Human beings often worry about unknowns. This is actually a misuse of your creative energy. There is a pervasive belief that the unknown is bad. What if the unknown is wonderful? What if it is a vast expanse, a playground of potential and possibility? What if it only wishes to serve you?




Worrying about the unknown creates resistance to your future and immediately constrains your flow. The key here is to simply connect with what is working for you presently, and from that space you will naturally flow farther down that energetic trail. Use your focus to bloom and grow what feels good, what brings you joy, to acknowledge your mastery as a creator, and to make room for even more of what lifts you up and excites you.




Release the idea that the mind knows best, and delegate it into the more helpful role of observer. Allow your heart to take the lead, for it is your heart that is much more comfortable with feeling and expansion, is in touch with your soul, and is always ready to receive the blessings of the flow. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan





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