Secrets of the Alexandrian Library

Master Guide Kirae

l through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling


透過Kahu  Fred Sterling傳




Q: 傳說亞歷山大的某些文件在梵諦岡教廷的地下室,在梵諦岡工作的人是否知道這些文件的價值 ? 他們能帶進造物主的愛治療,並且與我們大眾分享訊息麼。


Q: It has been said that some of the documents from the Alexandrian Library are in the basement of the Vatican . Do the people working at the Vatican understand or know of the value of these documents? Will they be able to heal into the Love of the Creator to share the information with We the People?


KIRAEL: 這不是一個讓大家高興的答案。超過 200 個檔案保管的地窖在梵諦岡內,一個資料庫,超過 20 萬份文件。我只談到主要的地窖,還沒說到那些遠處的分館,有這麼多的文件。


KIRAEL: The answer is not one that will make everyone happy. There are over 200 vaults of archives within the Vatican , and within one archive could be over 200,000 documents. I'm only talking about the main vaults. I'm not even talking about those that branch off from them. There are so many documents.




No one within the confines of the Vatican at this point, and that includes the Pope, has the knowledge of what's in those vaults. There is too much to know. You must understand that everything that wasn't burned was copied and put into those particular archives. There's a section of the archives in the United States of America that has a number of documents as well.  


一團意識控制梵諦岡,我並不是說那裡有一個陰謀,或者任何其它的,但是有一個能量波在梵諦崗運作,它壓縮它自身在基督意識之下。現在,並不是說他們是壞人,就只是他們壓縮他們的能量。他們的信念系統,由代代的教宗所 教授,而有著相同的光的人們,認為資料庫裡的訊息會破壞人們。


A mass consciousness rules the Vatican . I’m not saying that there’s a conspiracy or anything like that, but a wave of energy runs the Vatican and it has compressed itself below Christ Consciousness. Now, that doesn't mean they're bad people, just that they have compressed their energies. Their belief systems, taught to them by generations of Popes and people of the same light, suggest that the information in those archives would devastate the human population.




They are wrong, a thousand percent wrong. They were right, up until about two years ago, when you came into this particular part of your journey where the Shift is the priority of your light. You are now capable of hearing and using this information.  




Those who discover the information and are willing to bring it out would not be able to move one foot in front of the other in the particular vibration of the Vatican Archives at this point. There are places in the Vatican Archives where human beings cannot walk. The energy that prevents a human from entering those places is a combination of a protective energy and a consciousness that lives in the framework of fear. Those two combined make for a powerful force. Imagine trying to walk through something in your life that was created in unknowing as well as in fear of the unknown. You wouldn't attempt to walk through it, either.


部份梵諦岡的圖書館,超過 50 年無人進入,也許 100 年,這些門甚至打不開。任何今天活在世上的人知道這裡的任何事嗎 ? 不。這些資料庫將會被發現嗎 ? 是得,我的朋友,神奇吧,他們會被發現。


There are parts of the Vatican library that haven't been entered in over 50 years, maybe a 100 years, in some cases. The doors haven’t even been opened. Is there anyone alive today who knows everything that's in there? No. Will the archives be discovered? Yes, my friend, magically, they will.




At the time of the Shift, the doors to every archive in existence will be opened and information will flow out of there so fast and furious, and so beautiful and enlightening, that the world will absorb the energy processes of everything that's been held back. No one will learn it in one lifetime. Even if your whole brain were working, you couldn't conceptually understand what is held in the archives of the Earth plane. Remember, the Earth plane is one of the storage vaults of the Creator's source. It is where not only your histories, but also the histories of other civilizations outside of your Earth plane have been kept. That's why you are not allowed to know what's in those vaults. These other civilizations don't even vibrate on the Earth plane, and their histories are locked away in a beautiful archive here.


華盛頭 DC 的某處,有 184 個箱子, 4 呎長 2 呎厚,裝入非常接近你們的系統的星星系統的訊息。放在那些箱子內的,那個星系以書寫的方式被研讀和紀錄。這訊息今日在華盛頓 DC ,想像在梵諦崗裡的是什麼。


Somewhere in Washington , D.C. , there are 184 boxes that are about four feet in length, about two feet in depth, and packed with the information of a star system very close to the star system you're on. That star system was studied and recorded in writings, which were put in these boxes. The information is there today in Washington , D.C. Imagine what might be in the Vatican .


Q: 我相信一些由火中倖存的亞歷山大圖書館的捲軸,也在薔薇十字會的資料庫,而且一些藏匿在西藏的洞穴內。你也提到一些被指導靈領域所援救,為了再次引入給人類,當他們準備好的時候,還有哪些是這些訊息在的地方,而意識創造的第十個原則是失落的捲軸這個部份嗎 ?


Q: I believe that some of the scrolls that survived the fires in the Alexandrian Library are also in the Rosicrucian archives and some are secreted in caves in Tibet . You also mentioned that some of these documents were rescued by the Guidance realm for the purpose of reintroducing them when humanity is ready for them. Where else is this information held and are the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating part of the lost scrolls?


KIRAEL: 某些訊息以完整的片段被保存,就像你們的星際能量,被認為是”原資料型式的能量力量”只有一件事要記住 - 征服其它的社會,並向他們學習。更有趣的是,也許是事實,有一次 1% 的指導靈,迷失在他自己的視野,自身的旅程,轉而抗拒,如同你們今天所知的提昇這個世界。數百萬年前,指導靈界的片段參與了退回社會,阻礙我今天帶來此的能量。指導靈界的一個社會,帶著從亞歷山大圖書館的訊息,聚焦在覆上教堂面紗的巨大企業集團。這一群指導靈在最高處維持這個教堂,將其伸出在世界層面之中,所以它可以立足於世。我不是在辨別我自己是救世主這一類,因為我不是,但是指導靈的世界,現在進入你們的生活領域。我曾經投入我的自身的能量到他們之中,為了這一個片刻 -- 轉回許多傾向抑制人類的力量。


KIRAEL: Some of this information was also held by a whole segment just like your galactic energies that were considered “raw data-type energy forces” that had only one thing in mind—conquering other societies and learning from them. More interesting perhaps is the fact that at one time there was a percentage of the Guidance reality that got lost in its own vision, in its own journey, and turned against enlightening the worlds as you know them today. Many millions of years ago, a segment of the Guidance reality participated in trying to hold back from societies the energy that I'm bringing forth today. A society in the Guidance reality took information from the Alexandrian Library and focused it on this huge business conglomerate veiled as a church. It was that group of Guidance that held the church in the highest and put it out among the world plane so that it could get the foothold that it has. I'm not making myself out to be some sort of savior, because I'm not, but the Guidance world that is now coming into your arena—and I'll even throw my own energy in among them just for the moment—has come to reverse the trend of many forces that have held things back from the human world.




We’re not trying to reverse things because we’re concerned that the conglomerate became a church. Church is a beautiful thing. The church was guided to keep information from We the People. The emphasis is on the word guided, and suggests that a group from the Guidance reality had this information and saw or felt that it was too much for a civilization to comprehend. Therefore, they learned how to hold it back.




So, yes, Guidance, as I have told you in the past, got a hold of many of those written ethereal light portions and absorbed their energies into the patterns of experience that were laid out in meditative form similar to what I showed you tonight. See, I showed you through your meditation how to go beyond Guidance. I took you to the portal and released you; I didn't go with you.




So, the answer to your question is multifaceted. Hopefully, my answer will bring a conceptual understanding to your mind and to the minds of those who wish to go there with me. There are archives not only in the Vatican , but in the Americas , in France , and in the pyramids under the sand dunes of Baghdad . There are archives beyond your wildest accounts. They are filled with energies that can release things such as overmasterminds. There is a key in these philosophical writings that can destroy the overmastermind overnight.




Now, that's not going to make my medium popular, but that's all right because I and a number of other energies are protecting him. The Guidance world held a scroll at one time that is no longer being held by it. That scroll has been brought to your Earth plane and is waiting to be discovered. That key will unlock and destroy the consciousness of the overmastermind.




To understand the overmastermind is to understand certain projections that result from willing and using words that are not usually comprehendible by the human reality. For instance, in our meditation, some of you willed yourselves and scared yourselves half to death because you felt the motion. What I told you tonight was basically the key of that scroll. It is accessible by every human being in existence. We have the Billion Person Peace Meditation because it assists you in unlocking the mind.




The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating are a segment of principles worked out by Aristotle. Aristotle was not a human being as you know him to be. Aristotle lived in all worlds simultaneously. He drew knowledge from all other beings, and he was taught this by his greater teacher, Plato. When Aristotle realized what Plato had taught him, it scared him so much that he decided to become human. In becoming human, he went through all the traditions of being human. Did you know he was married four times? Your histories won't even tell you about it. They might tell you about one or two marriages, but they won't tell you about all four, or the fact that he was married four times in the same amount of years. I'm not saying he's a bad man or a bigamist or anything else. It means he became human, and when he became human, he lost his stride until he came across a 13-year-old young man, who was sent to him by one of his predecessors. This young man was Alexander.


這個 13 歲的年輕人問亞里斯多德說,”亞里斯多德,我夢過你住在另一個世界”,在那一刻,亞里斯多德再一次變成亞里斯多德,而他傾盡所能的在那一點上給予了亞歷山大,他成為偉大的亞歷山大,並且建立了一個充滿訊息的圖書館。在接受訊息下載的過程中,亞歷山大敞開他自己成為一個全新的光譜,他讓他所有的能量移到另一個經驗。當他這麼做,亞歷山大發表某事,包含著亞里斯多德的十個法則。


The 13-year-old Alexander came to Aristotle and said, "Aristotle, I have dreamt that you live in another world.” At that moment, Aristotle became Aristotle again and he emptied everything he had at that given point into Alexander, who became Alexander the Great and built a library filled with the information. In accepting this download of information, Alexander opened himself up to a whole new spectrum, and he let all his energies move out into the other experiences. As he did this, Alexander brought forth something that contained the ten principles of Aristotle.







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