Each energetic shift you go through can leave you feeling more sensitive. That, on top of your own natural empathic tendencies, can make the busyness of the Christmas season and the crowds and social obligations that often come with it seem daunting, indeed. We wish to offer some suggestions to help you navigate these challenges with far greater ease.




While your increased sensitivities are certainly true, the idea that you have no control over how energy affects you is not. Dear Ones, you are always in charge of your own energetics! So the first thing we wish to offer you is that choosing to practice energetic clarity is key. Our recommended method is to simply imagine a seed of light, in your centre, which is the divine essence of you, and imagine that light grows and grows until it fills every nook and cranny of your body with golden sparkling light. Once you have your body filled with the light, pull it out until it extends roughly arm’s length in front of you, beside you, behind you, over your head, and under your feet.




The reason why this is such an effective technique is because it is leading with your own empowered essence. It is allowing your own beautiful light to shine, unimpeded, which supports your whole health and assists you with moving forward with the energies with the most comfort possible. It acts as a filter to anything that does not honour you, yet supports the energies you do wish to receive. This energy not only positively affects you, it positively affects others, and the physical space you are in, as well. It is you deciding to be the bringer, rather than the catcher of energy.




As you face holiday crowds, we wish for you to be aware of your projections upon the experience. If you feel like it will be horrible, you are entering into the experience with resistance and negative expectation. What if you approached it as being a wonderful experience? What if you chose to see the positive as people shopped or travelled to see loved ones, as people had reunions, as children brimmed with excitement and anticipation, that so much of it is based on love and caring? What if you decided to show up with an energy that added to and supported the joy of it all?




You always get to choose what you lead with and what you wish to experience more of. If you have had challenges in the past with these activities, start small. Choose a time/location you feel might be a good place to start, do your light, step out with positive intention, see how it goes, and grow it from there. More and more you will be able to emerge from your den of solitude and connect with others with acceptance, love, presence, and purpose and that is where the real joy will be experienced. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan




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