What would you be like today if no one had ever said a disparaging thing against you? Feel into that for a moment. How much have those opinions and projections dimmed your light and affected your confidence and self esteem? If you could imagine them not being there, how much more flow would you have in your life?




We understand it can be uncomfortable to feel such things, but it is in the acknowledgment of these energies that healing can occur. Next we wish for you to ask the question, was this person qualified to judge you? Did they know your soul path? Your purpose? Your beauty? Your truth? Did they see how precious your innocence and sensitivity was? Were they living life expressions you would aspire to? Dear Ones, we can guarantee if someone was in the habit of judging you they were not qualified to do so for a being with the ability to see you in your truth would have no interest in the energy of judgment and would instead only see you with acceptance, encouragement, and unconditional love.




So now that we have identified that you have been treated unfairly by a person or people who could not see you accurately, we see that it had no validity. That is the first step of healing and release. Now you can truly get down to the business of shifting that old energy that simply did not apply up and out.




It is as simple as sitting quietly and asking whichever being you feel an affinity for to come and help you release those old untruths. You might call on Mother Mary, your favourite angel, a trusted guide, or Source energy. If you do not know who to call you can simply request the ideal helper who specializes in such healing to come and assist.




Feel the old energy gently being loosened because you now know it is not a match to your energetics. You might feel it crumble, or release in huge chunks. Allow it to go and honour yourself with your own love and reassurance through the process. If you feel emotional that is a wonderful sign that it is dislodging once and for all. Allow yourself to feel the emotions and bless yourself with your compassion for all you have carried for so long.




Once you feel the bulk of the energy has been dispelled, invite all the love and support you did not get but always deserved to come and fill you up. Feel the unconditional love and the true acceptance that comes with it fill up every little nook and cranny of your being. Feel any wounded aspects of self being wrapped up in a blanket of that energy and being loved back into wholeness. Know that you can call on this stream whenever you like. And lastly, commit to keeping those aspects safe by never again abusing yourself through your own negative self talk.




If you do not feel energy please know your intention is more than enough to be successful at this exercise because whether you feel it or not you are in charge of your own energetics. Dear Ones, please know it is never too late for you to not just heal but to thrive under your own beautiful guidance and the love that has always been there for you from a universe that adores you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan



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