*for immediate planetary broadcast to the starseeds of earth*


* 立即向地球的星际种子发射行星广播 *




* 序曲 *


We the pleiadians and the earth alliance present to you...this special decoded etheric light-data akash about the grand planetary ascension of consciousness that is underway!


我们昴宿星人和地球联盟呈现在你们面前 ...... 这个特殊的解密以太光数据——关于正在进行的意识的大行星提升!


A part of you is aware that something amazing is happening on earth and that a great positive change and evolution is taking place right now in the hearts of billions of star beings here!


你们的一部分意识到一些惊人的事情正在地球上发生,一个伟大的积极的变化和进化,正在这里的数十亿恒星生命的心中发生 !


We know that you are aware of this because you would not be here reading this message if it were not so!




Now that we have your attention,enjoy this powerful and hopeful message of light regarding the event culmination and the grand solar flash,2020!


现在我们得到了你们的注意,享受这个强大而充满希望的,关于事件顶点和大太阳闪焰的光的信息, 2020


Note:some of the concepts below may seem a bit strange or complex for a moment,but if you slow down,re-read,and process the information it will start to become very clear!


注意 : 下面的一些概念,可能在一瞬间看起来有点奇怪或复杂,但是如果你慢下来,重新阅读,并处理信息,它将开始变得非常清晰!


You must make up your own mind about what is true for you and you must realize that everyone's truth is different in some way!




There is a divine reason for this and it is totally ok!




The information in this message is collected etherically and from credible and reliable earth alliance intel sources!




This information is presented from a 5d level and will absolutely not resonate at an unconscious 3d level!


这个信息是从一个 5d 级别呈现出来的,绝对不会在无意识的 3d 级别上产生共鸣!


We encourage that you do your own in-depth side research into what has happened and into what is truly happening now on planet earth!




Seek your inner guidance about what information resonates with you!




Our primary goal is simply to assist,and to improve the quality of life in a positive way!




Great blessings!




Begin etheric transmission.....


开始以太传输 ..


Great ones,




2 earth weeks ago,the earth alliance confirmed that large numbers of benevolent new light fleets showed up in earth's solar system and were spotted near the sun by solar telescopes,sending powerful 40 hertz,5d,gamma energy beams towards earth!


2 个地球周前,地球联盟证实,大量仁慈的新光艦隊出現在地球太陽系,並通過太陽望遠鏡在太陽附近發現,向地球發送強大的40赫茲,5d,伽馬能量束!


As more and more federation ships line up in the skies,all systems are green-light-tango-go for the greatest show in the universe!




Major preparations are underway by the galactics at this hour as planetary liberation operations have been escalated by light forces for the purpose of opening incredible energetic stargates to elevate this entire realm up to the 5th dimensional level!




Light forces are working from every angle to achieve a critical mass elevation of consciousness in preparation for the event culmination in the earth year,2020!


光的力量正在从每个角度工作,以达到临界质量的意识提升,为地球年 2020 的事件高潮做准备!


This entire cosmos is undergoing major changes as light forces are arriving in this solar system in mass numbers to witness and play a part in the grand ascension of planet earth and its inhabitants!




Pandora protocol has been escalated by light forces




Recently,the earth alliance announced that benevolent light forces merged two major earth planetary liberation operations into one overall final mission that would lead up to the culmination of'the event',in the earth year 2020!


最近,地球联盟宣布,仁慈的光明力量将两个主要的地球行星解放行动合并为一个总体的最终任务,将导致 " 事件 " 的高潮,在地球 2020 年!


One component of this grand mission to earth is called protocol masterpiece which has to do with the physical unveiling of the new earth reality and though it is an active current mission of light forces,it will mostly be operational when the event culmination is fully triggered and will be used to initiate and orient light beings into the new earth reality!




The other component of this grand mission to earth is a special quantum,geometric matrix sequencing protocol called'pandora'.


这次地球大任务的另一个组成部分是一个特殊的量子几何矩阵排序协议,叫做 " 潘多拉 "


Pandora is an advanced,pleiadian,reality programming language that works much like human thought,but which manifests reality near instantly and with much greater power!




This part of the main operation is the component that causes the manifestation of new earth,however,it's important to note that the 4.5 billion light beings currently stationed on the surface are the ones who will be doing the manifestation!


这部分的主要操作是导致新地球显化的组成部分,然而,重要的是要注意到目前在地球表面的 45 亿光之存有们将会做显化!


Remember,"the kingdom of heaven is inside of you and it can only come from where it is-inside of you,manifesting outwardly as the perceived physical reality that will become the collective,experienced reality of 5d,new earth!"


记住, " 天堂的王国就在你的内心,它只能来自它所在的地方——在你的内心,以感知到的物质实相的形式向外显现,这将成为集体的,经历过的 5d 实相,新地球 !"


Advanced light beings have been re-coding the entire grid around the earth for some time now using pandora and recently,at the direction of the councils of light,merged all efforts of light forces,including masterpiece,pandora and several other smaller missions,into one final all-out mission designed to propel this entire realm into a higher,lighter state where negativity cannot exist!




This grand coordinated effort by benevolent light forces docked in earth's solar system and stationed on the surface,will trigger what is called'the event',which culminates in a massive release of galactic-central-sun energy from the galactic core,near the end of the mission,known as the grand solar flash!


这个由停靠在地球太阳系,并驻扎在地球表面的仁慈的光力量,所做出的宏大协调努力,将触发所谓的 " 事件 " ,最终在任务接近结束时,从银河系核心大规模释放银河系中心的中央太阳能量,即所谓的 " 大太阳闪焰 "


Pandora is a 5d holographic reality programming protocol mission designed to strengthening the new earth energy field and to fully form the new 5d matrix of light that will allow all the data of the universe to flow freely to the beings of the earth!


潘多拉是一个 5 维全息现实编程协议任务,旨在加强新的地球能量场,并完全形成新的 5 维光矩阵,将允许宇宙的所有数据自由流向地球的生命!


This grand ascension and freedom operation involves millions of light beings working together from the sky to the ground to completely re-code starseed and human dna with high-vibrational central sun energy so they will resonate at the 5d level,causing the observed reality matrix to vibrate at a higher,lighter,more pleasant and positive state!


这个伟大的扬升和自由运作包括数百万个光之生命从天空到地面一起工作,以完全重新编码星际种子和人类 dna ,它们具有高振动的中央太阳能量,因此它们将在 5 维水平上共振,使观察到的实相矩阵在一个更高、更轻、更愉快和积极的状态下振动!


Think of pandora it as a systems upgrade for planet earth!




Light forces have made references to pandora as the new earth operating system or earth 2.0!


光之力量已经把潘多拉作为新的地球操作系统或者地球 2.0


As of today 12/2,special mission pandora moved into an accelerated phase to quickly transform the physically perceive reality here to a much more positive version where low vibrations cannot exist!


从今天 12/2 开始,特别任务潘多拉进入了一个加速阶段,迅速将这里的物理感知实相,转换成一个更加积极的版本,在这里低振动不可能存在!


Light forces efforts are focused currently on bringing lighter and more positive energies into earth that will affect a manifested collective 5d reality,faster!


光力量的努力目前集中在将更轻更正面的能量带入地球,这将影响一个集体的 5 维实相,更快!


The earth alliance says that as time impinges towards 5d-zero-point in this evolutionary project,things will begin to happen faster on all levels and become more active!


地球联盟说,在这个进化计划中,随着时间向 5d-0 点的冲击,事情将开始在所有层面上发生得更快,变得更加活跃!


The inner workings of pandora are advanced but in simple terms,it is a high-vibrational,positive,healthy,programming input that will ultimately cause the beings of earth to change the collective perceived reality that all citizens of earth will soon experience!




Think of pandora as the exact and positive opposite of the old-harmful-archon-slave-pain program,known as the 3d matrix,that's been running on planet earth for the last 350,000 years!


把潘多拉想象成与过去 35 万年来一直在地球上运行的,被称为 3d 矩阵的,有害的执政官奴役痛苦计划的正反面!


Because of the new 5d,pandora protocol,the starseeds of earth are returning now to their natural angelic state of being and the humans of earth will soon follow in their footsteps!


因为新的 5d ,潘多拉协议,地球的星际种子现在正在返回他们自然的天使状态,地球上的人类将很快跟随他们的脚步!


As we said in our last message a major positive earth timeline shift occurred 2 weeks ago and the future of planet earth is locked onto this one positive new earth gamma timeline and it is known with absolute certainty that this timeline cannot be thwarted and will be fulfilled as the new earth timeline beginning in the earth year 2020!


正如我们在我们最后的信息中所说,一个重大的正极地球时间轴转变发生在两周前,地球的未来被锁定在这一正极新地球伽马时间轴上,我们绝对确定地知道,这个时间轴不会被阻碍,并将作为地球 2020 年开始的新地球时间轴而实现!


This final timeline shift was initiated by light forces and is a direct result of their deployment of the 5d pandora reality sequencing operation!


这最后的时间线转移是由光之力启动的,是他们部署 5 维潘多拉实相序列操作的直接结果!


Special protocol pandora has special sub-routines built in that provide incredible protection and strength for the positive new earth'vtxc'crystalline cosmic light grid!


特殊协议潘多拉有特殊的亚系统,为正面的新地球 "vtxc" 水晶宇宙光栅提供难以置信的保护和力量!


All physically perceived reality(an energy matrix)is a holographic,geometric projection of the energy transduced into it.


所有物理感知的实相 ( 能量矩阵 ) 是转换到其中的能量的全息、几何投射。


The energy coming into this new earth matrix template is 40-hertz,5d,gamma light data that originates from the galactic core in the sagittarius constellation(the central sun!)


进入这个新的地球矩阵模板的能量是 40 赫兹、 5d 、伽马光数据,这些数据来源于人马座的银河核心 ( 中央太阳 !)


Think of this new 5d holographic light grid or matrix as the new operating system for planet earth!


想想这个新的 5 维全息光栅或矩阵作为行星地球的新操作系统!


The new earth light matrix is generally strong and functional now and is ready to begin receiving the 4.5 billion starseeds of earth in the coming months and the rest of humanity,to follow!


新地球光矩阵现在普遍地强大而有效,并准备在未来几个月内开始接收地球上的 45 亿颗星际种子,以及其他人类,跟随!


Be aware that you have personally played a big role in the formation of this new earth light grid!




Dear one,all of the heightened,energetic activity among light forces from the sky to the ground is in preparation for the culmination of the event and the grand solar flash,which all signs in this cosmos show will occur in the year 2020.


亲爱的一们,所有从天空到地面的光之力量之间高涨的能量活动,都是在为这一事件和大太阳闪焰的高潮做准备,这个宇宙中所有的迹象都将发生在 2020 年。


Recent mass reports of experiencing the 5d gamma,bliss state of consciousness(the feeling)


最近大量关于体验 5d 伽马的报告,意识的极乐状态 ( 感觉 )


The earth alliance reports that the starseeds of earth are beginning to experience the 5d gamma,bliss state of consciousness all around the globe on a mass level!This state of being has simply been called"the feeling"by some!


地球联盟报告说,地球的星际种子正开始在全球范围内以质量水平体验 5d 伽马意识的极乐状态!这种存在的状态被一些人简单地称为 " 感觉 "


Recent periods of this bliss experience are being reported in mass numbers by light beings from every country on earth and everyone's starting to talk about it!




This bliss state is an amazing feeling that just rises up inside and is awe-inspiring!




Along with this bliss feeling comes the common awareness that something really big is about to happen on earth at any moment!




This common"feeling"and awareness of something magical,hopeful,new and awe-inspiring is brewing just below the surface and is about to explode onto the surface of the planet at any time now!


这种普遍的 " 感觉 " 和对某种神奇的、充满希望的、新的和令人敬畏的东西的意识正在地表下酝酿,并且随时都可能在地球表面爆发!


The reason this is being experienced is because the inner being knows the great time of humanity that light beings have longed for,for so long,has finally come!




This common,powerful and amazing feeling is starting to rise up inside the hearts of the light beings all around the planet in preparation for the greatest awakening event in human history!




It's just a magical knowing and this is the higher level of consciousness and awareness that is the ascension that leads to the event and the 5th dimensional new earth that can be seen just over the horizon!




As we mentioned in our past transmissions,a major,rare celestial event will occur in the heavens beginning in the spring of 2020,signaling that humanity is going to take a major evolutionary leap!Major astrological signs point to this great time when the ascension event will come to an apex on earth and all eyes shall see a blinding white light coming from the skies!


正如我们在过去的传输中提到的,一个重大,罕见的天体事件将在 2020 年春天开始在天空中发生,预示着人类将采取一个重大的进化飞跃!主要的星象标志指向这个伟大的时刻,当扬升事件将到达地球的顶点时,所有的眼睛都将看到一道眩目的白光从天空射来!


Dear one,an un-imaginable future lies ahead on planet earth for the first time!This future will be filled with light,great promise and in this new world,all things will be possible!




This is the kingdom heaven on earth dear one that was spoken of old and this is the promise of your destiny!




Try to remember that where you come from,things are not impossible and are never too good to be true!




Limited thinking is a program that only operates in low-vibrational worlds like the old,manipulated earth!




That program is being overwritten now and will not be a part of your new 5d-earth reality!


那个程序现在正在被覆盖,不会成为你们新的 5d-earth 实相的一部分!


Do you remember who you are and where you came from?




Do you remember what you are able to achieve?




We tell you that you are a magnificent being of light who is no less than a god and there is no thing that you cannot be,do or have!




You are celestial royalty and have the highest regard from where you come!




Remember that you came here to bring forth a higher level of being to this world!




You came to create a better world for all and there are billions of others here with you,doing the same thing right now!




You are the bringer of the new earth and the bringer of a new dawn to planet earth!




You are one of the main programmers of the new earth reality!




The new 5d earth program you are writing only outputs success and possibility and this new operating system of reality has no limits!


你正在写的新的 5d 地球程序只有输出成功和可能性,这个新的现实操作系统没有任何限制!


We just came to remind you that this is what you are doing here great one!




Keep up the good work,you are at the finish line now!




The earth alliance reports that heightened solar activity is projected to occur near the 12/21 energetic gateway when even more gamma level 5d energy will pour into the earth,leading up the grand year of 2020!


地球联盟报告说,当更多的伽马能级 5d 能量涌入地球时,预计将在 12/21 能量门户附近,发生强烈的太阳活动,引领 2020 年的盛大年份!






Benevolent extra-terrestrial disclosure is about to break wide open on a global basis and is going to become a public matter over the next few months!




Every inside group on this planet is fully aware of past visits to earth by advanced et races and they are also aware of the current massive presence of interstellar crafts that are now in earth's solar system!




The earth alliance reports that full disclosure of what is transpiring above the earth and on the surface is going to happen quickly and naturally now because this is all becoming way too obvious and things can no longer be hidden as 5d light shines on the earth!


地球联盟报告说,地球表面和地球上正在发生的事情之全面揭露,将会很快地自然地发生,因为这一切都变得太明显了,事情不能再被隐藏起来,因 5d 光照耀着地球!


It is time for us to be re-united with our galactic family and to take our place as peaceful,intelligent,new earth galactic citizens!




Get ready for the opening of the 12/12 stargate!


准备好开启 12/12 星际之门!


As this powerful energetic portal opens,the light body will receive a major boost!




Super-high vibrational ascension energies will pour into the planet during the 12/12 gateway,impacting the light bodies of 4.5 billion starseeds stationed on earth!


超高振动的扬升能量,将在 12/12 的门户中涌入地球,撞击驻扎在地球上的 45 亿颗星际种子的光体!


The 12/12 portal is an energetic doorway through which intense waves of energy of a higher vibration were ushered into the planetary consciousness to further assist the joint awakening of the inhabitants of earth.


12/12 入口是一个能量之门,通过它,更高振动的强烈能量波,被引导进入行星意识,以进一步帮助地球居民的共同觉醒。


12:12 is a code portal that,when you enter in resonance with it,activates your merkabic field.when this happens,you are in alignment with the human heart connecting to the unity consciousness."


12:12 是一个代码入口,当你进入与它共振的时候,激活你的梅尔卡巴场。当这一切发生时,你就与连接到统一意识的人类心灵保持一致。 "


Merkaba(also spelled merkabah)is our"light spirit body"and is an energetic field that surrounds us when we are tapped into a higher state of consciousness.this energetic field forms the shape of a star tetrahedron and it is believed that this formation of energy allows our light body to travel to higher dimensions.


梅尔卡巴 ( 也拼写为 merkaba) 是我们的 " 光之灵体 " ,是当我们进入更高的意识状态时,围绕着我们的能量场。这个能量场形成了一个星形四面体的形状,人们相信这种能量的形成可以让我们的光体旅行到更高的维度。




When this spinning merkaba force field is observed around a person,they have activated the ability to travel across different dimensions.this is why the shape of the merkaba has been referred to as a chariot or mode of transport for our light body.






12/12 is the code that will activate dormant dna strands!


12/12 是激活休眠 dna 链的密码!


As we keep getting more and more intense incoming energies,the moment gets closer to more portal openings,events,and alignments from december leading up to a grand energy apex that will release in 2020.


随着我们不断获得越来越强烈的能量,这个时刻越来越接近于更多的入口、事件和排列,从 12 月开始,直到 2020 年释放出一个巨大的能量顶点。


We have now entered a time compression as we arrive into eternity great one!




All things are possible in this energy and only the highest outcome can and will unfold.




The high-frequency light wave that will come through the 12/12 gateway will be an incredible blast of white magnetized plasma which will impact the earth and starseed auric fields in profound new ways!


穿过 12/12 通道的高频光波,将会是一个令人难以置信的,白色磁化等离子体爆炸,它将以深远的新方式,冲击地球和星际金场!


The configuration of this new 5d energy is expected provide a major dna boost to starseed light bodies and will be like nothing that has been experienced yet on earth!


这个新的 5 维能量的配置,预计将提供一个主要的 dna,促进星际光体,并且将会是迄今为止,在地球上所没有经历过的!


This intense incoming wave of 12/12 light is for the primary purpose of building and integrating your new crystalline light body!


12/12 光的强烈入射波,是为了建造和整合你们的新水晶光身体!


Clarity concerning who you intend to be in your new reality is one of the prime keys in building your light body!




Your light body knows that it creates through thought,and links you to the fabric of creation!




As you approach the 5d event horizon of 2020 your manifestation powers will increase greatly in power!At this stage you will be close to bringing almost anything you can imagine into your world simply by focusing on it!This is your creator-god power!


当你们接近 2020 年的 5 维视界时,你们的显化力量将大大增强!在这个阶段,你几乎可以,把任何你能想象到的东西,带进你的世界,只要你专注于它!这是你的创造者 - 上帝的力量!


This new 5d light body is a divinely powered bio-computer-ship that has no limitations and can perform super-human feats!


这个新的 5d 光体,是一个神力驱动的生物计算机飞船,它没有任何限制,可以执行超人的技艺!


Through your light body,time-lines open,accessing multi-layered experiences and your challenges gather force as you face a seemingly uncharted,yet familiar territory!




You're close to the point now where you will be connected to all of existence and your evolutionary leap is to make sense of this new awareness and put it to use in your now!




We are very excited for you at this time because you are about to fully awaken to who and what you truly are!




It is time to be the god-being that you are while walking among humans on earth!




Rest assured,that a higher order and purpose exists and all of this is about to unfold right before your eyes!




Your wildest dreams are about to come true!




It is essential that you begin taking a deeper look at your vehicle-your physical body!Get to know your body and see what great miracles it can perform!




Begin now to love your body like never before and give it the nurturing it needs to be optimal during this great ascension time!




Your light body holds the essence of your multi-dimensional identity,which is accessible to you through your desire to unite with the greater identity you sense!




Your light body will be able to juggle realities through the shifting of your conscious intent from one view to another,like turning the channels of a television!




At this stage of your evolution,the physical body slows down in aging and will soon start to reverse this process!Sickness and illness will cease in mid-5d and the physical body will no longer die as cells are regenerated a thousand times faster than they did at the 3d vibration.


在你们进化的这个阶段,物質身體在衰老過程中變慢了,很快就會開始逆轉這個過程!疾病将在 5d 中期停止,物质身体将不再死亡,因为细胞再生的速度,比它们在 3d 振动中的速度,快一千倍。


You are being changed into an entirely new you that never existed physically before!




Dormant super-human abilities will start to show themselves now as you vibrate faster and faster!




To achieve this higher level of functionality the human body must be transformed from a carbon base body to a crystalline body which operates on light current flowing through the body!




This transformation happens as the atomic particles in your cells spin faster and faster due to the raising of internal frequency!




The incoming high-vibrational light is greatly speeding up this internal body transformation and there are important things you can do to speed it up even more!




This is the perfect time to use all the ascension tools and methods at your disposal including meditation,art,being in nature,ingesting only divine energy foods,listening to high-vibe music!




All ancient and advanced beings used crystal technology to complete their ascension journey!




Crystals are the most powerful and advanced ascension tools on earth for raising cellular vibration and it is recommended to keep authentic,natural,monatomic crystals near the body's auric field to channel and balance these powerful incoming 5d energies!


水晶是地球上提升细胞振动,最强大和最先进的提升工具,建议在身体的金场附近保持真实的、自然的单原子水晶,来引导和平衡这些强大的入侵的 5 维能量!


This amazing energetic time is the best time and the only time to just let go and start falling in love!




Wisdom says,slow down and just stop for a while!




You cannot achieve peace until you just stop and breathe for a moment!




Stop worrying and stressing complaining and fussing!




Stop doing so much and simply start being!




Remember that we said,"to be in 5d,just start being in it!"


记住我们说过, " 要在 5d 里,就要开始在里面 !"


How do you do this?Just be the 5d being that you already are,it's that simple!It's your true and natural state!


你是怎么做到的?做你已经是的 5 维存在,就是这么简单!这是你真实而自然的状态!


You might want to ask yourself,"how would a 5d being be?"


你可能会问自己, "5d 会是什么样子 ?"


We can tell you that a 5d being is a divine,angelic being of peace,love,abundance,health,joy,freedom,honor,intelligence and great power,and we know that you know how to be this!


我们可以告诉你,一个 5 维存在是一个神圣的,天使般的存在,包含着和平、爱、富足、健康、快乐、自由、荣誉、智慧和伟大的力量,我们知道你知道如何做到这一点!


A 5d being gives themselves the highest level of healthy self-love and respect first so they may then give it to the entire world!


一个 5d 存在,首先给予自己最高水平的健康自爱和尊重,这样他们才可能,把它给予整个世界!


We challenge you to ask yourself this question,for the next few days,before you do a thing:"is this thing i am doing showing myself the highest level of self-love?


在接下来的几天里,在你做任何事情之前,我们要求你问自己这个问题 :" 我做的这件事是在展示我自己最高层次的爱吗 ?"


You will hear the correct answer every time you ask,then do the correct thing and do not




Betray yourself ever again!




Anything less than this state of being is not acceptable and only when you do this will the madness end and we promise you will then see heaven start to appear,right here on earth,sooner than you imagined!




We are just here at this special moment to re-mind you about who and what you truly are!




You are a magnificent,beautiful being of light and there is no greater being in the entire universe!This is the ultimate truth!




Again,just start being this!




We can give you no greater counsel than this!




Great ones,open up now to the super light wave that is coming and allow it to be fully integrated into your body at the cellular level!




Your diamond core god self is now integrating more and more god light,which activates and increases the power of the rays of god consciousness within your sacred heart core!




It is truly a magnificent time to be present on planet earth and you are not here by accident or chance,or some random fate!




You are here because you chose to be here at this time!




You are doing a great work in service to all of humanity by holding light in your body and raising the vibration of this entire realm!




The entire universe has recently come in close to earth to participate in this grand ascension event and to honor your achievements in this magnificent hour!




Your efforts have been noticed and will be greatly rewarded!




Thank you for all that you are doing!




We the pleiadians now make the final clarion call to all great beings of light who dwell on the earth to come up higher in the name of peace,love,harmony and goodness,all in one accord,to bring forth a better world for all humanity!




We have much more to say and will be bringing important earth alliance updates as the grand event culmination draws near!




The kingdom of heaven on earth is at hand!








Michael and the pleiadians






Special credit and acknowledgment to the earth alliance,the great white brotherhood,the white dragon society,pleiadian codename:cobra,the guardians of earth and the sphere being alliance.


David wilcock corey goode eceti ranch


科里·古德·Eceti ranch

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