Beloved Ones,




I come on the wings of love! And so, another year is almost gone! There has been a lot of good that has been accomplished, both individually and collectively for humanity. Each day has brought more to the surface of consciousness to observe and make sense of. Remember that by following the promptings of one’s heart, one will never stray off their spiritual path and highest good. Sometimes it can seem that way temporarily, but this can be made straight again by remembering who you really are – light, love, wisdom, compassion and divine goodness. Whatever needs to be addressed, you can do it!


我驾着爱的翅膀而来!所以,又一年过去了!有着许多美好的东西完成,集体以及个体的,为了人类。每一天,更多的东西被带到意识的表面来被看到和理解。记住,通过跟随心的激励,一个人永远不会偏离精神的道路和最高的良善。有时候会暂时看上去偏离了,但这可以通过忆起你真正的所是 --- 光、爱、智慧、同情心、神圣的良善 --- 来回到正轨。无论什么需要被处理,你能够处理!


Mastering one’s self becomes a way of life which leads to many disclosures and discoveries about self and others that you might not have discerned before. This also sets you firmly on the path to freedom as you make the aspects of your lower nature raise up into higher awareness and consciousness by transmuting the lower nature into the finer qualities of an enlightened being. As the sacred qualities of divine love are embraced, embodied and expressed, the more quickly one reaches their ascension into higher consciousness. As you do this, you are the beacon of hope in your world that can turn someone’s life around for the better by showing them the way through by your personal example.




Each day before falling asleep, forgive yourself and others, send them blessings and love and then commit to becoming the best version of yourself. Shine your light and empower others in their soul’s journey by lifting their spirit and inspiring them into a better space. Stay true to yourself as you focus with clear intention on the path to follow. Focus your time, space and energy towards your goals and soul’s purpose. Try to stay free of distractions, fears and illusions and be consistent with your message to others.




Stay humble, as humility is a sign of greatness – for you know deep in the core of your being that you are here during these times because of the omnipotent power of the Divine Creator. You are simply the conduit to channel this Divine Light that resides within you. Love those people that are around you and validate them for who they are by emanating deep compassion and concern for their well-being. Through your example, you act as a magnet for happiness, freedom and generosity and the more you work on cultivating these qualities from within, the more they grow within your own character and identity.


保持谦卑,因为谦卑是伟大的标志 --- 因为你在存在核心深处知晓,你在这个时期处于地球上是出于神圣造物主无所不能的力量。你是驻留于你之内的神圣之光的导管。爱周围的人,通过为他们的福祉散发深度的同情心和关心来证实他们的真正所是。通过你的榜样,你作为幸福、自由、慷慨的磁铁运作,你越多地致力于滋养内在的这些品质,它们会在你的性格和特性中越多地成长


Put your trust in life, let your heart be at peace, learn how to be content under all circumstances. Trust that life is on your side and that any problems are always opportunities or lessons to be learned. Trust your intuition when it comes forth and act on it. Allow life to guide you, lead you, and to take you on the path you are meant to walk upon. Know that people who have a deep trust in the goodness of life are the ones who are living benevolent realities. This quality will bring a lot of peace and serenity into your heart and into your life, making you a more humble, compassionate and loving person.




Until next month…




I AM Hilarion


我是 Hilarion


通灵:Marlene Swetlishoff

翻译:Nick Chan



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