Divine powers are available

See the gift of possibilities that is being made available to you.Feel out the fateor the knowing of the outcome of certain paths and you are being guided by the divine powers that are within you and tools that are there for you to utilize as you become ready for their awesome power once again.It is truly a re-remembering of what you have been before and now it is safe for you to bring these abilities to the surface and use them to help to make a better way for yourself and all humanity.


You are growing in leaps and bounds and as you prepare for this next big shift be sure that are taking care of you.This helps to lessen the shift symptoms you are going through and helps you to acclimatize to the higher degrees of light that you begin to carry.Stare into the waters and see the ripples of what could be.Allow yourself the time to connect with the divine and activate this power while you teach yourself the wisdom of the worlds.You will see through your feelingsyour dreamsand your visionsthe signs and symbols and become aware of a new consciousness speaking to you from deep within.It is time to trainand then implement your new skills with great responsibilityloveand beauty.


Affirmation: "As I learn to trust myself and my abilities with which I can see the possibilities of what is to comeI am able to make better choices for myself and my life and assist in the expansion of all that is."



And so it is

You are dearly loved and supportedalwaysthe angels and guides



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