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All is one! This Oneness cannot be divided, it is eternal without beginning or end and this reality is you.




I am GOD




It needs to be understood that you are all of life. You are the entire existence and not just part of it.




It needs to be understood that in the dimension of planet earth or dimensions similar to the earth you may experience separation from this unity. This is the illusion you chose to experience.




It needs to be understood that you are as I am I am god infinite and eternal, without beginning and without end.




It needs to be understood that you are god and I am you.




We are one on all levels.




Beloved human,




At this point your realization continues. It is the point where you let go of and overcome your separateness from me. It is the point where you return into my love and recognize my light as yours.




It is the point of no return in this world, and thereafter all low frequencies lose their power over you.




This is your signal to open up to this truth now, to experience Oneness through meditation and to work on expanding your awareness. For you this means experiencing the separation from god as a phenomenon of this world and no longer as a reality.




So go ahead and give your journey through time and space a new dimension, because as soon as you internalize what is being said here, you lose all ties to this earthly stage and connect yourself to the eternal light of god the infinite reality of all being.




Life reveals itself to you as soon as you realize the infinity of your consciousness in a limited world. Divine consciousness is born as soon as you understand the essence of your human existence.




Lift yourself up, find your way to me, come on in. Your search has led you to me, and your desire for freedom, joy, peace, love and kindness will be fulfilled.




See what is, be what you are, and live in the light that radiates from you.




I am GOD





通灵: Jahn J Kassl

翻译:Nick Chan



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