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Greetings, Family!




We arrived a month push to the second major phase of the year. I have previously informed you of the importance of this year, of the movements it would bring, and of informing you about DEFRAGMENTATION.




This month of May will be full of waves of energy that will boost everyone, regardless of the degree of consciousness they are in. These waves will push everyone forward on the planet, propelling them to new discoveries. Those of consciousness level "X" will have an impulse as far as they can bear, those of "Y" consciousness, in the same way. In any case, there will not be any beings on Earth who will not be influenced by the impact of that energy.


五月份会充满促进每个人的能量波,无论他们处于什么意识程度。这些波浪会推动每个人前进,推动他们朝向新的发现。这些“ X ”意识水平会产生一个他们可以承受的脉冲,那些“ Y ”意识,也一样。在任何情况下,地球上没有一个存在是不受能量影响的


You know of all the transformations that have taken place on Earth and we have consistently ensured that they are smooth so as not to bring about excessive inconvenience for you. Of course there will be some inconvenience because for many of you, change is always painful because of your difficulty in giving up what you are so attached to, what you consider important, and for most of you, the comfort zone is important. Dear ones, here is the essence of my message: THE NEEDED FRAGMENTATION. Welcome to the transformational paradox.




 There is a grandiose process going on, and this is being painful for some of you. In fact, for most of you, even for you Lightworkers and their retinues, because it is extremely intense, and now, from this month of May, you will enter the Fragmentation phase, - the Fragmentation of what not It serves them more. The old ideas, concepts, prejudices, ... the old you will fragment. Two processes in one, my dear ones, and we know how exhausting this can be for you. As I said, I've already talked about Defragmentation. I ask my dear Gabriel here to give you the link of my previous message. And now, you enter the necessary Fragmentation so that you can fully incorporate the TRUE YOU. (See here: http://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/2017/02/ashtar-initiated-defragmentation-and.html)





All of you, in all your lives, have had schedules, which I will here simply call "Epoch Programming." Of course, to adapt to the particular incarnations, when you were born, you were enveloped by an energy layer corresponding to that time. Programming, concepts and prejudices have been programmed in you, from the most negative to the most subtle. Here is the work, now, to fragment and illuminate all these old lines. Let go of the old patterns, still impregnated in you: parts of the old self that many still stubbornly cling to and make difficult to go. It's like a wardrobe full of clothes you do not wear. You say to yourself, "I need to get rid of some old clothes, and on X-Day I'll do it" and postpone the process. My young boy (Gabriel) went through this recently, did not he? (Gabriel: [laughs ...] Yes, ... but I did! Hehehehe!). The day comes and you are there, face to face, with the old man you need to undo. You know that piece, it's not up to you anymore. It's old! You need to get rid of it. It's full of moth-holes, but you still want to stay with it, with the phrase so common ... "Maybe I use it on the occasion X ..." Oh! ... What attachment! No, you dont need more! You are afraid of letting go of what no longer suits you, and some severely hindering the necessary fragmentation of those old energy cubes that support the old patterns. Let it go!


你们所有人,都有着一个日程表,这里我会称为“时代编程。”当然,去适应特定的化身,当你诞生,你被一符合那个时刻的能量膜所包裹。编程,概念和偏见在你之内被植入,从最消极的到最细微的。现在,去破碎和照亮所有这些旧东西。放下旧的模式,依旧沉浸在你之内的:许多人依旧顽固抓住的旧自我的一部分,难以放下的。就像衣柜里放满了你不穿的衣服。你对自己说,“我需要扔掉一些旧衣服,在 X 天我会去做”并推迟进程。我的小朋友( Gabriel )最近经历了这些,是不是?( Gabriel :【笑了笑】是, ... 但我做了!呵呵)。那天到来,你在那里,面对面,和你需要解开的旧的你。你知道那个碎片,这不再是由你决定了!它旧了!你需要摆脱它。它充满了虫洞,但你依旧想要保留它,伴随着非常常见的话 ... “也许我会在某种情况下用得到它 ... ”哦! ... 多么地依附!不,你不再需要!你害怕放下不再适合你的,一些人严重地妨碍那些旧能量所需的分离


Youll feel as if parts of you are falling apart. Youll often have the sensation of "fading" and losing consciousness. Calm down. It's part of the process. The old is breaking up. Why do you feel you are fading away as if you are losing your lucidity, a sense of reality, and some think you are going crazy? Well, simply because you are still attached to the old self, and if it is fragmenting, and you, attached to it, what do you think will happen? Youll feel as if you are undoing yourself. But remember: you are not the old self; the old me is a schedule, and you're not him/her.


你会感觉好像自己的一部分分崩离析。你经常有“衰退”和失去意识的感觉。平静下来。这是进程的一部分。旧的在破裂。你为什么感觉自己在消退,好像你在失去自己的清晰度,现实感,一些人认为你疯了?这是因为你依旧依附于旧的自我,如果它在分离,你,依附于它,你认为会发生什么?你会感觉好像你在撤销自己。但记住:你不是旧的自我;旧的自我是一个日程表,你不是他 /


I speak to you. And many other teachers have spoken of the countless timelines being transmuted, enlightened, and redone. You have learned that there is incarnation and disincarnation, that there are soul plans, etc. Let me say something that for some of you may be new: know that at the moment, some "Walk-in" are going to certain timelines to make necessary adjustments to them. Others who incarnated in this timeline, to which I now address, have returned and incarnated in another line to adjust other things. Dear ones, yes! This may happen, but you who are reading my message at this time, all of you who are reading or listening have chosen to "do everything here" at this point, all at once. Oh. How brave!




As Defragmentation and Fragmentation occur simultaneously, its natural to have many movements in your lives and, in some cases, the interweaving of lives: memories of other lives, emotions, joys, sorrows, fears, pains, ecstasy, all in A short time! What you guys are doing is epic! And what will remain of all this? LOVE! This is the end result of Defragmentation and Fragmentation! Oh ... I know who I'm talking to now; I know of your hearts. I know who each of you are. I saw them leave the ships and look back with a smile and tears in their eyes, saying "I'LL BE BACK SOON..." I also saw the determination in their eyes. I'm proud, how could I not be ?!


当分离和整理同时发生,很自然生活中就会有许多的运动,在某些情况下,生活的交织性:其他生世的记忆,情绪,喜悦,悲伤,恐惧,痛苦,狂喜,都在很短的时间内!你们所做的事情是史诗般地!这些什么会留下?爱!这是分离与整理的最终结果!哦 ... 我知道我在对说说话;我知道你的心。我知道你们每个人是谁。我看到他们离开飞船,伴随着微笑和泪光回眸,说“我很快会回来 ... ”我还看到他们眼中的决心。我很骄傲,为什么不呢?


What has this whole process done? What has it affected? My dear ones, it is not only you - to whom I address now - that you are going through this, for all this transformation! All Earth is. Every inhabitant of Earth, Fauna and Flora, Physical Humans, Devicans, all realms are involved in this, and of course Gaia herself is going through the same process. She chose to go through it with you. Know: she feels everything you feel. She feels every emotion of you, every sadness, every joy, every eagerness to be transformed, ... she feels everything, my dear ones! Collaborate with it, allowing this process to evolve quickly, allowing you to go the old standards. Some people ask themselves, "Oh, I always hear that I have to let go, but I do not know how I do it !!!" Oh ... I know who's reading this message! My dear ones ... When you are thirsty, what do you do? Letting go of the old is like having a glass of water ...


这个整体进程完成了些什么?它影响了什么?我亲爱的一们,不仅是你经历着这些,所有人都在。每个地球居民,动植物,人类,所有领域都参与其中,当然盖亚自己也在经历相同的进程。她选择和你一起经历。知晓:她的感受和你是一样的。她感到你的每个感受,每个悲伤,每个喜悦,每个转变的渴望 ... 她感到一切,亲爱的一们!与她合作,让这个进程快速地发展,让自己放下旧的标准。一些人问自己,“哦,我总是听到我必须放下什么,但我不知道如何去做!!”哦 ... 我知道谁在阅读这则信息!亲爱的一们 ... 当你口渴,你会做什么?放下旧的就像喝一杯水


Every transformation that has taken place is affecting everyone, - as I said. But some are, of course, more advanced in the process and end up reverberating positively to those who are a step behind. You have seen many movements in your governments, threats of wars - which we have already said that we are monitoring, and will not allow nuclear movements that could cause the extinction of the human race. All of this is a result of the necessary defragmentation and fragmentation. The old, the old energies are, each day, rising to consciousness to be cleansed, fragmented and enlightened, to the extent that defragmentation connects them, again, to their consciousness of oneness. Those more warlike, threatening and dangerous, for some, only ask for help in the midst of their processes. Some are so desperate for fear of losing "the self that they think they are", that they go to violence. This is fear; Only fear.


每个发生的转变都影响了每个人 --- 如我所说。但一些人,当然了,在进程中更为超前,最终会积极地反响给那些起步较慢的人。你在政府中看到了许多的运动,战争的威胁 --- 我们也说过我们监视着,不会允许导致人类灭绝的核行动发生。这一切都是分离和整理的结果。旧的能量每天,上升到意识来被清理,照亮,直到整理再次把它们与合一意识连接。那些好战的,危险和恐吓人的,一些人,只是在请求帮助。一些人非常绝望,害怕失去“他们认为的自我”,他们变得暴力。这是恐惧。只是恐惧


My dear ones, you come into the picture here. You who are on the front line, you who are much more aware of it, you who - even in the middle of every process, - know much more how this works. Even more: you know how to solve. I assure you: a thought of you that is positive and directed now is more powerful than 70,000 nuclear warheads - and of course now imagine it in Light, Love, Mercy, Compassion! Can you imagine the power of this? This is just the beginning! This is nothing close to what you, to your full potential, can do. Close your eyes, direct that energy, and be amazed at the results. Love is invincible. Why do you think we're talking so sure, when we say it's okay, that it'll be all right (smile)?


亲爱的一们,你在画面中。你在前线,你更了解它,你 --- 即使在每个进程中 --- 都知道这如何运作。更知道:你知道如何解决。我向你保证:你积极和指向性的想法比 70000 枚核弹头都要强大 --- 当然,现在在光,爱,仁慈,慈悲中想象它!你可以想象它的力量吗?这只是开始!这无法和你发挥全部潜能可以做的比较。闭上眼睛,指引那个能量,惊讶于结果。爱不可战胜。不然我们怎么会这么肯定,当我们说没关系,一切都好(微笑)


Part of the Fragmentation is that they will see those who have moved the game on Earth leaving the scene, leaving their powers and subordinates completely bewildered. This is the Fragmentation of the Earth. The old man walking away, "shattering," evaporating, fading, ... because the new one is coming, settling down. The New Energy, the Authentic ME that for so long has been fragmented is returning and taking its place. Dont fear all these moves. Dont fear the threat of war. Dont fear the destruction of the planet, neither by warlike humans or by celestial bodies. THAT WILL NOT OCCUR.


分离的一部分就是看到那些运行地球上游戏的人离开,离开自己的权力,其下属完全困惑。这是地球的分离。旧人离去,“粉碎”,蒸发,消逝 ... 因为新人在到来,安定。新能量,真实的我,长久以来分裂的在返回。不要害怕这些运动。不要害怕战争的威胁。不要害怕地球的毁灭,不要害怕好战之人或具有威胁的天体。都不会发生


Before I finish my message today, I tell them that I am, again, approaching my ship from Earth, and I intend to leave it in sight. Although gently camouflaged in a closer approach and in the form of a star, when higher. I will give you shades of dark blue, yellow and golden ruby, so that you can easily identify it. My approach, of course, will also cause some movement in your atmosphere, so that you can see more colorful, spiral-shaped clouds. Its a sign of my Love for you.




Finally, as I always tell you: I ask you not to try to defend my image when some criticize my messages. Dont bother defending me. Those in my group recognize me by attunement and will know that I am expressing myself, and can not charge anyone to "love me" (smile). Always keep in mind that Love and serenity are responses to aggressions and insults. This is how they will show who they are and how others will recognize them by vibration. That's how I recognize you. When you are emanating Love and being kind, I "found" you quickly, through your particular loving signature.




Come surf in the waves of Love! Come and surf in the transformations that the Defragmentation and Fragmentation are bringing. Its time for change. It's time for you to leave your signature on the planet. That's what they were for: to leave their mark on this world. As for me and my fleet, we say: we are here to make sure you get it.

And so it is.








Your brother,








Gabriel: Very grateful, beloved Ashtar.


Gabriel: 非常感谢,亲爱的阿斯塔


原文: http://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/2017/05/ashtar-needed-fragmentation-05012017.html


翻译:Nick Chan



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