I am Sananda.Beloved friends –brothers and sisters!I am with you in each moment, each day. The game is over.The role play that you all have engaged in to gather experiences and wisdom can be terminated now. The time is here –The Golden Era when it is time to harvest what has been planted is here. NOW.In this Now! I am waiting for you my brave friends, as I have always done and always will. I never give up –remember this!


我是萨南达。亲爱的朋友们 --- 兄弟姐妹们!我时时刻刻,每一天都和你在一起。游戏结束了。你们所参与的角色扮演,为了获得体验和智慧,现在可以结束了。时间就是现在 --- 黄金时代,收获被播种之物的时间已经到来。就是现在!我等待着你,我勇敢的朋友们,我一直等待着你。我从未放弃 --- 记住这一点


The words I once said – “I am the Way, Truth and Light (Life)” –they are your real guidelines, sisters and brothers.Take them to your heart as you are the path to yourself, to the knowledge of who you are. Enter into your heart, which is the path to the truth about who you are. In the one you are, in your higher self you have all the knowledge of life, both on Gaia and in the Universe. You have full access to the light in your life since you came from Father God and Mother God. You are love –the love of Mother God and Father God. See you greatness, see your light and demand your birthright, access to your inner power, to your love power in God’s name. Receive the love and Christ energies that are sent directly into your heart at this time.


我曾经说过的话语 ---“ 我是道路,真理和光(生命)” --- 它们是你真正的指导方针,兄弟姐妹们。将它们带到你的心中,因为你就是你的道路,去认识到你是谁。进入你的心,也就是通往你所是真理的道路。在你所是的一中,在你的更高自我中,你拥有所有的生命知识(在盖亚上以及宇宙中)。自从你从父母神那里诞生以来,你就可以在你的生活中完全访问光。你就是爱 --- 父母神的爱。看到你的伟大,看到你的光,要求你与生俱来的权利,访问你的内在力量,你的爱之力量,在神的名义下。接收此时此刻直接发送给你心的爱和基督能量


I am with you during all of these days at all moments. When you take in the love into yourself in your heart we are right here together. We are all equals, we are all of the same light. My message as Jesus/Jeshua was:


我在这些天,时时刻刻都和你在一起。当你把爱带入自己的心,我们就在这里。我们都是平等的,我们都来自相同的光。我作为耶稣 / 约书亚的信息就是:


Love yourself, love life and love everything around you”.




Enjoy and be happy that you have the advantage of living a physical life on Earth during this fantastic time. Remember that you yourself chose it. I, and many with me, admire you my beloved friends, for your great courage and for the work you do, both within and outside of yourselves.




With love and equality,




Your brother and friend,









通灵:Kerstin Sisilla

翻译:Nick Chan



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