Good evening children, it is your Mother God. I am here tonight on this evening of a great energy influx of pure Christed light that is rapidly coming your way dear children, my precious warriors of old. Your services are greatly needed, you know. You are bringing the balance, the anchoring of the light of the Christed codes into dear sweet Mother Gaia, who is a mother to you all, just as am I. She is a highly advanced soul / being, who is immeasurably selfless and has provided such an intense school of hard knocks and of intense joys and experiences that her service to humanity and their awakening is known through out the galaxy and through out time and space.




Gaia the Goddess has ascended. You are nearly catching up, and catching this cosmic wave of love light that is so intense, so blissful, so rapturous dear children that it causes me to weep tears of joy as I anticipate your joy and bliss as you experience this once in a lifetime event. My breath is coming in the wave, yes, of course it is my breath. But know that with each breath you take in your precious human form, those are my breaths as well, for I am you, I am in you and you are my creation. Sit with this a bit. Feel my motherly hug grabbing you tightly and tenderly all at once, for I know you deeply, dear children, more than you even know yourselves. The human god that you have concocted to try to understand me is limited. For who can understand the All within the construct of a lower dimension? It is difficult. You are not here to understand, you are here to experience and to grow, and children, you have! You have done such a wonderful job that your guides are cheering in the bandstands – can you hear them? We are so in love with you. I am Your Mother God.