We understand that due to past experiences you may react to times of energetic intensity with trepidation.But what you need to understand is that you enter every major energetic shift differently than you did the last, because you have been shifting and evolving every single day.




Do you see? Not only does every shift contain its own unique energetic stamp, you enter into it with a little more mastery than before. This means every shift will affect you differently than the last based on the natural evolutionary process you and the planet are going through.




Now this is not to say that certain events won’t affect you at all. We highly advocate keeping an energy journal so you can track of how your body typically responds to certain events. This is empowering information and eventually you will be able to know what is happening by how you feel, not by depending upon another source to tell you or confirm it. Your journal will also help you keep track of what you have found most helpful to you as you navigate certain shifts.




How intensely you experience symptoms will change on a per case basis based on the meld of your unique energy with the specific energy of the particular shift, as well as how adept you are at moving with the energies rather than against them.




So flow, Dear Ones. Trust. Enter each shift with curiosity and presence. See the evolution you are going through as a grand adventure and proof positive that the ascension process is really happening. Look for the magic that comes with transformation and bring the gratitude your soul has for being a part of it all into your human awareness, and you will be moving with the energies with far more comfort and joy than ever before. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young





翻译:Nick Chan


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