Dear Ones, you are in a potent corridor of energy leading up to your solstice. While much of this year has been about reviewing and releasing, these energies are supporting creation and how you would like to express yourself moving forward. With your wisdom we urge you to take advantage of the assistance these energies can offer you. What do you wish to create moving forward? More importantly how do you wish to BE?




One of the beautiful aspects of solstice energy is that it locks in all the progress you have made since the previous solstice event. It is a save point, if you will. What this means is if there is some change you wish to make in your life if you embody it now the energy of the solstice will energetically anchor that energy for you. This is an ideal time to make a change, incorporate new habits or routines, or to finally start an activity that you have always felt drawn to but haven’t had the time to try. It is the taking of the action that makes it part of your beingness, which will then be energetically supported and saved into your energetics.




You might consider the December solstice your energetic New Year. Any resolutions you would like to make will be far more successful by harnessing the power of the solstice to embody them now, rather than waiting until the new year when you will be busy shifting into the energies of the new year (and we might add that 2019 will be markedly different than 2018 so it will be a big shift).




The universe is always desiring to help you in your expansion and success. A wise enlightening human being takes advantage of what is being supported and harnesses the waves of assistance as they present. That, Dear Ones, is choosing the path of grace and ease. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan



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