Sadhguru: Every time I travel, I am on an intense, tightly packed schedule. But when I come back to the ashram, I always wonder why I ever leave this place. This is what it means to live in a consecrated space. To illustrate what consecration does to a human being – potted plants, however well-nourished they may be, are confined, and it shows in the way they are. If you take them out of the pot and put them in rich soil, they will be wildly ecstatic. I have seen this many times with great joy. Something happens to the plants that seems to entirely change their way of being. They are no more protected and watered as they were earlier, but just finding the right soil and the freedom to stretch out and grow changes everything. Similarly, as a human being, you need certain kinds of atmospheres for your physical, social, and emotional wellbeing. But for inner growth, you need a different kind of atmosphere.

萨古鲁:我每次出行,行程总是安排得非常紧凑。但一回到中心,我总会想,我为什么要离开这里。这就是处在圣化空间的意义所在。要说明圣化对人类的作用 —— 盆栽植物,无论你施多少肥,它们都是受到限制的,从它们的样子就能看出来。如果你将他们从盆中移植到肥沃的土壤里,它们就会疯狂、喜人地生长。很多次我都非常喜悦的看到这个变化。植株的一些环境变化似乎完全改变了它们存在的样子。它们不再像之前那样被保护,浇灌。但只要找到合适的土壤自由伸展,生根发芽,一切都发生了转变。同样,作为人类,你需要特定的氛围来滋养你的身体、社会以及心理健康。但就内在成长而言,你需要另一种氛围。


Setting up a grid of energy forms will impact the entire area in a big way.



Even if you arrive at an outer situation that is conducive for all aspects of life, to really live beautifully, the fundamental being that you are has to mature. You can conduct every aspect of life, from eating to relationships and anything else, either in an ugly and unaesthetic way or in a beautiful and aesthetic way. This does not depend on your effort to display good behavior but on how mature you are as a being. The first and foremost thing that you should focus on is taking yourself to a certain level of maturity and balance. Consequently, everything you do will be naturally graceful and wonderful, without effort or pretense.



When we look at consecrating the world, there are fundamentally three ways. One way is to create two monumental energy forms – one for the Northern Hemisphere, another for the Southern Hemisphere – that would have the power to cover the Earth to a large extent. To illustrate how this could work – let’s say a lightning conductor has a range of fifteen degrees. If you set it up at a low height, it will only cover a small area. If lightning happens outside of that radius, it will anyway strike. If you want it to cover a larger area at the same angle, you have to raise the tower to a greater height. Similarly, if you want an energy form to cover a large part of the Earth, you have to create a very monumental structure, which I think they would not let us do in today’s world. Apart from that, creating it would involve too much investment and involvement of governments or very large corporates, to say the least.

我们要想圣化整个世界,基本上有三种方法。一种是创建两个巨大的能量体 —— 一个给北半球,一个给南半球 —— 这样基本上就会有足够的能量来覆盖地球。说明一下它是怎么运作的 —— 比如一套避雷装置能覆盖 15 度的范围。如果它立的高度很低,那么就只能覆盖一小块范围。如果雷电发生在它的辐射范围之外,无论如何都会被雷电击中。如果你想让它以相同的角度覆盖更大的范围,你得将避雷塔立得更高。同样的,如果你想让一个能量体覆盖到地球的很大一块区域,那么你需要建造一个非常巨大的能量体,我不认为当今世界会允许我们这样做。此外,建造过程会需要太多的投资,需要涉及到很多政府部门,或者至少涉及到很多大公司。


The Shambhavi Mahamudra that we offer is not just a practice – it is a consecration.

我们所提供的香巴维大手印不仅是一个练习 —— 也是一种圣化。


Another way of consecrating the world is to create a grid of powerful energy forms, which is the way it was done in many parts of India. Then, due to external forces, this was dismissed as idolatry for some time. Only very recently, people are beginning to notice that in the entire subcontinent, many important energy centers were established with great geometric precision in the ancient past. If you look at the latitude and the longitude of their locations, they were set up in exact alignment. This was done by different yogis in different locations at different times, but since they understood the dynamics of how it works, the entities they consecrated turned out to be perfectly aligned. Setting up a grid of energy forms will impact the entire area in a big way.



Yet another way is to consecrate people, which, as such, is the easiest process. The only problem with people is they are not as reliable as rocks. The biggest issue with human beings is they do not know how to handle this recent happening called cerebral development. Like they cannot take their hands off their new cellphone, in the evolutionary scheme of things, their cerebral development is relatively new. They do not know how to handle their thoughts and emotions. Because people have not yet come to terms with their own intellect, they are not able to be steady. The Shambhavi Mahamudra that we offer is not just a practice – it is a consecration. If you stay with it, things will happen without your doing.

还有一种方法是圣化人,这本身是最容易的一种方式。唯一的问题是人不像石头那么可靠。人类最大的问题是不知道怎么应对大脑的进化。就像他们的手离不开手机一样 —— 在进化史上,人类的大脑发展也是相对近代的。他们不知道该如何应对他们的想法和情绪。因为人们还没有适应他们自己的智力,还不能保持稳定。我们所提供的香巴维大手印不仅是一个练习 —— 也是一种圣化。如果你坚持练习,不需要你刻意做什么,事情就会发生。


It is important that we make every home, every village, and every city in the world a spectacular place for human growth.



Since time is limited in our lives, I am doing both – consecrating energy forms and people. But in today’s world, the best possibility is consecrating more and more people. We need to create enough critical mass for people around the world to see that to be in a state of consecration is the highest way to be. Not drinking, sexuality, or some other pleasure – everyone should realize that turning inward is the Greatest Joy. If we create such an ecosystem and atmosphere, people will start to see other distractions as a regressive step. Human aspiration is always to get better. Spiritual process means being in search of truth, aspiring to know the highest dimension of life. This is yet to become mainstream. Right now, it is still a fringe element. If you stay on the fringe for a longer period of time, others may make fun of you, and unless you have the endurance to stay there anyway, you will want to go back to the mainstream.

我们生命的时间是有限的,所以我两种方法都用 —— 圣化能量体,也圣化人。但当今世界,最好的办法是圣化越来越多的人。我们需要圣化足够多这样的人,让人们看到处于圣化的状态是最高的存在方式。不是酗酒、性爱,或其它寻欢作乐的方式 —— 每个人都应该意识到转向内在才是最大的喜悦。如果我们创造了这样一种生态系统和氛围,人们会开始将其他消遣看成是一种倒退。每一个人都渴求变得更好,灵性的过程意味着寻求真理,渴望知道生命的最高维度。这还没有成为主流趋势,现在它还比较边缘化。如果你坚持在这个边缘化的区域的时间长一点,其他人可能会取笑你。除非你能忍受这些,否则你就会想要回到主流队伍。


Many people tell me, “Sadhguru, This Is Fantastic. But when I go back to real life…” I say, “What? Is this not real? Am I not real?” They think what is happening in the bar, at work, or at home is real life. All these are just arrangements. The source of life is within you and Is Real. Reality is only one – truth is only one. Lies are millions. You can generate a million lies, but there is only one truth. It is important that we make every home, every village, and every city in the world a spectacular place for human growth. Today, the world’s idea of “spectacular” is something like Vegas. There is nothing spectacular about neon lights bright enough to blind you or about succumbing to every compulsion that you have. When you rise above compulsions and become truly conscious, you will be a spectacular human being. When you go beyond the compulsive, cyclical nature of existence, life becomes spectacular.

很多人和我说, 萨古鲁,这太棒了,但是当我回到真实的生活中 …” 我说, 什么,这不真实吗?我不真实吗? 他们认为酒吧里发生的事情,工作上或者家里发生的才是真实的生活。所有这些都只是你人生中的一些安排而已。你的生命源头在你内在,而且是真实的。实相只有一个 —— 真理是唯一的。谎言有成千上万个。你可以制造无数的谎言,但真理只有一个。我们要让世界上的每个家庭,每个村庄,每座城市变成人类成长的美妙圣地,这是很重要的。现在人们认为,只有像拉斯维加斯那样才是精彩的。足以亮瞎你眼睛的霓虹灯或者屈从于你的各种强迫性需求没什么精彩可言。当你超越强迫性需求,变得真正觉知有意识,你会变成一个精彩的人。当你超越了强迫性需求,超越了存在的循环性,生命就会变得精彩。


What should we do to create the necessary atmosphere? One thing is consecrating homes, and if possible cities. When are we going to consecrate the entire Earth? I’m not the kind of person who indulges in pipe dreams. It can be done to some extent. Wherever possible, we consecrate physical entities. The important thing is to consecrate people. They can change the atmosphere. If you become the kind of human being who exudes the exuberance and equanimity of life, the world will slowly become like that. There is only one problem on the planet – a whole lot of nasty human beings. Everything else here is fantastic. If large numbers of humans are consecrated, it will change the world. Right now, this is what we are trying to do, primarily with our Inner Engineering programs. The foremost thing is to make individual human beings into living temples. If that happens, change will happen in the world. Every generation has to work for making their time spectacular. There is no one-time fix that will last forever. This is our time – it is up to us to make it spectacular. Let’s make this happen.

我们应该怎么做才能创建必要的氛围?一方面是圣化家庭,可能的话,圣化城市。我们什么时候才能圣化整个地球?我不是那种整天做白日梦的人。我们能完成到一定的程度。任何有可能的地方,我们都会在那里圣化物质实体。而圣化人是很重要的一个方面。他们可以改变氛围。如果你成为一个散发着勃勃生机且平静祥和的生命,这个世界慢慢也会变成这样。地球上只有一个问题 —— 一大群糟糕的人类。这里其他的一切都很好。如果大量的人被圣化,就能改变这个世界。我们现在要做的就是这件事,主要通过我们的内在工程课程。首要的事情是让每一个人成为一个活的寺庙。如果这一点实现了,世界也会发生改变。每一代人都得努力让他们的时代变得美妙,没有一劳永逸的事。现在是我们的时代 —— 因此要由我们来将它变得美妙。我们一起让它实现吧!













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