SheldanNidle 20170613更新《你们很快会看到大逮捕,灵性事件就要显化》


10 Cauac, 2 Kayab, 13 Caban




Dratzo! Just know deep inyour hearts that you are divinely destined to ultimately receive the necessaryfunds that are to provide you with all the resources to succeed. In thissuccess you are to show this reality your amazing potential. Always keep inyour viewing screen the fundamental resolve needed to overcome all obstacles andto jointly manifest your magnificent dreams! We, like Heaven, are fullycommitted to this. Know as well that certain elements are coming together thatare to isolate the dark’s minions from you and permit the new NESARA Republicto come into being.




   The monetary resources you require are againmoving forward at a truly divine speed. Momentum is building that is to permitthose concerned with its delivery to now hasten the pace of this extremelyimportant resource. Our pleading is being heeded and we expect some amazinglymarvelous events to happen in the very near future. In addition, those who haveso heinously delayed these actions are to be put out of their ever-growingmisery. So remain confident that the best is yet to come.




   The progress that is now being made isemblematic of the new attitude being shown by our allies. They fully realizejust how important it is to assure all that the current progress is indeedunconditional. It is known that, in the past, the dark was able to manipulatethis delivery process. We are confident that this is no longer to be the case.New security measures are in place to ensure that a constant, steady motion isto be the norm. With this procedure, this incredibly complex situation is to becompleted on the original divine schedule. Hence, be prepared for the time whenyou will receive your promised prosperity and new governance.




   It has been a very long trail that we havebeen forced by circumstances to complete. We are well aware of what you havebeen through. Rejoice therefore that soon all of this is to be completed andyou can truly celebrate. Until then, be patient and know in your hearts thatthe wait was indeed worth it. Many grand events are near. Hence, you are soonto see the many key arrests you have been waiting for. Much that was expectedhas just taken a little longer than was at first explained to you. Hallelujah!Hallelujah!




   Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters!Spiritual Events are about to manifest. We have noticed how Heaven has decidedto bring the many facets of our new reality to the proper forefront. A majorkey to this is how the multitudes of new currency are being set forth. Those incharge, as we noted previously, are streamlining this process. Again, we expectmany former issues to be made spiritually correct. These procedures are topermit Heaven and its allies to not only finish the RV but also to enable theswift openings required to bring in the spiritual programs for the NESARARepublic and the new financial system as well. God Bless us All!!




   Thus, we blessedly expect all to go well asdivinely planned! Heaven dearly intends for you to receive their grandblessings. This special process has undergone numerous modifications and,despite unforeseen events, success is anticipated to happen as planned. Wetherefore ask you to continue to hold your magnificent visions. Many trulymarvelous things, such as the isolation of the dark’s minions, are underway.You are to experience all of this in a way planned exquisitely by Heaven! Thesehighlight a few of the events that are to bring you this new reality. There ismuch for you to be thankful for.




   We Masters wish to sincerely thank you forwhat you are so graciously doing. It is not easy for you to hold such highvisions without obtaining immediate results. It is a sign of the risingconsciousness within you. Your greatest reward is, of course, to actuallywitness the arrests, and most of all, to receive those monies long promisedyou. In these magnificent moments are to come the birth pangs of along-destined future! It is in this Light of your divine grace that all is tounfold! Hosanna! Hosanna!




   Today, we are truly hovering on the edge ofthose times long prophesied by Heaven. Realize all that you have been destinedto complete. Then, use your great inner strength to plow through all that stillremains. Know, dear Ones, that the countless and never ending supply of Heavenis yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! And Be inJoy!)


今天,我们真正地盘旋在那些长久以来天堂所预言的时间的边缘了。请意识到所有你们一直注定要完成的事情。然后,用你们伟大的内在力量来下决心完成所有剩下的事情。亲爱的人们,要知道天堂数不尽的供应和永无止境的繁荣确实是你们的!去这样成为它!Selamat GajunSelamat Ja!(天狼星语,成为一!处于喜悦中!)




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