Greetings dearest ones and Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy love day, and love week, and love years to come! Happy, happy and long life for you, for the entire human family, Happy Nova Earth!




It is with great pleasure that I come here today, and anytime I can get through, to say a word or two to you and all! And yes, I forgot to introduce myself, and of course, you know by now who I am, for you can feel the energy and love of St. Germaine, your brother and teacher, your family and friend.




There is so much I want to say to thee in this day, but what I will focus on today is this subject of love, more precisely of the self-love.




Most of the time the love-holders, the light-bearers, the love-anchors, and the way-showers, all of you reading these messages, are so focused on giving to others, on making sure that everyone else has all that they need. And you excel in giving them all that you have and more, but in doing so you extend and overextend yourselves and then keep on giving and giving.




You see, for the most part there is no receiving on the other’s part. There is no true receiving because their hearts are sheltered and closed. Their egos might be happy and as you might believe, grateful, but this is intellectual appreciation and not that soul nourishment that love gives when it touches the heart and the soul. And you feel that discontentment and unhappiness and try to fix it and give more.




I am saying to thee that you have to let go of this, that you have to shift into your own heart and yes, continue to give, but give to yourselves first.




And I am here to bring you my heart of amethyst. I am here to place it into your hearts and then to invite you to come and sit with me, sit inside of it and let it grow bigger than your chest, then bigger than your shoulders and your entire physical form. Just let it grow and fill up your entire room. See the amethyst taking away, see the purple light melting into nothingness and dissolving all the last remnants of feeling unloved and unlovable, this feeling and need to give others that which you have to give yourselves first – love and acceptance.




Sit in this beautiful purple heart for as long as you need and then ask yourselves, invite yourselves to be your own Valentine’s date for today, for tomorrow, and for your entire lifetime. And please say ‘yes’ to your own hearts’ invitation.




Dear and sweet hearts, remember to love yourselves, to truly love, to really respect and appreciate yourselves. You are worthy and not only lovable but loved beyond imagination by me, by the Mother and Father, by the entire Council of Love.




Let go of every single particle of unworthiness and feeling that leads you to believe you have to work hard or to do anything at all to please others so that you will be loved. Love yourselves and the entire world will reflect that unconditional love back to you.




It is not selfish, it is not narcissistic, it is not any of the false constructs that others with an agenda of control and power over you have. Those ones are of the old paradigm. They want you to be bullied into believing and accepting their authority, for they want you and everyone else to look outside yourselves for answers. Then it will be easier to get you distracted and persuaded to take unnecessary scenic detours.




I am giving you my purple heart, I am igniting, once more, your love and directing it to your sweet selves, to your “I AM”. Fill yourselves to the brim with love and empower yourselves first, so that you can step fully into the magnificent and beautiful New You.




Be the gift that you are, be the love and the light that brightens and enriches the entire world.




Have a glorious day! Until next time, farewell.




圣哲曼 20180214 专注于爱,更确切地说,自爱

通灵:Genoveva Coyle

翻译:Nick Chan




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