原创 2018-02-01 圣哲曼 新纪元扬升之光

Saint Germainvia James McConnell, January 21st, 2018




I AM St Germain.

I, like all the others that are able to make these communications known through our various sources, enjoy these times that we can be together with you; these times that are changing drastically; and these moments that are coming, moments that are now, and the moments that are yet to come.




You have been told for a long time now, many years for many of you, that change is certainly in the wind and that you are a part of this change. And that without you there would not be all of this change that is coming and that is here now.

We as the Company of Heaven, those of the Ascended Masters, we continue to watch these procedures, watch all that you are doing; are aware of each and every one of you as you go about your daily activities. Not that we would ever snoop or pry into your private affairs, but we are aware of your vibration – At times your thoughts, but mostly your vibration, mostly the frequency that you are operating in.




And this frequency that you are all operating in now has increased dramatically. It may not always be to your awareness of this as you have your various maladies, sicknesses, colds, flues, all of these things that tend to come over you, but know that all of these are dissipating more and more as you continue to move up higher and higher in frequency on a more regular basis. Because the times of being in the matrix, in this, entrapped in this 3-D illusion, are fleeting fast now behind you. The past will become the past. And the remembrances of the past will lessen more and more as you continue to move along through into this Golden Age. And those memories that you have had from long, long ago will continue to flood back in as many of them are now for many of you.



Many of you are having various experiences remembering certain things that may have happened that you have totally forgotten about but now it is coming back to you. Some are having what we call ah-ha moments. Those moments when you realize that you know much more than what you have given yourself credit for up to this point. That you have much more knowledge, much more knowing, much more inner knowing as your consciousness is evolving.

And as your consciousness evolves and the frequencies that you operate within continue to rise, your memories continue to return to you. And I speak now of memories not only of lifetimes here on this planet, but lifetimes from many different systems and many other planets. Some of you may even begin to have knowings of those connections you have with your higher aspects, the higher aspects of your selves that are even at this moment watching over you as you are a part of them and they are part of you, and we are all a part of each other. We are all ONE.


当你的意识进化,你所持有的频率会持续提高,你们的记忆会返回给你。我现在说的不仅是在这颗星球上许多世的生命经历,还有在许多不同的太阳系和在其他的星球的生命经历。你们中的一些人可能已经对这些有所了解,你有更高的面向,你自我的更高面向 , 甚至在此刻,也在看着你,因为你是他的一部分 , 我们都是彼此的一部分。我们都是一。


As developments continue on, those many changes that have been spoken of continue to make themselves known in various revealings of truth. Because the truths are going to be revealed. All of them. There will be nothing left that will be unknown. Because when it all comes down to it, you are the truth and the truth is you. You do not understand this now, you will come to understand that.

There are many various announcements that are coming forth: various news, various revealings, various changes that will become apparent to each and every one of you and all of those out there that are still yet unawakened.




Because of these many proofs that come forth, many, many more will awaken; will awaken to all of the consciousness that has been held back from them.

That time is now my friends. You are in the now.

So trust. Continue to trust in yourselves. Continue to trust in your ability to discern all that is coming forth because you all have that ability, you have all trained now to have that understanding. But as you hear various information coming forth you will know within you whether that information resonates with you or not and you will know as it resonates or does not, what is truth and what is not true.

I AM St. Germain. I love and admire all of you for all that you are going through and all that you are going to continue to go through.









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