Shifting to being from doing is advancing to a life path without pre-sets, or what we have previously called the to-do list of your incarnation. You are used to having energetic structures and agreements to best help you have your pre-planned experiences. It amounts to agreeing to a course of study.




Shifting into being is much like graduating from a higher learning institution and stepping out into the world poised to choose a new path based upon the completion of a degree. You no longer have the pressure and structure of your course schedule.




This is a profound shift. You are no longer learning a specific set of skills, but rather have reached a level of competency where you can simply go out and apply them. This can come with many questions. Have you learned enough? Are you ready? Is this even what you want to do?




This new level of freedom can come with the fear of assuming responsibility of self, of assuming your authentic power. Dear Ones, if you have a fear of your own power, you are ready to assume it, for your concerns show you will be mindful and conscious with your choices. Trust in your growth and your divine capability.




Freedom is a wonderful thing! It is exactly what you have always wanted because it is how you grow and expand into your greatest expression of self. You are ready to step forward, to pioneer into the new, to try many things and if you don’t like them, try again. Operating from freedom is a skill, and while it may initially feel undefined, you will get used to it very quickly because it is a natural state of being.




If you find yourselves getting overwhelmed by the lack of structure, simply become present and make your highest choice, one now moment at a time, based on what feels most aligned with who you are and what would bring you joy. That is how you will flow into the new and before you know it you will start to get clarity on what you want to create and connect with for the next exciting phase of your incarnation. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young





翻译:Nick Chan




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