Being in a state of resistance is emanating a loud energetic no to everything.It can be difficult to shift from resistance to acceptance. What if you could shift from resistance to the idea of selectivity?




Being selective means agreeing to some inclusion which softens your resistance and opens you to some areas of expansion and forward movement. As you become more positively focused by choosing what you would like to include, you begin to be more present and comfortable, and from there gratitude will naturally occur. And just like that you will have shifted into the space that you can create and grow from.




Never be afraid to use stepping stones to help you get from one energetic place to another! We encourage you to try many different incremental approaches until you find the ones that are most effective and easiest for you to remember to use. This is all part of getting to know and guide yourself like never before which can be the most wonderful process of discovery! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young





翻译:Nick Chan




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