with one’s self, aware of one’s self is very uncomfortable because then the ego judges and condemns the self for all its perceived failings and inadequacies.


人类的生活就像活在一个迷宫中,看似没有出路,除了死亡!这是非常令人不安的、恼怒的、害怕的、沮丧的,所以人们通过各种爱好、体育活动和容易获取的非活动(比如看电影或漫无目的地刷微博,希望找到一个激动人心的戏剧可以参与进去)来寻找分心。任何可以避免与自己独处的东西,因为大多数人拥有一个深度根深蒂固的无价值感、不够好、不如他 / 她好(一位家庭成员、朋友或某个公众人物) ... 与自己独处,注意到自己是非常不舒服的,因为小我的自我评判和自我谴责(对它感知到的所有缺点和不足)就会出现


However, you are ALL perfect divine beings! You were created perfect, because what God creates can only be perfect, and that state never changes!




Nevertheless, because for the most part you identify with your bodies, which age, get sick, and die, the idea that you are perfect not only fails to resonate with you, it cannot resonate with you, because death – which for bodies is inevitable – is what you fear the most. And of course your egos powerfully encourage you to identify with your bodies and, therefore, with them. Your egos thrive on your sense of separation because you then turn to them for advice and guidance, and what they offer you is always negatively judgmental of your bodies and their senses, and appears to be true because you are forever finding fault with your bodies, and it therefore seems that that fault finding is valid! In a way it is valid because your bodies are vehicles of limitation, they were chosen by you to provide the experience of limitation . . . but you are not your bodies! You are immense beings, far vaster than the universe in which your bodies are experiencing themselves as small and insignificant time limited forms in flesh.


不管怎样,因为大多数情况下你认同自己为你的身体,会老化,会生病和死亡,你是完美的理念不仅没有引起你的共鸣,它无法与你共鸣,因为死亡 --- 对身体来说是必然 --- 是你最恐惧的。当然你的小我强烈地鼓励你去认同自己就是身体。你的小我在你的分离感上繁荣,因为你会转向它们寻求意见和指引,它们所提供给你的总是“对你身体和它们感知到的东西”的负面评判,看起来是真实的,因为你总是能够找到身体的缺陷,因此看似这个故障的探测是有效的!在某种程度上它是有效的,因为你的身体是有局限的器具,它们由你挑选来提供局限的体验 ... 你不是你的身体!你是广阔的存在,比宇宙还要广阔,在有使用期限的身体中体验着渺小和微不足道


However, while you are in form, your bodies provide you with the experiences you chose to place on your human life paths before you incarnated, experiences that you chose for the lessons with which they would present you. And those lessons always occur at precisely the right moment, although frequently they are not recognized as lessons, and may even be seen as calamities or catastrophes because they are not aligned with your egoic desires.




As most of you are very well aware, meditation is highly recommended by all the major religions, by spiritual teachers everywhere, and also by those in the spiritual realms who speak to you (like this one) through channeled messages. The reason for this is because it establishes you in a relaxed state in which your egos are relatively quiet, almost peaceful, thus allowing you to listen to and hear the guidance that your spiritual support team offers you when you call on them for advice. Some of you refer to that guidance as ‘intuition,’ but what you choose to call it is totally unimportant, what is important is that you listen for it, hear it, and avail of its help in your daily lives.




Meditation has also been scientifically proven – in the last few decades – to be of great value in helping to keep your bodies healthy as it dissolves excessive levels of stress, and strengthens your immune systems. So, as I keep reminding you in the messages that I offer you, you need to make a meditative practice an essential part of your day . . . every day! It is so easy to find yourselves overcome with massive ‘to do lists,’ and then your egos suggest that missing your practice just this once is OK, and that anyhow you can make up for it tomorrow. Obviously neglecting to meditate occasionally will not harm you, but it will weaken your practice and make it less effective.


冥想也被科学证实 --- 在过去的几十年 --- 有着巨大的价值,可以帮助保持身体健康,因为它会溶解过多的压力,加强你的免疫系统。所以,就像我在信息中不断提醒你的,你需要让冥想成为你日常生活必不可少的一部分。你会很容易发现自己战胜巨大的“待办事项”,然后你的小我会建议就这一次不去做没关系的,明天可以补上。虽然偶尔忘记了冥想不会对你造成什么伤害,但会削弱你的练习,让它不那么有效


I recommend it, because meditation is the key to maintaining your peace as you go about your daily lives, and one of the best ways to practice is to settle yourselves quietly, where you will not be disturbed by others or by social media devices, and then choose to go within, to that holy inner sanctuary that you all have within you. While you relax in that holy space set the intent to open your hearts fully so that Love may enter to embrace you. It is always with you, because You and It are One, and when you invite It in It will embrace you, intensifying your sense of peace. Therefore, it is an excellent way to start your day. And while you are in a meditative state any doubts you may have about your existence as eternal, beloved, and perfect children of God will soften. These doubts are an aspect of being human, of being limited, of being less than, and they are invalid, but your egos do not want you to let go of them, because, when you do, they lose their power over you, as you find yourselves increasingly at peace, and increasingly aware of the truth that you are indeed a perfect and beloved child of God.




With so very much love, Saul.




通灵:John Smallman

翻译:Nick Chan





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