Many of you have been growing your presence skills. This usually begins as expanding your awareness and deepening your ability to feel from a space of solitude first. Once you get comfortable with being fully with your feelings from the safety of being alone, you will naturally take that skill and expand it into being able to be more present with others, as well.




This is you wisely guiding yourself forward as your own loving parent and guide, which is exactly how you navigate your awakening process – acknowledging your own skills and capabilities within and then applying them outwardly.




As you shift with the energies you will go through this process time and again. In order to get comfortable with deeper sensitivity and awareness you will withdraw first and then, once the energies have been integrated, you will step back out into the world to lead from that newest state of attainment.




This is surrendering into the natural movement of the universe. Trust yourself enough to embrace both the ebbs and flows, the inward and the outward, as your acceptance is how you harness the gifts and supports that exist in each phase and ultimately create balance with your empowered forward movement. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan




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