原创 2017-12-04 萨南达 新纪元扬升之光

Sananda viaGalaxygirl, December 3d, 2017




Greetingsfriends, it is I, Sananda, or Jesus as many of you are more comfortable saying.

You areswimming in intense energies these days, my friends, and I salute your for howyou are holding up. Breathe in my calming presence and let’s explore innerpeace together, for it is within you if you claim it to be so.

True,things are indeed unfolding at a rapid clip, a rapid pace for our surfacewarriors and we are all delighted up here with the progress and theproceedings. It has been terribly hard for you all who are still – I don’t wantto say in the dark – but true, that is how many of you have been feeling. Youare tired of the sitreps and the updates and the whole process but rememberthis process is for dear Gaia and for Humanity as a species to become free. Itis worthy of hard work and diligence and persistence. This is a tremendouslyhuge job but I assure to it is happening before our very eyes and soon beforeyour own eyes.








People whohave not been following along will be full of questions and it is your mostimportant job, ground team, to deliver peace to them with listening,reassurance and gentle answers when asked. They don’t need to immediately knowabout the nefarious stuff – please don’t go there right away- remember that youare angels on the ground. Be filled with this beautiful light that is pouringand streaming through into your atmosphere of both your earthly and humanforms. This is a large cause of fatigue, but you know this, those of you whohave had your feet wet in truth for awhile. Theothers may not.


Bepatient. Be assuring that all is working out. Because it is true. The dark onesare being gathered up and removed from you. The children are and will beprotected. The depth of tears and sadness from when Humanity discovers what hasbeen taking place will likely be extreme and that is why you are so needed, myfriends, to be the torch light bearers of truth and peace and calm, of hope andof joy!






For it isanew day! Your redemption is here and you are your own redeemers! Rememberoriginal truths have been twisted and maligned over time, which after all thatyou have learned, my friends, should not be shocking. It is time to rewriteyour future timeline in the glorious trajectory of light and hope. We see youshining brightly from up here. We as so excited and pleased. Please takecomfort and be at peace. This has been a massive cleanup and we are all workingaround the clock. As above, so below, right? I’m excited to see your faces whenyou remember who you are and your missions and your promises given from beforeyou came into this current embodiment. Feel that excitement and own it! Ownyour power!


I amSananda. You may call me Jesus. Talk with me. We are monitoring your skies andyour surface world for safety and you are and will be protected. Breathethis promise in and be at peace.


因为这是新开始的一天! 这是你的救赎,你是你自己的救世主!记住,最初的真理被扭曲了,随着时间的推移而被扭曲,这些你们都是有所了解的,我的朋友们,不应该感到震惊。现在是把你未来时间线重新写在光与希望的辉煌的轨迹上的时候了。我们看到你正在这里闪耀着光芒。我们如此兴奋和高兴。请放松,保持平静。这是一次大规模的清理工作,我们都在 24 小时的工作中。如其在上,如其在下,不是吗?当你忆起你是谁,在你进入当前的化身之前你的使命,你的承诺,我会很兴奋地与你见面。感受那种兴奋,并占据它!拥有你自己的力量 !









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