There will be a new venting of energy in the next 3 weeks. It will cause thought changes and your perceptions of time to change. Like the loading up of a cosmic cannon, the sun is at a low before another frequency band of energies will be emitted. For those on a path of growth with many bouts of stagnate energy patterns will be seeing changes in their energy levels and health conditions. Those details that have been in the back burners to deal with you will now find the time to release these tasks and bring the changes at a much easier manner than before.




For now, things about you are in an energetic flow and you will be manifesting clarity from a past of confusion. Be sure to take time to rest and time to do the things you need to do in balance. Stay focused and handle things in a systematic sequence. Nurture your bodies with good food and thoughts and perform at the perfect speed that is flowing in your tasks. Instead of working long hours tired you will accomplish much greater achievements. Start to look to the inner and connect to your instincts and notions. Everything is going to be ok, this is what awareness brings.




Trust your soul to guide you and listen to its wisdom for it knows you more than you think you know yourself. And with this let your soul call you on the changes necessary to make in all areas of your life for optimum performance and balance. Listen to the news of your heart’s wisdom and awareness well before the news you are watching, for some of this is to set seeds of fear and collectively mislead you. Summon your powers and grow up, find your meaning of life and it will not be so estranged. The planets and the seasons all impact your minds and psyches and there is much going on with all of them influencing each and every one of you.




Just remember to stay in the flow of the light and the kindness of your hearts and it will lead you to the flow of the rivers that work all around you with energy currents. Take time to feel, take time to think, and take time to chill. What is meant to be will be and there is nothing that you can do to stop the changes, so flow with all of this.




It all has a reason.




量子信息 20180530 很快会有另一波能量来提高你的头脑

翻译:Nick Chan










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