The time between now and your solstice is offering you a wonderful opportunity to reexamine any limiting beliefs or ways you give your power away before you step into the energies of 2020. This is a profound shift, not only into a new year but also into a brand new decade.




How do you know you are giving your power away? Look for any area that you believe you cannot shift or that you feel you need to be rescued from. Seeking rescue is a sure sign you are still identifying in some way with powerlessness or victim consciousness.




Why not decide to give up those disempowering beliefs up? What if giving it up meant passing the baton to your highest self and your team to navigate beyond it once and for all? Your perceived powerlessness is never true, it is only an illusion. How can you start to take back your power in this area?




It could be as simple as deciding to explore it with fresh eyes, casting your net wider into greater potentials than you’ve been willing to consider thus far, or practicing presence and gratitude. What if you finally declared enough and fully surrendered into a completely different experience? What if you decided to be okay with not knowing all the steps and trusted the unfoldment?




If you surrender with the inner argument that there are no other options or nothing works for you, you will not get very far because you will be trying to expand into the new while holding onto the constraints of the old. The inner arguer can only keep you energetically attached to the expired timeline you are ready to evolve beyond. Your arguments are loud energetic no’s to forward movement.




So listen to any protests of powerlessness that come up in your mind as you feel into this and gently redirect yourself into a new space of possibility beyond the dead end of those old beliefs. You get to decide when they no longer deserve your blessing of continuation. Start to play with the energies of exploration and curiosity.




There are so many ways to disengage with what is unwanted, Dear Ones. Withdraw your energy from engaging with the old and be willing to be led into the new. Truly commit to surrender and flow into the unknown with your faith and trust and broad intentions. Be willing to receive. Again we say you have never been in this right now moment before and it is ripe with possibility. The solstice always serves as an energetic save point, so now is the ideal time to release and openly embrace moving forward into the next exciting phase of your incarnation. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan





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