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Greetings, Beloved Masters!




Recently we have seen some Lightworkers generate some energies contrary to the energies that support the advancement of the Light Forces on the surface.




The Light Forces under no circumstances support or incite rivalry among Lightworkers. Beloved Master, you Lightworker who is somehow being invited to support some sort of rivalry between Lightworkers who are doing their work, stop immediately and realize that you are not acting with impulses of Light but of energies contrary to the Light!




The Light unifies the Lightworkers! All are one Family! Together we are always stronger!




The forces of darkness are in turmoil at this moment, for the Light is rapidly advancing by compressing them on the surface and completely wiping the planet out of any negative influence! An old maneuver of darkness to dominate the scenery is to divide to dominate! They have always used this maneuver to weaken the Lightworker groups and thus use them as their soldiers to fight other Lightworkers!


黑暗力量此刻处于混乱之中,因为光在迅速发展,通过在表面上压缩它们,完全清除地球上任何的负面影响!一种老式的黑暗手段就是控制情景来划分掌控!它们总是用这个方法来削弱光之 工作者团队,从而把他们当作自己的战士对抗其他的光之工作者


My Master, there is so much to do on this Planet! Be one more to collaborate for the Advance of the Light Forces! I know you're tired of the old energies, the old deceptions, the farces! I know that you are tired of being hurt and fear any possibility of being deceived again, that is in your akashic. Now is the time, Beloved Light Worker, to know that the Light Forces are the majority and that this is the time for you to use all your strength to purge that old energy that has endured for so long here. Dont be the one who perpetuates the Old Energy of rivalry, of competition! The Light Forces dont act this way! Collaborate beloved master!




The beloved COBRA is a Being very committed to the Light Forces! It does a great job not only with the blog The Portal, which is just the tip of the iceberg of your great work! This Being has no intention of bringing any disinformation to humanity, on the contrary acts for the complete illumination of all the negativity installed here! His posts are information brought from the Movement of Resistance and other beings of Light!




The beloved Gabriel Raio Lunar is a recipient of the divine energies that are delivered to you through many Light beings and conveys with integrity and amorousness all this information received through the blogSementes das Estrelas! Hes just a Transmitter of Universal Love, so with every Lightworker committed to the Light Forces!


亲爱的 Gabriel Raio Lunar (本博客博主)   是神圣能量通过许多光之存在传递给你的一个管道,完整地传达所收到的信息。他是宇宙之爱的发射器,每个衷心于光之力量的光之工作者也一样!


The blog Sementes das Estrelas supports the blog The Portalin a partnership of forces to support the work of the Light Forces! There is not a minimum of feeling of rivalry, competition or any sense of separation! We are here to add energies of Light!


Sementes das Estrelas 这个博客支持 Portalin 这个博客支持着光之力量的工作!这里没有对抗、竞争或任何分离的感受!我们是来添加光之能量的!


Beloved Lightworker, you had been constantly instructed on the attempts of the Dark forces to destabilize the Lightworker groups! Dont fall into those old traps! There is no more time to heed the old wiles of darkness!




Use your energies Beloved Lightworkers to unite and create more Light on this Planet! Use your energy to support those who move the energies of Light here on the surface! Be another pillar of Light to anchor Light on the Grid!




We are together, beloved Lightworkers! Trust your intuitions! Always use your love filter when you receive some information not matter the messenger but the message! If you dont agree with any information just dont assimilate, go! You are a very important piece right now and we would like to count on you to support the Light Forces with your loving heart!




Thank you in advance for your positive intentions!




Melk Sales (Team Sementes das Estrelas)


Melk Sales Sementes das Estrelas 团队)


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翻译:Nick Chan



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