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Peace Meditation



After the plandemic plan did not have the desired effect, the Dark Forces have stepped up their efforts to increase End Time madness.



The Jesuits, Knights of Malta and Knights of Columbus are now polarizing political left and political right in the United States to engineer civil war. The protests which erupted last week have been deeply infiltrated and manipulated:

耶穌會、馬爾他騎士團和哥倫布騎士團正在挑撥、分化美國左派和右派的政治意識形態,進而在美國煽動內戰。上週爆發的抗議遊行有非常多不良份子趁火打劫、操弄輿論風向的情況 :








To de-escalate the situation, what is needed now is to hold the planet in the Light, as Kauilapele has said in his newly re-established blog:

為了讓情勢降溫,我們需要在地球上護持聖光。 Kauilapele 在他新建的部落格上發表了同樣的觀點 ;



Light Forces have asked as many people as possible to meditate every 4 hours for peace in the United States:

光明勢力呼籲大家盡量多參與每 4 小時一次的美國和平冥想 :



美國和平冥想 每四小時一次 :




As we are approaching the Eris-Pluto square on June 14th, tensions and potential for violence will increase for the next two weeks in the United States and worldwide. Dark Forces might attempt to use this astrological configuration, and the newly starting new solar cycle to drastically escalate the situation in the USA and to try to engineer a war between China and India, Hong Kong or Taiwan, or any other major conflict:

隨著我們接近 6 14 日再度發生的鬩神星 - 冥王星四分相,美國乃至於全世界的情勢會在接下來的兩週內變得更加緊張,訴諸暴力的傾向也會變得更明顯。黑暗勢力可能會利用這次的星象和太陽系內新一輪的循環讓美國國內的局勢大幅升溫,同時煽動中國與印度、香港或台灣之間的戰爭。黑暗勢力也可能會煽動其它重大的衝突 :





According to Dragon and Resistance sources, the Cabal has a plan to flee from USA to China and hide there after the civil war in the USA, in a similar move to what happened with Nazis in Operation Paperclip after World War 2. Dragon sources are stating that this plan and the dark infiltration on the Chinese side is being dismantled right now by the positive Dragon elements and positive faction within the Chinese military.

龍族和抵抗運動的消息來源表示 : 陰謀集團計劃先在美國煽動內戰,然後再逃離到中國。他們的作法類似於納粹在第二次世界大戰之後透過迴紋針計劃偷渡到美國。好幾名龍族的消息來源表示正面龍族和中國解放軍內部的正面派系正在阻止黑暗勢力滲透到中國。


Another Dragon source has communicated that if China tries to attack Taiwan, they will release ALL secret documentation about what the Chinese army is doing in Lop Nor, including the extraterrestrial and Secret Space Program aspect, through the mainstream Chinese media.

另一位龍族消息來源表示 : 如果中國企圖攻打台灣,他們會透過主流媒體毫不保留地公開中國解放軍在羅布泊正在進行的秘密計劃,其中包括關於外星種族活動和中國秘密太空計劃的機密文件。




This Dragon source has also pointed to the following cryptic message:

這名龍族消息來源也提供了這個加密訊息 :





The Light Forces are asking that as many people as possible meditate for the world peace at the exact moment of Eris Pluto square on June 14th:

光明勢力呼籲大家儘可能地在 6 14 日鬩神星 - 冥王星四分相發生的時候參與世界和平冥想 :



6 14 日鬩神星 - 冥王星四分相 維護世界和平冥想 :


全球冥想】《6月14日鬩神星-冥王星四分相 維護世界和平冥想》 


On a more positive note, Space X has managed to get two astronauts to the International Space Station as the first public human spaceflight from American soil in the last nine years, which has long lasting positive consequences of breaking the Veil and will contribute to breaking the quarantine status of planet Earth, as a new cycle of space human spaceflight has begun:

最近也有了一則比較正面好消息。 Space X 成功把兩名太空人送上國際太空站。上一次太空人公開從美國本土上太空已經是 9 年以前的事情了。這次火箭成功發射對突破帷幕有長遠的正面效益而且有助於瓦解地球的隔離狀態。人類已經進入了太空旅行的新時代 :



Elon Musk is in essence a positive being who has been subjected to Illuminati trauma based programming and now wants to break free, as you can see in his sometimes unusual tweets.



 Victory of the Light!




翻譯:Patrick Shih

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