Dear Ones,


You are shifting so rapidly that what was is no more. Of course, you are concerned about the riots, the virus, and your seemingly never-ending life changes.


But all in all, you feel as if you have a handle on your life. Something you have not felt for some time. For you can commiserate with those enmeshed in the pain of all that is happening, but you are likely observing not participating. Even though you understand what is happening, you choose not to experience it.


So it is you are starting to relax. Not in the sense of negating your surroundings or needs, but instead feeling that others can protest, worry, or test themselves. You are not interested. For you are at a different place.


You know who you are or are beginning to be. Your new entity is no longer fully part of the 3D world.

你知道你是谁或正在成为谁。你新的实体不再是 3D 世界的一部分

The 3D world seems to be dramatically emphasized now – as if all the pain and suffering is before your eyes. Areas of suffering you have ignored or tried to ignore. At the same time, you realize that such pain and suffering is no longer your job, your business.

3D 世界看似被戏剧性地着重 --- 好似所有的痛苦和苦难都展现在了你眼前。你曾经忽视或试图忽视的苦难领域。与此同时,你意识到这样的痛苦和苦难不再是你的工作,业务

You forerunners are the ones with clear heads and concise ideas. Not necessarily to save the world, but instead to live your life in comfort.


How can you live your life in comfort when so many are suffering? Such is so because you are no longer participating in the pain of others.


Of course, such a stance seems to be wrong. For are you not your brother’s keeper? In 3D, you most definitely were your brother’s keeper for clearing the pain of others was instrumental in your caretaking duties.

当然,这样的立场看似错误。因为你不是弟弟妹妹的看护人吗?在 3D ,你肯定是你弟弟妹妹的看护人,因为清理他人的痛苦是你的照顾职责

Those fully enmeshed in pain and suffering want you to join them. Not because you can save them, but instead, so everyone is suffering.


That last statement is difficult for many of you to understand. But then, remember your past suffering and need to have others understand you via similar feelings. And if they did not respond in kind, you searched for someone who could or would nurture you through the pain.


Such is what is happening now. Those fully enmeshed in pain and fear want you to feel the same.


Instead, you are pulling away for you no longer play by those 3D rules, nor do you have a need to suffer. You have cleared that path. As the week goes on, you will experience more of the observer role – a new piece for you. Yes, it is happening, but it is not your problem.

而你,远离,因为你不再遵从那些 3D 的规则,你也不需要再受苦。你已经清理干净那条道路。随着时间的推移,你会体验更多观察者的角色 --- 一个新的碎片。是的,这正在发生,但这不是你的问题

Many of you are feeling twinges of guilt with that last statement, for you should be protecting or supporting them even if you do not feel the need. A 3D role you are slipping away from. For you have other roles, you wish to play.

你们许多人对上面的话感到有些内疚,因为你应该保护或支持他们,即使你感到不需要。这是一个你已经离开的 3D 角色。因为你希望扮演其它的角色

It is as if you once achieved greatness by performing a movie role only to turn down that same role after realizing you have nothing more to contribute or learn.


This is the week you begin distancing from all you once thought was imperative to contribute to either in person or emotionally. A role that has become boring. A feeling of “same old.”


But then, this adjustment might not be as easy as you think. For your inner-being is declaring sovereignty at the same time your outer-being is clamoring for you to do something to make everything better.


Please remember that your inner-being is now your guide. So when those twinges of shame, guilt, or fear of not doing enough announce themselves via friends or relatives, know you are starting the rebuild of your structures and the world.


At the same time, you are focussing on creating a life of joy for yourself as you practice your creation skills.


Do you not see how guilt and shame might raise it’s 3D head if you are living in comfort, and the rest of the world seems to be in flames or emotional lock-down?

你没有看到内疚和羞愧在你生活于舒适。而剩余的世界看似燃烧或情感封闭时,会如何抬起它 3D 的脑袋吗?

You are a forerunner and moved through this pain arena long ago. There is no need for you to continue. Yet, others will try to force you to do so. Which is no different than was true for many of you when you initiated your transition.


Those who attempt to return you to 3D angst will likely be some of those who tried to ignite your fears when you found your first crystal or started reading Tarot cards.

那些试图让你返回 3D 焦虑的人可能会试图点燃你的恐惧,当你发现你的第一块水晶或开始阅读塔罗牌时。

Those who are not forerunners have not understood your interests for some time. Allow that to be.


Just as you ignored their fears for you as you delved into your new being months or years ago, the same will happen now. They will catch up to you. But, for now, they need their fears to surface before they can clear them. You have completed that role.


Your new role is to follow your inner being, which most definitely includes a new life of joy. So be it. Amen.




传导:Brenda Hoffman

翻译:Nick Chan





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