(Natural News)Researchers in China have begun clinical trials on the use of intravenous vitamin C as a remedy for the Wuhan coronavirus(CoVid-19).




While government health authorities focus on pharmaceuticals and vaccines,Dr.Richard Cheng and his colleagues are investigating the simplicity with which injecting natural vitamin C can help to prevent the deadly outcomes increasingly associated with this novel disease.


当政府卫生部门把重点放在药品和疫苗上时,Richard Cheng 博士和他的同事们正在研究注射天然维生素C能够帮助预防与这种新型疾病相关的致命后果的简单性。


One of the key mechanisms for fatality associated with the Wuhan coronavirus(CoVid-19)is its propensity to cause acute organ failure,and especially pulmonary failure or acute respiratory distress syndrome(ARDS).The rapid release of free radicals,cytokines,and other damaging hallmarks of ARDS creates an onslaught of oxidative stress that can lead to cellular injury,organ failure,and/or death.




Intravenous vitamin C,however,being a powerful antioxidant,can prevent this type of oxidative damage and cytokine storm by minimizing their impact,increasing a patient's chances of survival and full recovery.




Of the 138 confirmed cases that Dr.Cheng and his colleagues looked at,26 percent had to be admitted to an intensive care unit(ICU),while 4.3 percent died.Out of 99 other confirmed cases they looked at,17 percent of patients developed ARDS,and among these,11 percent experienced dramatically worsened symptoms over a short period of time that led to multiple organ failure and death.


Cheng 博士和他的同事研究的138例确诊病例中,26%不得不住进重症监护室,4.3%死亡。在他们观察的其他99例确诊病例中,17%的患者出现了 ARDS,其中11%的患者在短时间内出现了明显恶化的症状,导致多器官衰竭和死亡。


"Increased oxidative stress,an underlying'cytokine storm,'leads to ARDS which is the key pathology of high mortality of these pandemic viral infections,"Dr.Cheng and his colleagues write."Cytokine storm-induced ARDS is the key pathology leading to death of these patients.Intravenous vitamin C effectively counters oxidative stress."


Cheng博士和他的同事写道:"氧化应激增加,一种潜在的细胞因子风暴,导致 ARDS,这是这些大流行病毒感染高死亡率的关键病理。""细胞因子风暴诱发的 ARDS 是导致这些患者死亡的关键病理因素。静脉注射维生素C能有效地对抗氧化应激。"


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以下是健康护林员 Mike Adams 为战胜冠状病毒感染提供的其他有用建议:




One of the most often causes of death from a respiratory infection is a cytokine storm




As it turns out,one of the most common causes of death from influenza,coronavirus,and other similar respiratory infections is a cytokine storm,which is basically an inflammatory response that's so severe it ends up harming the body to the point of serious injury or death.




Vitamin C can help to mitigate this uncontrolled cytokine response,keeping it at a lower,safer threshold for healing rather than further injury.But because it's a natural remedy,vitamin C isn't being talked about by the mainstream media as even a possible remedy for this out-of-control outbreak that continues to spread in countries all around the world.




We have seen some reports about the use of all-natural oxygen therapy,at least in South Korea where officials there say they've successfully treated at least one serious case of the Wuhan coronavirus(CoVid-19)with it.




Keep in mind that intravenous vitamin C is a clinically-proven therapy for many other ailments,including cancer,and has been affirmed as beneficial by experts at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School–so it's not some"woo-woo"remedy as the"skeptics"get a kick out of claiming.




"This is important in clinical management…展开ince the prevention and management targeting increased oxidative stress with large doses of antioxidants seems a logical step and can be applied to these deadly pandemics,without the lengthy waiting for pathogen-specific vaccines and drugs,as is the case of the current 2019-nCov epidemic,"Dr.Cheng and his colleagues conclude.


Cheng博士和他的同事总结道:"这在临床管理中很重要......因为针对氧化应激增加的预防和管理,大剂量的抗氧化剂似乎是合乎逻辑的步骤,可以应用于这些致命的流行病,而不需要像目前2019-nCoV 流行病那样,等待特定病原体的疫苗和药物。"


"We call upon all those in the leadership,and those providing direct assistance to patients,to bravely and rapidly apply large dose intravenous vitamin C(IVC)to help those patients and to stop this epidemic."


"我们呼吁所有的领导者和那些为病人提供直接帮助的人勇敢而迅速地应用大剂量的静脉注射维生素 c(IVC)来帮助这些病人并阻止这一流行病。"


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