新纪元扬升之光 2018-06-02


Message fromthe Lumerian Crystal Collective via Galaxygirl, 2018



We are the ancientseed crystals of Lumeria. We speak now, rising up from the depths quiteliterally into your now point of time when humanity is once again ready toassist us with raising Gaia again up to her former glory.



We crystal seeds remember. Many of you are older than we,for you come from far and wide across the vastness of time and spacein answer to Gaia’s call across vast distances, for love and eternalholding of support. You came and you brought your support of your vastness ofsource light, energy and experiences. And some of you have quite the pedigree,but it matters not, for you are here now, and you don’t remember much of whoyou are or what you have already accomplished. But we assure you that you haveaccomplished much, and it is again time to accomplish much again, but in thisnow.



Many of you workedwith us in the crystal kingdoms as Lumerian and Atlantean priests andpriestesses, holding our energy and manipulating it either for good or ill andmany of you upon reading theses words will begin to remember, for you are againbecoming in touch with your Lumerian and Atlantean self either through pastlife regressive techniques, quiet meditation or through the use of us again.For we are allowing our energy to be rediscovered by humans and tooled for thebetterment of humanity and of Gaia, the great mother. Once a harnesser ofcrystal energy it is ingrained within your DNA and very easy to rememberinnately your power. We crystals long for our crystal song to be sung andre-heard again among nature and her kingdoms and among the humans again.Singing with the crystals and having our tones match is a delight that humanchildren would so enjoy as they would co-create with us. Do you recall singingin the crystal caves and feeling our vibrations of color, of light, of sound?

你们很多人在水晶王国和我们一起工作,就像利穆里亚和亚特兰蒂斯的祭司和女祭司,保持我们的能量并控制它,无论是为了善或恶。你们中的许多在阅读这些文字的人将开始忆起 , 因为你正再次与你的利穆里亚和亚特兰蒂斯的自我连结,或是通过回朔前世的方法,安静的冥想或是通过使用我们。因为我们允许人类重新发现我们的能量,用于人类和伟大的母亲盖亚的福祉。一旦你成为水晶能量的驾驭者,它就会根植于你的 DNA 中,并且很容易记住你天赋的能力。我们渴望我们的水晶之歌,再一次在大自然和她的王国以及人类之中被唱起和听到。水晶的歌声和我们的音调是一种享受,人类的孩子们会非常喜欢与我们共同创造的乐趣。因为他们会和我们一起创造。你们还记得在水晶山洞里唱歌,感受我们的颜色、光和声音的振动吗?


We sing withenergies; it is our medium. We harness intent and thought and light. Be carefulof your intentions with working with our kind for there is no pretending withus. We see your intent even when perhaps you do not, and we amplify. We onlywish to serve the Mother of all and wish for our users to have the utmost ofpure intentions when working with us. It is privilege to be communicating withhumanity again after so long.



We are theLumerian seed crystals. You are becoming crystalline, becoming more like usperhaps in some ways. We can help you to recall and remember your myriad ofpast lives, of future selves, but most of all we will help you hone in on love,as is our mission at this time of the great awakening, which is why we arecoming forward to speak this day. For the day of love, of high vibrations isupon humanity now. Heart choices abound. Which will you choose? Will you singwithin with your crystalline form and radiate light and resonate with it? Willyou become all that you were meaning – desiring – promising to be when you werein line waiting your turn to be birthed onto Gaia as her protector? Will youprotect us now as you did in the days of Lumeria and Atlantis?



If you resonatewith these words then most definitely we have worked together before. Lumeriais rising up from the watery depths just as love is rising up from the waterydepths of the darkness that humanity as a collective has experienced. Careful,you may get a bit wet – we jest. Focus your intent with ours and we willamplify it. Meditate with us and we will listen and amplify, for that is ourjoy and our heart song of duty. We are the Lumerian Crystal Collective. You areloved and supported, humanity, across all time and space. Our crystallinebothers and sisters on other planets also send their love and service, for weare all connected. We are one.





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