As you are aware, there is a great push-back as the people of the world are waking up to the dastardly deeds of those who are serving their own Dark Natures.   Protect yourselves with The Light of The Christ! You are much more powerful than you have been led to believe! Stand Tall in your integrity! You Are Children of the Goddess! This is a critical period in the evolution of your Souls and of the Earth Mother. BE the Warriors and Protectors of the Earth and all of Life upon her! Open your minds and your hearts to the the Suffering Children all over the world powerful Earthly positions.   You are in times of great darkness, but by staying strong in the Love and Compassion of the Light you will vanquish the Dark, once and for All!




My Army of Paschats stand beside you and protect you as you take back your Mother, the Earth and all of Life upon Her! You ARE the Rainbow Warriors of Light!




The Galactic Federation of Light is actively, engaging in battles above, within, and on the Earth Mother at this time. You are Needed now to be completely in Integrity within yourselves! This increases the Light Quotient and counteracts the hold that the Darkness has had on the Earth for Countless Millennia. Be ready to inform those of the Changes occurring in every aspect of life upon your Earth Mother. Keep your Hearts Bold and Courageous and Loving.




狮子母 20180523 你是女神的孩子

通灵:Heru Paule LeBreton

翻译:Nick Chan





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