Claircognizance(clear knowing)is a metaphysical sense where you know something to be correct but may be unable to back up your statement with fact or how you came into that information.I refer to it as"recovering memory."


"超觉知"是一种形而上学的概念,你知道某些事情是正确的,但是你可能无法用事实,或者你是如何得到这些信息的,来支持你的陈述。我把它称为 " 恢复记忆 "


Claircognizance is one of the four metaphysical senses,the others being clairvoyant(clear seeing),clairaudient(clear hearing),and clairsentient(clear feeling).It is one of your four metaphysical senses in addition to your five physical senses.


"超觉知"是形而上学的四种感官之一,其他幾种分別是"千里眼"(清晰的视觉)、"顺风耳"(清晰的听觉)和"超感應力" (清晰的感觉)。除了你的五个肉体感官之外,它是你的四个超感官之一。


How do You Know What You Know?Do pieces of information just randomly pop into your head that you know are correct?You are using Claircognizance.It can come in the form of predictions or premonitions,a feeling of certainty or correctness.You may have knowledge of certain worlds,places,events,situations,or people without having received the information in a traditional manner.It may come across as a sense of foreboding or deja vu.


你怎么知道你知道什么? 你的脑海中是否会突然蹦出一些你认为正确的信息那是在使用"超感知"。它可以预测或预感的形式出现,一种确定或正确的感觉。您可能會在非传统方式接收信息的情况下,了解某些世界、地方、事件、情况或人员。而这可能會给人一种不祥的預感,或似曾相识的感觉。


It is the ability to recognize receiving sudden insights and understanding regarding a question or situation in your life or future.It relates to your 3rd eye or crown chakra.




Claircognizance means clear knowing of something that may have happened in the past,present,or future.Many times you will just"know"the answer,or information about a certain subject etc.but will be unable to back up your statement with fact or how you came into that information.




I believe that many people have this ability,but much of the information can go without validation.Some of the things you may"know"can cause upset,confusion,stress and a feeling of uncomfortableness in others.They may be unreceptive to validating your"knowing"if you fail to have documented proof of what you are sharing.




Remember,everybody is at a different vibrational level and not all will get what you're talking about...they are simply not at that frequency yet.Patience...😊


记住,每个人都处于不同的振动水平,并不是所有人都能理解你所说的 ...... 他们只是还没有到达那个频率。耐心点 ..





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