When I first started developing my gifts, it was because I was told by Spirit through another intuitive, a medium who happened to be my sister, that I had the gift to heal others. I was told that this was the familial, ancestral gift of shamanism that had been passed down to me. It's tough to say what would or could have happened if I had not received this information at the exact time that I did, but one thing is certain, the gift was already present and evident through many signals and clues existent in my life - at that time, in the past, and currently.


事實上,那裡我還不認識任何靈性療愈師-- 一點也不。我認識的惟一擁有這個禮物的人已經死了,透過閱讀我的指導靈-- 曾曾祖父告訴我這個禮物。


In fact, at the time, I didn't know anyone who was a Spiritual Healer - at all. The only person I knew who had this gift, was a dead person. The Spirit who came through in that reading, my great-great grandfather, to tell me about this gift.




And as it turns out, all my life, the signs, signals, and cues that this existed were all around me. The key, was knowing where to look.


你無需認識中介人或直感讀者知曉自己的禮物。所有一切線索都會呈現在你眼前-- 你可以從下面的線索中找到這個禮物。


You don't need to know a medium or see an intuitive reader of any kind to know that you have a healing gift. The signs of your already present gift lay all around you - and below, you'll find a list of signs that you too, have a healing gift.


當然,請單獨花些時間,這些個體的信息和符號可以標示為一系列的事件和醫療診斷-- 大量的事件集合出現在你的生活,你的生命開始轉向,這個方向就是你擁有治療他人的禮物。請看


Of course, taken individually, or a few a time, these individual signs and signals could indicate any number of other things and medical diagnoses; it's when large swathes of these clues and others are identified in your life, that things start to point in another direction. The direction that you have the gift and ability to heal others. Take a look.


擁有療愈能力的29 個信號

29 Signs that you have Healing Gifts 29 signs that you have healing gifts



You feel extreme empathy, often feeling emotions and experiences as physical sensations of pain and hurt



You're often told it's soothing to be around you



Those around you rarely get sick



You have now or have ever been diagnosed with anxiety or panic disorders



You have now or have ever been diagnosed with any mood disorder



You think of solutions for others to make their lives better



You have a strong desire to help others, even at a loss of your own resources or needs


你已經從事傳統的療愈行業-- 醫務人員、按摩師、按摩醫生、諮詢顧問、物理治療師、獸醫等等

You're already in a traditional healing field - medical workers, massage therapists, chiropractors, guidance counselors, physical therapists, veterinarians or vet techs, and more.


你是醫生世家-- 你的父母、同輩、祖父母、曾祖父母等,現在過去從事醫療行業-- 藥物、按摩、諮詢等等

You have a history of healers in your family. Your parents, siblings, grandparents, great -grandparents, etc. are or were engaged in healing based professions - medical, touch, spoken, or otherwise.


你常在公共場合感到加重的意識-- 呼吸困難或像一個焦慮的蝴蝶

You frequently experience heightened awareness in public places - difficulty breathing or nervous butterflies


You walk into a room and can immediately tell if there's been a fight or a disagreement before you arrived



You're the person people turn to for comfort, problem solving, and kind words during difficult times. . . and you always help



You find yourself feeling like problems of others are dumped on you for fixing.



You're frequently drained at the end of the day, especially on days involving large amounts of social interacting



You've noticed that you have special touch with animals



Small children and animals are often drawn to you, even when they're shy around others



Complete strangers spill their life stories to you without asking



People ask you for back and shoulder rubs, or back scratches and you're known for being good at them



You like to ensure people feel comfortable when they're visiting your home or space



You often feel overwhelmed with the amount of things you've agreed to help others with



You regularly experience shoulder and neck pain



Your friends and coworkers often come to you for your trusted opinion on potential romantic prospects or new job hires


你更喜歡戶外運動方式-- 在大自然中散步、慢跑、瑜珈,呼吸新鮮空氣,這些都能舒緩放鬆自己

Your preferred method of exercise is based in the outdoors - going on a walk, a jog, or doing yoga in nature while breathing fresh air is both stimulating and relaxing to you


你對靈性治療方法感興趣-- 能量療愈、靈氣、薩滿等

You have an interest in Spiritual based healing methods - energy healing, reiki, shamanism, or otherwise


你的手和掌心常有刺痛感-- 焦躁不安、耳邊嗡鳴、心悸、晃動或顫動

Your hands and palms often feel tingly - pins and needles, buzzing, throbbing, vibrating, or pulsating



You're attracted to crystals for their beauty and potential healing properties.



You seek natural based healing methods, as alternatives to westernized medicine



You experience frequent headaches or digestive issues



You're reading this list right now



Were you able to cross a few, or many, of these items off your list? I thought so.



What you do with this information now, is entirely your choice. You may choose to use it to pursue a healing based career, to develop your abilities to heal yourself and others, as a validation to know that what you're experiencing is something special , or a combination of all of the above.



Just being you is healing to others, and that in and of itself, even if taken no step further, is a gift.



With love on your journey,



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【作 者】sarah petruno

【翻 譯】shan-athana

29 SIGNS YOU'RE A HEALER by Sarah Petruno, Shamana

29 signs that you have healing gifts





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