Greetings!From heart to heart with great love in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj(KayRy)! The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune in to the light within you.


问候!衷心地,伴随着大量的爱,我是 Kejraj(KayRy) !这里所表达的信息是我的观点。因为所有的真理在你的心中等待着你。协调到内在的光


How have you been enjoying the ride?




We speak of the ride of your life with the light. With the waves, the ups and downs, the curves, the exhaustion and yes the bliss.




There have been continuous waves of light coming in to our Earth from the Sun for the past few days, and each wave is stronger than the last one. This is to continue, and will all culminate on the Summer Equinox of 6/21/2019.


在过去几天,连续不断的光之波浪从太阳而来,每一波比之前一波更加强大。这会继续,在 2019 6 21 日夏至到达高潮


This is making people very tired, while others feel more energized.The aches and pains can be felt throughout the body. Tingling and vibrations may be felt at the top of your head, tips of your fingers and toes, arms, chest and naval area, and other parts of the body.




You may also be having intense dreams, from your past life experiences coming to the surface. At times you may have pleasant dreams, in preparation for the future that awaits you.




All of these symptoms and others you may experience as more blockages are being cleared, and more room is made for the light body, and a higher percentage of your DNA is activated.


所有这些症状和其它你可能在体验的东西,随着越多的堵塞被清理以及越多的空间为光之身体腾出,你的 DNA 就会被激活更大的比例


Take time to be alone, in nature. Exercise, as this will help the body loosen up, and energy will flow easier.




You must make changes to your diet if not all ready done so. Drink purified water, eat light food, and take an organic multivitamin daily. Be certain the multivitamin you take contains iodine. This element will protect your body from radiation.




These are essential now to keep your body strong and help its adjustment to the higher frequencies.




Expect these energy surges to become stronger in the coming months. Besides you changing and growing, you will see in the outer world as well that much is changing.




You are all ready seeing big changes in politics, economical, human to animal kingdom, and nature, Earth herself in particular. The Mother Earth is adjusting her physical vessel as well. So you may notice more ‘water waves’, volcanoes erupting, shaking of her body here and there, ‘land into to water, water into land’, weather patterns going crazy, and so on.




All that is necessary will be done to make this a perfect transition into the 5D reality. And we truly are on the crossline.


所有必需的工作都会完成来完美地过渡到 5D 现实。我们确实处于十字路口


That is all for today. I am Kejraj!


今天就说这些。我是 Kejraj!



翻译:Nick Chan



《谁是 KejRaj (KayRy) ?》



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