A New Level of Growth




You are about to attain a new level of growth and with this download of information you may find the assimilation a bit of a challenge to deal with .Take time out to restrelax and rejuvenate.Make some plans but don"t be stuck on them as they may be about to change.It is important to partake in some action steps while you are also taking rest and therein lies the challenge.




Know that you may need extra sleep or feel the need to hibernate.Put on a onesy and make that cup of coco and journal under a warm blanket by candlelight.Use the time to plan while also taking care of yourself.Do some introspection as this is a big time for growth and expansion.Do some researchtake a classor a seminar and expand your understanding by spending more time on projects that feed your spirit.This is the beginning of the next wave.Let it happen and enjoy the ride.




Affirm: "I am successfully processing through each level of my growth and expansion easily through self-careintrospectionand action."




And so it is




You are dearly loved and supportedalwaysthe angels and guides





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