Seeing Life from a New Perspective





You are awakening aspects of yourself that have been dormant for some time and as this awakening unfoldsyou begin to understand on a deeper level of seeingfeelingand being.This process can be overwhelming at times as some of these feelings can emerge like a land slideclearing away all the old energy in its wake.Allow the process to unfold and you will clear it away faster.Resistance only makes the process longer and more difficult.Consult an expert in the field of energy medicine if you need some assistance as most of these human angels have been through the process and honed their skills as they learned how to work in the new energy.





Don"t be deterred by the challenges along the way. These are just times to stoptake stock and then prepare for the next phase.A temporary pause makes way for the action or sudden movement that will happen as you become prepared.There is much information available that can help you through the processso take the time to look for the answers you seek.Remember that you have the power of discernment and so trust these new feelings that alert you to what is right and best for you in these next steps.





The Mantra for today is: "As I reflect on my life and strive to find the right balance for memy awareness begins to unfold in new of ways.I am awakening deeper levels of understandingnew feelings and new ways of being.I am awakening!"





And so it is





You are dearly loved and supportedalwaysthe angels and guides







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