We are the angels. We see humanity struggling with these upheavals of change. We would like to remind you that you are lovingly surrounded in every moment by many helping hands, should you allow. We are always here for you. The close calls, the near misses, we are always working to ensure your success. Won’t you talk with us? For we are all around you.




We are the angels. We are hard workers behind the scenes, carrying the light, as are you, ground team. Many of you feel under appreciated. Appreciation for the tasks that you do behind the scenes in secret, in the dark as you illuminate it - it is unimaginable to you the amount of impact that you are having. It is in the stillness that this is best achieved. We see that more and more of you are discovering your own inner still point where the Christ child lives. It is imperative that you seek the stillness more regularly, more fully, for that and that alone will assist you in the coming days ahead.




We are the angels. We love you so much. We send you our tremendous appreciation for the love and joy that you are sharing. Many of you are processing old wounds for yourselves and for the collective. For this we thank you. And we remind you that you are never alone. You are continuously surrounded by the light of the Christ, of the all. You are always surrounded by us, as we continuously collaborate with Source to best assist you. But you must be open and think to ask. Think to pray, think to be still and feel the difference. The solstice is approaching, the still point, the balance. Find your own inner balance and be still, be comforted. The the greatest gift that you can give yourselves is the forethought of inner peace, of the inner stillness.




We are the angels. We surround you with a warm blanket of love this day. Be at peace and be comforted. Be assured that you are making an enormous difference and you have the full support of the angelic realm. We send light and love into your being now. Refreshing, uplifting energies into your form.





翻译:Nick Chan





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