Our biology changes continuously it's the nature of the bodies in the lower realms.Every seven years the cells in our bodies go through a death and rebirth.But the DNA patterning remains relatively constant.


我们的生物体在不断地变化,这是较低领域中物体的本质。每隔七年,我们体内的细胞就会经历一次死亡和重生。但是 DNA 模式相对来说是不变的。


During this Galactic shift our DNA patterning is mutating because of the frequency fluctuations and this will make our bodies go through many Ascension symptoms and many of you are experiencing them now.


在这个银河系的转变中,我们的 DNA 模式因为频率的波动而变异,这将使我们的身体经历许多提升症状,你们中的许多人现在正在经历它们。


You all know the symptoms that come with this we've talked about it many times and these symptoms are happening because your body is resisting these higher frequencies,they're foreign to our physical structure and like I've said many times this transformation isn't going to be easy especially on a physical level.




It's kind of like when we ingest all the toxic chemicals in our drink and food and wonder why we're all getting cancers and disease.The reason is these toxic chemicals are foreign to our natural vessel and when ingested it doesn't know what to do with it so it stores it.These toxins are being stored in our fat which then becomes diseases and cancers etc.Make sense?🤷‍





Our so called scientists need to admit that they do not know what the vast majority of our DNA is for.They simply do not understand its function.The creators of the human species who engineered our DNA chuckle at the limiting vision of our Earth scientists.


遗传学 ...... 我们所谓的科学家需要承认,他们不知道我们绝大多数的 DNA 是用来干什么的。他们根本不了解它的功能。设计我们 DNA 的人类物种的创造者对我们地球科学家的局限性嗤之以鼻。


As the sperm activates the egg during conception the DNA keys and codes trigger growth and replication of the preprogrammed pattern contained within the codes.As this process continues familiar looking organs and tissues develop and you have an embryo.Locked in this tiny embryo are all the codes to grow a full featured human being.


当精子在受孕过程中激活卵子时, DNA 密钥和密码触发了包含在密码中的预编程模式的生长和复制。随着这个过程的继续,看起来熟悉的器官和组织发育,你就有了胚胎。锁定在这个小小的胚胎里的是成长为一个完整人类的所有密码。


Also,contained within these DNA codes are our etheric memories and ancestral patterns of the bloodline of the parents of the emerging child.What our scientists don't understand is what lies within our so-called junk DNA is our memories of our souls past lives,parallel lives and lives on other worlds.Also,contained within our DNA is the codes that will trigger our Ascension.


此外,在这些 DNA 密码中包含着我们的以太记忆和新生儿父母血统的祖先模式。我们的科学家不明白的是,在我们所谓的 " 垃圾 DNA" 中存在的是我们关于灵魂过去生命、平行生命和其他世界生命的记忆。此外,包含在我们 DNA 中的密码将会触发我们的扬升。


Evolution does not stop at a fully formed human being it spirals up the Ascension ladder until we become beings of pure light.This is all contained in the configurations of our DNA.


进化不会停留在一个完全成形的人类身上,它会螺旋上升到扬升的阶梯,直到我们成为纯粹的光之存有。这些都包含在我们 DNA 的结构中。


We have 24 strands of DNA arranged in 12 pairs and each pair corresponds to a density level of experience.Our scientists are only able to detect the pair that corresponds to this 3rd density level of vibration.


我们有 24 DNA 排列成 12 对,每一对对应一个经验的密度水平。我们的科学家只能探测到对应这第三密度振动水平的对。


As we activate these dormant strands of DNA we are experiencing higher levels of reality.Levels of reality our minds could never comprehend before.I could go on and on about this subject but remember,we have pre-destined activation programs in our DNA that automatically ignite the dormant strands once we reach a certain point in our evolution and that time is now!


当我们激活这些休眠的 DNA 链时,我们正在经历更高层次的实相。我们的大脑以前无法理解的现实层次。我可以继续谈论这个话题,但是请记住,我们的 DNA 中有预先注定的激活程序,一旦我们达到进化的某个点,时间就是现在,它就会自动点燃休眠的 DNA 链!



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