Greetings, Beloved Sons and Daughters of Creation.




I stand beside you always, illuminating the truth of the path on which you walk. I am here should any of you wish to connect with me. I am here always and in all ways.




I would like to honor each and every one of you where you are at in this moment. And we, the Hosts of the Heavens, the Angelic Creators, Guides and Beings, honor each and every one of you for the work you have done within. For your own inner work is a reflection of the Cosmos. And if it weren't for each of you, this Ascension process would not be happening, so we stand here with you now and we honor you.




Now I am here to assist you in your creativity, and to illumine the path before you, to help you remember that you are alchemists, creators, divine beings who can create new and unchartered paths upon which no one has ever walked. I am here to help you remember that creative force within you where you can create whatever it is that you want that is in the highest and best of all.




I am here to help you remember that you can, by Divine alchemy, change that which no longer serves you, that which is no longer useful, into beautiful, useful, powerful Creator Energy.




I am here to remind you that you are all Divine Beings of Light, and that you can all call in Divine Order in every aspect and area of your journey, in every aspect and area of your selves in the here and now.




You can reset yourself. Come to a zero point, and let of what no longer serves you. Let go of your very identities and the things that you held true, and then turn that, alchemize that, into something completely new. For you have heard this message before: you are I AM, you are embodying your God Self, and this is true, you are indeed.


你可以重置自己。来到一个零点,放下不再服务于你的。放下你的共性和你保持为真的东西,然后把那转变成,炼化成,全新的东西。因为你之前就听过:你就是我是(I AM),你在体现你的神之自我,这是真的,你确实在


But some of you need a little reminder that you hold everything within that you need to do this. So if there is anything that is bothering you or upsetting you, take a moment and stop and breathe with me now. Remember, the past is the past. The moment that matters is the NOW. And you can reset everything now so that you can open up new and unexplored potentials in every single area of your life.




Now while it feels more comfortable to hang onto that which you know and are accustomed to, let me remind that it feels so much better to let that go, and to say, "I surrender." And then to open yourself up to Divine Pure Source Light, Divine Pure Source Possibility, and Divine Pure Source Potential now.




You are the Creators.




As always, I and my Angelic counterparts, stand beside you all the way assisting you and loving you through this Ascension journey. And you are all doing so well. And we want you to know that we are here with you. You are not alone. The new realities, the new everything that you are creating are so immense and so beautiful that it even causes us to sing about you with great joy.




And so we leave you now, and I, Uriel, Archangel of Illumined Light, leave you with this message, but know I stand beside you as always.




通灵:Kalia Diya

翻译:Nick Chan





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