Here in the spiritual realms, as we watch over you and support you, we are all elated with the progress that the human collective is making as it moves purposefully forward on its path towards awakening. It has, in regards to the time spent on it, been a long and arduous journey, and many have suffered greatly due to the general ignorance or lack of understanding of the purpose of life as a human. When the choice was taken to experience separation from Source, the enormity and intensity of the state of confusion that this would lead to was not, and could not have been foreseen. Once you had entered into the experience of separation – even though it was and is unreal – your memory of Reality was replaced by a dream-like territory that enormously limited both your creative abilities and the wisdom to understand what you had done.


在精神领域,随着我们照看和支持你,我们都对人类集体取得的进展感到兴奋,随着你们有目的地朝向觉醒。在这之上所花费的时间方面,这是一个漫长而艰苦的旅程,许多人出于普遍的无知或对人生目标的理解缺乏大大地受苦。当与源头分离的选择被做出,所导致的混乱状态的严重性和强度并没有以及无法被预见。一旦你进入分离的体验 --- 即使它不是真实的 --- 你对现实的记忆被一个梦境般的领域取代,极大地限制了你的创造性能力和理解你做了什么的智慧


Initially, the purpose of life, when you became aware that it had a purpose, was survival. The human form, being easily damaged or killed, needed your constant attention so that you could provide it with the energy it required – food – and shelter and protection from all that could harm it. There were many elements in the dream environment that you had constructed that at any moment could cause you serious injury or death. It was therefore a frightening environment in which rapid reactions were sometimes necessary if you were to survive and avoid the life threatening catastrophes that arose, often without any warning. Life as a human was, initially, very demanding, sometimes requiring you to make very rapid decisions whether to fight for your life, or to flee in search of safety.


最初,人生的目标,当你意识到它有着一个目标,那就是生存。人类形态,很容易损坏或死亡,需要你恒常的关注,这样你可以提供它所需的能量 --- 食物 --- 住所和保护。在你构筑的梦境环境中有着许多的元素,任何时刻都会导致你严重受损或死亡。因此这是一个令人惊恐的环境,快速反应有时候是必要的,如果你想要生存并避开通常没有警告就出现的威胁生命的灾难。生而为人,一开始,是非常苛刻的,有时候需要你做出非常快速的决定(要不要为你的生命战斗或者逃跑寻找安全点)


Over time you formed families, tribes, supportive communities, and later, cities and nation states, in order to provide a sense of safety and security. But always disagreements would arise, either one on one or between larger groups, that inevitably led to conflict. Now, as the Tsunami of Love continues to intensify as more and more of you choose to set the daily intent to be only loving whatever arises, vast numbers of you have recognized that conflict never resolves the issues that led to conflict in the first place. This recognition is leading to changes in attitudes and behaviors all across the world as the intent to be loving alters people’s perceptions about life’s meaning and the way it should be lived.




Although the military industrial complex mentality is still operating powerfully and very corruptly in many areas, many within it are now seriously questioning its philosophy and consulting with one another in order to establish within it practices and incentives to completely alter its old and utterly outdated conflict-driven mentality. A mentality that has been its guiding principle for so long, and which has caused and continues to cause so much suffering, while at the same time doing so much uncaring damage to the planet which is your only and total life support system while you remain in form as humans. The insanity of previous methods of dealing with the issues that arise for humanity is now clearly understood, and they are being discarded as new methods that respect and honor each and every individual as well as the whole human collective are being introduced.




This is a time of enormous change as the Tsunami of Love dissolves the fear that has for so long been separating you and driving you apart into warring factions riddled with deceit and mistrust. Times of change are always very unsettling as much that was hidden is revealed, bringing into the light the egotistical hunger for more and more power over others that drives so many who hold influential positions in politics, in the military, or in major industrial corporations. Egotistical behaviors and attitudes are fear driven, and have arisen because of the sense of complete separation from everything that is not self that every individual sentient being in form experiences. Even though modern science has now shown that absolutely everything in form – from rocks to humans – is connected to everything else, only an extremely small number of people are actually knowingly aware of this truth. Yes, some accept it as a fact intellectually because science say that it is so, but practically no one at all knows it in the intense way that one knows that one exists.


这是巨大改变的时刻,随着爱之海啸溶解如此长时间让你处于分离、推动你进入交战姿态(充满欺骗和怀疑)的恐惧。改变的时期总是令人不安的,随着大量被隐藏的被揭示,揭示想要更多凌驾于他人之上权力的小我(又译自负,傲慢)饥渴,驱动着许多处于正治、军队、重大企业中有影响力职位的人。自负的行为和态度是恐惧驱动的,它们的出现是因为与一切的完全分离感。即使现代科学已经证明形态中的一切 --- 从石头到人类 --- 都是相连的,只有很少的人真正知道这个真理。是的,一些人在智力上接纳它为一个事实,因为科学这么说了,但几乎没有人在强烈的方式中知道它


When that intense inner knowing that there is only One is widely shared and experienced, then fear dissolves and loving cooperation becomes fully established as the only way in which sentient beings can and desire to interact or relate with each other. Knowing that there is only One, and that each of you are that One, instantly removes all the blocks and barriers to Love that have been built and reinforced over the eons that you have been experiencing separation through living lives in form. When that happens – and that is your awakening – all will feel the infinite intensity of divine Love, which is the only environment that exists, flowing though them abundantly and constantly, and they will also feel It flowing through all others.


当那个强烈的内在知晓(只有一)被广泛分享和体验,恐惧就会溶解,有爱的合作就会完全建立,作为众生唯一可以以及渴望的交互和联系方式。知晓只有一,你们每个人就是那个一,会立刻移除所有的障碍和栏栅,恒久以来被建立和加强的,你用来体验形态中的人类。当这发生 --- 这就是你的觉醒 --- 所有人都会感到无限强力的神圣之爱,这是唯一存在的环境,丰盛、不断地流经他们,他们也会感到它流经所有人


The bliss and the joy of that knowing that you are One is what you have all been seeking for eons. You have never been apart from It, but you have been having an extremely long, ongoing, and terrifying sense that you are each alone and separated from It, purely because you made the collective choice to immerse Yourself in the dream that presents itself to you as physical reality. That unreal state seems totally real because the vast majority of humans identify themselves completely as only their individual physical bodies, totally separated from other physical bodies that can and do attack and hurt them.


知晓你们是一的喜悦和极乐就是你恒久以来在寻找的。你从未与它分离,而是你在拥有一个非常漫长、不间断、可怕的感知 --- 你们每个人都是独自的,是与它分离的,只是因为你们集体选择沉浸于呈现为物理现实的梦境。这个虚幻的状态看似完全真实,是因为绝大多数的人完全认同自己为物理身体,完全与其他的物理身体分离,而他们会攻击和伤害他们


God, Source, the supreme Wisdom and Intelligence, is infinite and absolutely limitless energy – LOVE – and You used only a tiny fraction of the power flowing constantly through that field to construct unreality, the dream, that you experience as the vast multiverse in which, as seemingly tiny insignificant beings present in form for but an instant, you experience your lives.


神,源头,至高智慧和智能,是无限、绝对无限制的能量 --- --- 你只使用了不断流经那个场域的一小部分力量来构筑这个虚幻,梦境,你体验为广阔的多元宇宙,看似微小的微不足道的存有处于形态中,在非常短的时间内体验着生活


The only point to note is that it is unreal, that it does not and cannot contain you for even a moment, because there is nothing that can contain, limit, or restrict LOVE, which is what You are, eternally. Celebrate Reality, and accept that you are about to remember who You are as you awaken into God’s divine Reality, Your divine Reality, where you exist and have always existed in eternal and – in human terms – absolutely unimaginable Joy.


唯一需要注意的就是它是虚幻的,它无法包含你,哪怕一刻,因为没什么可以包含、限制或约束爱,你永恒的所是。庆祝现实,接纳你就要忆起你是谁,随着你觉醒至神的现实,你的现实,你永恒存在的地方 --- 在人类术语中 --- 绝对无法想象的喜悦


With so very much love, Saul.




通灵:John Smallman

翻译:Nick Chan


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