Sadhguru looks at the essential nature of life and death and explains how they are one and the same. To know what is beyond death requires pragna, he says, a way of knowing things without thinking about them.



Sadhguru: There are many aspects to life.There is birth, childhood, youth, and old age. There is love, tenderness, sweetness and bitterness of relationships, joy of success, fulfillment, pain,and pleasure. If you have kept your mind in a reasonable level of perception, these are all things that you can grasp. But the most defining aspect of life – death – is beyond the grasp of any mind – no matter how intelligent, smart, or intellectual you think you are. It is only because we are mortal that life is playing out the way it does. If we were not mortal, there would be no childhood, no youth, no old age – we can even question if there was birth.

萨古鲁:生命有许多面向,包括出生、童年、青年和老年,也有爱、温柔、各种关系的甜蜜和酸楚、成功的喜悦、成就感、痛苦和快乐。如果你已经将头脑的感知保持在一个合理的水平,这些都是你能够理解的。但是,无论你自己有多么聪明智慧,或者你认为自己有多么聪慧,生命的最根本面向 —— 死亡 —— 是超越头脑的理解范围的。这只是因为我们是会死亡的,这是生命本来的呈现方式。如果你是不死的,那么就没有童年、青年和老年 —— 我们甚至会怀疑是否有出生。


Death is the baseline of life. If you do not understand death, you will never know life, nor can you handle life, because life and death are like inhalation and exhalation. They exist together, inseparably. Spiritual process begins only when you are confronted with death – either your own one or that of someone who is dear to you, someone you thought you could not live without. When death is approaching or when it happens, that is when the question comes up in most people’s minds, “What is this all about? What will happen beyond this?” As long as the experience of life seems so real, you cannot believe it is all going to be over just like that. But once death is near, the mind will project that there must be something more. However much the mind projects, it really does not know because the mind functions only based on the data that it has already gathered. The mind has no traction with death because it has no authentic information – only gossip.

死亡是生命的基础。如果你不懂得死亡,你将永远不会了悟生命,你也无法掌控生命,因为,生与死就像呼吸一样,两者共存,不可分割。只有当你面对死亡的时候,修行才真正开始 —— 不管是面对自己的死亡,还是另一个你珍视的某个你认为没有他就活不了的人。当死亡临近或者发生的时候,这个时候多数人头脑中会出现这个问题, 死亡是什么?死之后又会发生什么? 只要生命的体验看起来如此真实,你就无法相信一切就像这样结束了。但是,一旦死亡接近的时候,头脑就会设想,还有一些别的东西。无论头脑怎么设想,它还是无法了悟死亡,因为,头脑的运行是基于已经收集的信息运行的。头脑对于死亡没有任何的倾向,因为,它没有真实的信息,有的只是传言。


There is no such thing as life and death. It is neither life nor death – it is just a play of all these things. 

没有所谓的生与死。没有生命,也没有死亡 —— 这只是所有这些构成的一场游戏。


You have heard gossip of how when you die you will go and sit in God’s lap. If that is so, you should go today. If such a privilege is going to be conferred upon you, I do not see why you should postpone it. You have heard gossip about heaven and hell. You have heard gossip about angels and whatever else, but no confirmed information. Do not waste your time trying to think what happens beyond death, because that is not the realm of your mind.



The only way to know is through pragna, as we would call it in Indian languages. In English, we would say “awareness.” but do not take the word in its normal sense. If you are aware, you have a way of knowing things without thinking about them, without getting information about them. If you are a close observer of life around you, there are so many things that every creature knows without thinking about them. Actually, if you had to think about it, you would not even know how to breathe. It simply happens. That is not your intelligence – that is the Creator’s intelligence. If such a complex machine like your body was left in your management, it would be a disaster.

唯一能够了悟死亡的方法是通过 Pragna ,这是印度语言的说法。在英语中,我们会说这是 意识 ,但是,不要按照正常的意思去理解它。如果你是有意识的,在没有相关信息的情况,你就有一种不需要思考就能了悟事物的方法。实际上,如果你必须思考,你甚至不知道该如何呼吸。呼吸就这样自然地发生了。这不是你的智慧 —— 这是造物主的智慧。如果像你身体这样复杂的机器交由你来掌控的话,那么这将是一个灾难。


A whole lot of things happen without your assistance, understanding, or thoughts. Pragna is beyond thought. Pragna is that which is the very source of creation. If you find access to that, you can cross what we think is the boundary between life and death. Actually, there is no boundary – you are living and dying right now. On the social level, in the limited experience and perception of people, someone may be here today and gone tomorrow. But in terms of life, in terms of existential process, there is no such thing as living and dying. It is all Leela – a play.

很多事情没有你的帮助,也不需要你的理解和念头就会发生。意识是超越念头的。意识就是创造之源。如果你能触碰到创造之源,你就能跨越生死之间的界限。事实上,生与死没有什么界限 —— 你现在活着,你也正在死去。在社会层面上,在人们有限的体验和感知中,某个人可能今天还在这里,明天就离开了。但是,就生命而言,就存在的过程而言,没有什么所谓的生与死。这全部是里拉 (Leela)—— 一场游戏。


When we say that this is all divine play, it does not mean the Divine is a sadistic force playing with your life. We call it a play because everything is intertwined. Existentially, you cannot separate childhood, youth, middle age, and old age – it is all enmeshed. What you call an individual and what you call the universal cannot be separated. What you call atomic and what you call cosmic cannot be separated. In that sense, it is a play.

当我们说,这都是一场上帝的游戏,这不是意味着上帝是虐待戏弄你人生的力量。我们称之为一场游戏,是因为一切都交织着。在存在意义上,你无法将童年、青年、中年和老年分割 —— 这都是交织着的。你所说的个体和宇宙是无法分割的。你所说的原子和宇宙也是无法分割的。在这层意义上,这就是一场游戏。


But once you put boundaries between one thing and the other, there will be no play. When you sit here, the breath is playing between you and the tree. You cannot separate it, in the sense, “I do my breath – let him do his breath.” This is happening in many homes, “I do my thing – you do your thing.” The moment you try to restrict the play, life will slip out of your hands.

但是,一旦你在事物之间设置了界限,那就没有了游戏。当你坐在这里,呼吸就在你与树之间进行。你无法将其分开,要不然, 我呼吸我的 —— 让他呼吸他的。 这在许多家庭都发生着, 我做的事情 —— 你做你的事情。 一旦你开始限制区分这场游戏,生命就会从你的手中溜走。


Wanting to know what the nature of life and death is, all kinds of things have been done. But you cannot grasp it by doing experiments or thinking about it. You can grasp it only by experience. Whenever people ask me questions about death and what happens after death, I keep reminding them that it is best to know it by experience. I am not suggesting they should die. What I mean is, you must experience the jeeva, the life within you. If you only experience the body, then whatever I say, you will come to wrong conclusions. If your experience of life is limited to your mental and physical structures, you cannot access this dimension. Death and that which is beyond it are not a secret that is hiding somewhere in heaven or hell – it is right here, right now. It is just that most human beings have never paid enough attention because they are too busy with other things.

想要了悟生与死的本质,什么样的事情你都做了。但是,你还是无法通过实验或者思考去领悟它。你只有通过体验才能领悟。无论什么时候,人们问我有关死亡的问题,以及死后会发生什么的时候,我一直提醒他们,最好是亲自去体验一下。我不是建议他们应该去死。我的意思是,你必须去体验你内在的生命。如果你只体验到身体,那么无论我说什么,你都会得出错误的结论。如果你对生命的体验局限于你的头脑和身体结构,你无法进入那个维度。死亡以及超越死亡的维度不是某个藏在天堂或是地狱的秘密 —— 它就在当下。这是因为,大多数人从未足够的专注,因为,他们太过忙于其他事情了。


Their career is much more important than their life. Their love affair is much more important than their life. A petty problem they have with someone next to them is far more important than their life. What clothes they wear is way more important than their life. These are just examples. Because you have wrong concepts about life, life is eluding. But actually, life is not eluding – you are dodging life. Life is not trying to avoid you – you are trying to avoid it in so many ways.

他们的事业比生命更重要。他们的爱恋比生命更重要。一个与周围人之间的微不足道的问题比生命更重要。穿什么样的衣服比生命更重要。这些只是几个例子而已。因为你对生命有着错误的概念,生命就在逃避你。但是,事实上,生命没有逃避你 —— 而是你在逃避生命。生命不会试着去逃避你 —— 是你在很多方面都在逃避生命。


The bitter, painful experiences of life were never, ever caused by life. They were only caused by your inability to manage your mind and your body. Life has never caused any pain or suffering to you. It is just the body and the mind. You do not know how to manage your mental structure and your physical structure. Two wonderful instruments were given to you, but you are messing it up. All the pain and suffering have come from yourself, not from life.



Pragna is a dimension of perception that gives you access to life, the nature of life, and the source of life. These are not different things – these are just different names we ascribe to life. There is no source and there is no manifestation – it is all the same. There is no such thing as life and death. It is neither life nor death – it is just a play of all these things. You can play a game on it and stop it one day. Life plays up and stops, plays up and stops, but the essential life is not a certain activity, not a certain happening. It is a phenomenon that is simply there. It is the background of creation. It is the source of creation.

意识是一种感知的维度,能够让你触碰生命,生命的本质,生命的根源。它们不是不同的东西 —— 这些是我们对生命不同的称谓。生命没有根源,也没有显化 —— 生命始终如此。没有所谓的生与死。没有生命,也没有死亡 —— 这只是所有这些构成的一场游戏。你可以用生命玩一场游戏,也可以在某一天停下来。生命开始、停止、开始、停止,但是,生命的根本不是某种活动,也不是某个事件。这就是一个已然存在的奇迹。它是创造的基础,是创造的根源。












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