Let yourself be the transformation that is possible for this Earth. Let it be that you are the person that enlightens consciousness into everyone's bodies. Let that be the support that you are continuously creating to enlighten this planet. Amma. Give enlightened support out, out, out, to all beings. Align that support thru you to create transformation in every experience on this Earth. Amma.




Let it be simple for you to create this transformation. Let it be simple to enlighten. Let your heart be easy with all of this. And transform everything completely, in every experience, into transformational power structures that enlighten everything. We are that magnificently supportive to our reality transition.




Say yes to that in every experience, and allow that to continuously occur, in all being's experiences. Amma. Let it all fall into place. Let it simplify. Let it easily occur. And notice the shifts that are aligning into everyone's bodies. We make support align into everyone's hearts, minds, bodies and souls, by saying yes to that possibility. Amma.




Align Source here, in this time. Let it all fall into perfect placement. Generalize, and simplify, and everything falls into place to create transformation continuously. Say yes to Source transforming everyone's bodies continuously. And say yes to being enlightening continuously, in all experiences.




Notice the shifts you are creating today, in this moment in time. Notice that you are not needing to worry about things. Let yourself be transformed. Let your body be powerful, and let your instruments of consciousness accelerate all of the time. Simplify. Enlighten. Support. Transform. Accelerate. Amma




Let us all transform each other, and celebrate this God-conscious support system for our Earth!"




翻译:Nick Chan



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