Greeting dearest ones! I AM Jesus Sananda, I am your brother and close family, always with you and by your side. Our bond is strong, and our love connection is unbreakable and untouchable because anywhere you travel I am with you.




It matters not if you are floating and swimming in love and all is unfolding the way you want in an expected way, or if you are traveling a somehow rockier path where there are strings of unfortunate events coming one after another into your lives.




Know that I am with you, not to take the lessons away, but to take the burden, that self-imposed heaviness that comes from you feeling that these kinds of happenings are not meant to be present in your lives. As you already know, it is not what happens, but how you allow yourselves to perceive what is happening that matters. It is your perspective on what it is occurring that is most important, and the desire to see more clearly into it, instead of just accepting what the old conditioning has ingrained in you, and in the rest of the humanity, leading you to judge it as good or bad. You might not be able to see much initially, but when you call on the mental body to assist you to look deeper into the subconscious and unconscious you will find the reasons and the understanding.




But in order to see and hear the truth, to get that clarity, you do need to work on the emotional body and to let go, as soon as possible, of the baggage that is being stirred up, especially when you feel that down-spiraling pull from disappointments and from other low vibrational feelings that arise.




I am with you to remind you that even when you need to encounter negative and less pleasant events, for you have planned them as such, you do not need to allow yourselves to get dragged down and therefore to attract other incidental side effects of low vibrational experiences. That doesn’t mean that you will not shed tears of sorrow, become frustrated and impatient, or downright exhausted and depleted at times.




But do not allow that to consume you! Return to your place of balance, come back to me in your heart sanctuary so that I can reassure you all is well and that you are keeping to the straight course of love, just as you have promised. It is your intention to be the wholeness and the brightness of the love that you are in every moment of your journey…and that is what is being seen from where I look at each and every one of you.


但不要让那耗尽你!返回你的平衡之地,在你心中的圣殿回到我身边,这样我可以安抚你一切都好,你处于笔直的爱之道路,就像你承诺般。这是你的意图在你旅程的时时刻刻成为你所是之爱的完整和光明 ... 这就是我看向你们每个人的时候看到的


And how are you doing this? By maintaining constant awareness, and by letting go of any falsehoods, and even of the need to fight. Being powerful, as you are, doesn’t mean you have to fight others to prove yourselves, nor that you can control what comes into your lives.




Being empowered is to have the knowing that even the negative situations are there to assist you to grow and accelerate your evolution and that you do have a real choice in how to respond to them.




Seeing you asking the questions and looking constantly within for the answers on how to release more of your sweet selves into the freedom of just being your true selves – pure love – is what makes me sing and laugh! For my dearest brothers and sisters, you are doing wonderfully well!


看到你询问问题,不断地向内寻找答案,关于如何把你甜蜜的自我更多地释放到成为真实自我的自由中 --- 纯粹的爱 --- 让我歌唱和欢笑!因为,我挚爱的兄弟姐妹们,你做得非常地好


I am leaving you now with my embrace and love! Farewell!




通灵:Genoveva Coyle

翻译:Nick Chan





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