SheldanNidle 20170620更新《大逮捕正等待着正式宣布NESARA共和国》


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Dratzo! Everything continues to move forward in its own fashion.Those in charge of the secure counting and proper delivery of currency areconfident that it is to be completed in a timely manner. The only delays arebeing caused by the methods chosen to finish complicated assigned tasks. We areassured that a number of procedures are being processed efficiently. Justremain patient and ready to receive prosperity funds at the right moment. Thosewho are managing the abundance program are committed not only to completing theRV and the GCR but as well to setting up the American NESARA Republic.




   The major mass arrestsare awaiting the formal declaration of the NESARA Republic. Until then, eachpotential arrestee is being carefully watched and readied for this grand deed.The only thing left to do is to actually finish the back-end of delivery andpermit this wondrous process to conclude as planned. We are simply assistingall who are now given these hefty tasks. We expect completion within theheavenly time schedule assigned. So all that is truly left is for you to helpthese energies and be patient with this immense process! Hosanna! Hosanna!




   As this complex processmoves forward, we are faced with a simple problem. It deals with the sheervastness of delivering the amount of funds to everyone involved. Those in chargeare immediately confronted with how the old, outdated banking systems were setup. To move these amounts of funds requires that the older SWIFT system beabandoned and that banks change the way they normally operate. There is nothingin place yet to meet the current needs that are now required.






   As you can see, thereis now a new, developing financial system that is quite capable of handlingproblems accrued due to the new, more prosperous reality occurring worldwide.These new requirements need this new system to be birthed and utilized as wecount and deliver this prosperity to all who have had the due diligence tobring this new system to its fullest potential. This is why we know that whatlies ahead is destined to be spectacular and immensely satisfying to you.Welcome to your new reality!




   Namaste! We are yourAscended Masters! What we are to talk about is the dubious fate of theilluminoids and their friends. These scalawags know how Heaven culled them fromEarth's humanity. Their fate is slowly to descend upon them. It is, as theysay, not one to write home about. As we stated earlier, the rise of theRepublic and your prosperity are assured. What is taking so long are the oddlimits and similar accoutrements of the old order's Neanderthal bankingreality.




   Despite all thedifficulties encountered, remain calm, and divinely understand that you areheavenly blessed and, therefore, are to eventually receive your sacredblessings. Those now winding their way through this morass know that you feeldeep in your hearts that you are to indeed be paid the financial immensitiespromised you. Be well aware of this and know that the old order is finished andawaiting its ginormous fate. Do not believe otherwise. The new, wondrousreality of yours is assured its God-like reality!




   We have watched formillennia as this old order ran roughshod over you. Those times are finished,and as we have continually emphasized, an inglorious fate awaits them. So,concern yourselves not with this scandalous lot. Rather, just be wise andpositively await the immense funds and new governance promised you. Do not getcaught up in the special drama of these unholy roughs. Be more concerned withthe freedom of your new reality and how we are gently delivering these blessingsto you




   Today we have continuedto report to you what is happening around this precious orb. Be ever aware ofwhat lies ahead for you and therefore aid all by holding your most wondrousenergies in place! Realize that a most precious gift is to be shortly givenyou. Know dear Ones, that the countless and never ending supply of Heaven isindeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gejun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! And BeIn Joy!)


今天,我们继续向你们报导了在你们这个珍贵的天体周围所发生的事情。请意识到为你们所即将发生的事情,并因此通过保持你们最美妙的能量来协助所有人!请意识到一个最珍贵的礼物很快会给予你们。亲爱的人们,要知道天堂数不尽的供应和永无止境的繁荣确实是你们的!去这样成为它!Selamat GajunSelamat Ja!(天狼星语,成为一!处于喜悦中!)




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