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 I come on the wings of love! You, theLightworkers of the world, have been dwelling in two worlds and it has beenquite difficult for each of you as you traverse and embody these new energiesas they come into your energy system. The new Earth reality has dawned and isoccurring. Simultaneously, the old world paradigm, the old Earth reality, isalso still active and so there is still a great deal of duality and polaritythat is occurring around you that is visible in all that is occurring upon theworld stage. So it is understandable that this is, at times, quite frequentlyindeed, that there is confusion within you as to what is really happening.



Beat peace, for this is part of the process of moving into the new Earth reality.The new Earth reality is fifth dimensional and even higher, for those of youwho have evolved to that level. Be assured that you are not losing it – thatyou are in fact, on track! It is incumbent upon you, the Lightworkers, the advancedsouls of this world, to remember and discipline yourselves in your thoughts,words and deeds, for these will manifest much more quickly than ever before, soit is important to maintain discipline as much as you are able, especiallywithin your thoughts.



Manyof you are experiencing a portion of your future and you receive thoughts andvisions of this future time and it doesn’t seem to coordinate with your currentstate of being in the current time and we want you to know that yourexperiences are valid. Do not doubt, it is important that you trust your innerpromptings, your heart promptings and inner guidance, for it is true that thehigher aspects of your being are now entering into your physical energy fieldso that you are becoming more integrated with all aspects of your being.



Someof you are more than halfway through this process and as this occurs, more ofthese intuitive promptings of the future will come into your consciousness.Just trust as this happens -  it will allwork out as it should. Cultivate the consciousness of joy, happiness andupliftment as many times as you can each day, for it is the feeling, attitudeand presence of joy within your consciousness that will help you to stayattuned to the new energies as they get downloaded into your energy system.This will help in fully integrating them.



 We remind you of our constant advice, whichis, to be outdoors as much as possible amongst the trees, the flowers, naturein all its beauty and glory, the sunlight and fresh air…these are the necessaryingredients to help you stay balanced and centered into the crystalline core ofMother Earth and your own core center, for it is the energies from within theEarth that are arising now. The kundalini energy is rising within manyindividuals and it is important to be balanced as this occurs, and being out innature is very helpful for this.



 The cosmic energies of love from the cosmosand the galaxies at galactic center are also inundating in waves upon theplanet in its atmosphere and as you know, when these waves happen, those arethe times when you feel extremely tired, extremely sensitive and you willnotice that your senses become more acute – your sense of smell, your sense oftaste, your sense of sound  - all ofthese are activated to a higher, more acute level and it takes some time forthis adjustment and attunement to be made within your physical body system.



Asyou move further into this year of 2018, this process will alleviate and becomea more natural state of being within you. Just take note, observe andrecalibrate as much as possible in the ways that has been suggested and allwill continue to be well. Know that you are never alone – that we are alwayswith you – that we give the guidance that will see you through this period insafety and grace and ease.



Untilnext month…



IAM Hilarion



©MarleneSwetlishoff/Tsu tama.









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